Anime Girls With Brown Hair
Anime Girls With Brown Hair

TOP 10 Anime Girls With Brown Hair – Cutest Anime Girls

I hope you would love this list of Beautiful Anime Girls With Brown Hair.

  • Fuko Ibuki
  • Iki Hiyori
  • Yui Hirasawa
  • Shimura Otae
  • Cana Alberona
  • Lain Iwakura
  • Sun Seto
  • Sakaurauchi Riko Chan
  • RIN Toosaka
  • Megumi Noda

The anime world is full of characters possessing unique looks, characteristics, etc. Among the most attractive features, flamboyant hair is most prominent. But this doesn’t make characters with brown hair any less attractive. Even though brown is a subtle color our favorite anime girls or the anime catgirls carry it with extreme grace thus making it look chic. Following is the list of the top ten anime girls with brown hair who stole everyone’s hearts.



Brown Hair Fuko Ibuki
Source: Clannad Amino Apps Wiki

Our first favorite brown-haired girl is Fuuko from the anime series ‘Clannad’. She has a child-like stature due to being short heighted. Fuuko is an introvert and keeps herself engaged in her favorite hobby that is carving starfish on wood. Her golden-yellow mesmerizing eyes and brownish hair coupled with a cute peach school uniform leaves everyone in a state of awe.

Played by: Ai Nonaka

TV show: Clannad

Is Fuko Ibuki a ghost?

Fuko has an obsession with starfish and she is definitely not a Ghost. Fuko has the ability to project images of herself and she projected an image of herself in school. Students reported her presence as a ghost sighting.



The protagonist of the ‘Noragami’ series, has watchers drool over her dark brown super-long hair and magenta eye color. Her appearance makes her stand out from all other anime girls as long brown hair is not usually what anime females sport. Her outfits change according to the event however, she’s mostly seen in a uniform with a trench coat over it or a scarf rolled around her neck. She’s relentless and brave and goes beyond every boundary in order to save people from danger.

Played by: Maaya Uchida

TV show: Noragami

Anime Girl With Brown Hair Hiriki

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Anime Girl With Brown Hai

She’s one of the characters of K-On! Series. The best part about Yui is her hairstyle which perfectly fits her playful and endearing personality. She sports a bob with bangs and round brown eyes that add to her cuteness.  Yui is fond of desserts. She’s not much into studies but fine art is her area of interest. She’s happy at heart soul and is completely satisfied with her life.

Anime Girl With Brown Hai


Anime Girl With Brown Hair

This beautiful lady is a character from the anime series ‘Gintama’. Her brown adorable eyes and sleek brown ponytail is everyone’s style inspiration. She’s a skilled combatant who is ready to fight for the prevalence of justice. She’s a true beauty with brains!!

Anime Girl With Brown Hair


Anime Girl With Brown Hair

Witty and super adorable Cana is the protagonist of ‘Fairy Tail’ anime series. She wears a bold revealing outfit that compliments her figure and has a boujee character. Apart from the immense physical beauty that Cana has, she aspires to become a magician.


Anime Girl With Brown Hair

She’s the central character of the anime series ‘Serial Experiments Lain’. This brunette is a geek and a computer expert. She’s an introvert and often gets hallucinations. Her asymmetrical, short hair are a perfect portrayal of her personality. Lain is arrogant yet intelligent.


Anime Girl With Brown Eyes Sun Seto

This super endearing girl with long hair and brown eyes is the female protagonist from the anime series ‘My bride is a Mermaid’. She has sword skills as well as the ability to fight during the battle. She believes in the chivalrous nature of mermaids and is well known for her beauty and model-like appearance.



One of the main nine protagonists of the anime series ‘love live! Sunshine!!’, Riko is a reserved and super kind high school girl. Riko has dark brown hip-length long hair and sports skirts usually. Her style and her mature yet softhearted nature gains her immense love from the viewers.


Brown Hair Anime Girl with Blue Eyes

Next is our warrior archer girl Rin who studies in her high school. This efficient, energetic, cool girl sports a skirt, necktie, shirt and turtleneck sweaters too. She’s bossy, stingy, shrewd and competitive. Her ash brown hair further adds to her exquisiteness. 


Brown Hair and Blue Eyes Anime Girl

She’s a fictional character from ‘Nodame Cantible’. She has a normal height with short brownish hair. Megumi is considered a childish anime and is fond of playing the piano. Her cuteness makes everyone drool over her.  

Hope you liked these beautiful Anime Girls With Brown here. These are some of the best anime cute girls out there. Let us know in the comment section which one is your favorite.

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