Boruto anime has crossed 100 episodes mark and the fans are still looking for over the moon joy. The series is doing somewhat OK and there has been no major arc that has left its mark. We saw some deaths happening in the Mitsuki Disappearance Arc and it seems likely that more deaths will occur soon. So, what is the fate of genius of Konoha? Will Shikamaru Die in Boruto? If we relate the incidents and the odds it seems that Shikamaru Death is INEVITABLE. Here’s how.

So, being a loyal Naruto fan all we can do is to hope that the series will definitely get bigger and better with the passing of time. With Kashin Koji and Kawaki X-factor around the corners, there are some burning questions. Kirara dying at the end of Mitsuki arc was emotional and we can expect more deaths to happen in the series as well.

Why Shikamaru Nara Is Under Major Threat in Boruto?

We know how great Shikamaru is and he had all the potential to become a Hokage. But, with Naruto around it wasn’t possible so he decided to help Naruto who isn’t a genius like Shikamaru. He decided it in Naruto Shippuuden that he will help Naruto make better decisions.

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There is no doubt that peace in Konoha is because of Naruto and Sasuke. But, at the same time, there is one man who is maintaining the peace from the shadows and that guy is Shikamaru. Believe it or not, without him Naruto would have faced major problems. Shikamaru has helped Naruto in many difficult situations and with his intellect and immense knowledge, the Naruto is able to maintain peace in the village.

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Shikamaru Death

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People are so much focused on main characters like Naruto and Sasuke. They think nothing will happen to other characters like Hinata or Shikamaru. He is the pillar on which the peace of Konoha is standing. The enemies of the Leaf village are well aware of that and before taking out Naruto or Sasuke they will definitely attack Shikamaru.

When Kawaki destroys the village there is a possibility that Shikamaru will die too. We know Kawaki has sent Naruto to some other dimension but what about Shikamaru? Will he sit back with all the fuss going around? Just like Jiraiya who went to the village hidden in rain to confront Pain and get some insights. The same thing might happen with Shikamaru too.
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Still Not Convinced About Shikamaru Death?

Don’t you think Shikamaru is the one whom the enemy will target apart from Naruto and Sasuke? Let’s be honest we saw what happened to his teacher Asuma in Naruto Shippuuden and he was a great shinobi too. Killing a character like Naruto or even Sasuke will be very risky but you can kill the side characters. So, it seems likely to happen one way or the other that Shikamaru death will occur in the Boruto series.Shikamaru Death

Shikamaru death will definitely leave Konoha with major problems. Naruto will be alone and he will not have a reliable comrade to rely on. So, all of this will increase the tension and drama in the series. Ultimately the death of Shikamaru will cause huge damage to Konoha and that’s what the enemies of Leaf Village will have in their mind.

So, what do you think of all this? Do you think this theory of Shikamaru death is right? Let us know what you think of this in the comment section below.