Violet Evergarden Movie 2020 Plot, Trailer, Release Date & Synopsis

Violet Evergarden Movie

The wait is finally over as the Violet Evergarden Movie Trailer is out. The fans now have confirmed date for the release of this much-awaited movie. The date has been locked for the fans to cry again. As the beautiful trailer clearly gives glimpses of the amazing movie that is slated to release in 2020. So, here we have the Violet Evergarden Movie 2020 Plot, Trailer, Release Date & Synopsis for you. Stay with us.

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Violet Evergarden Movie 2020 – What You Need To Know

Ever since the trailer and a new key visual is released the fans are hyped to watch the Violet Evergarden movie. Kyoto Animation announced on Friday that the Violet Evergarden Movie will be hitting the screens next year. The new trailer of the movie confirmed the release date of the movie.

Violet Evergarden Movie Release Date

The movie will be releasing on 10th January 2020. This film will be releasing for the same time period worldwide. The director of the film is Taichi Ishidate and the scriptwriter of the movie is Reiko Yoshida whereas the composer of the movie is Evan Call. The anime series was streamed on Netflix and we might see a promotional anime series for Violet Evergarden coming out in September as well.

Violet Evergarden Movie Synopsis & Plot

Well, if we talk about the plot then the movie will start from a new era and the new era will be several years after the war. The world will be becoming a more peaceful place slowly but surely and in the meanwhile, Violet Evergarden will find a certain letter and that’s how the story will unfold in the Violet Evergarden Movie.

Note: Violet Evergarden also gets a side story anime before the film release

Is Violet and Major Getting Married?

Well, one of the most exciting parts about the trailer was clearly giving us a major spoiler about the movie. We might see Violet getting married to the Major and this is still a prediction but we can see that happening in the movie.

The genre of the movie is about the Slice of Life, Drama, and Fantasy. Furthermore, in September a side anime series will be released as well and that will be serving as a promotional anime series for the Violet Evergarden Movie that is slated to release next year.

So, what do you think of the upcoming? Will we see Violet getting married to Major? Tell us your views in the comment section below.

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