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Sasuke Rinnegan Gone -Momoshiki Makes A Comeback in Boruto Manga

Boruto manga chapter 53 was full of turn of events as Sasuke Rinnegan is gone, Momoshiki has made a return and Isshiki is dead. All have happened in the latest chapter of Boruto Manga.


Sasuke Eye Destroyed by Momoshiki

In the latest Chapter of the Boruto Manga series , Every one is left with a shock that no one was expecting. Boruto hits a major blow to Sasuke’s eye inserting the kunai deep within. No one neither Sasuke nor Naruto were prepared for this not even the fans were ready for this moment. Sasuke was already at a loss of his one hand and now his Rinnegan also seems to be destroyed by Boruto.

Sasuke Rinnegan Crushed
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How was Sasuke Rinnegan destroyed?

Chapter 53 of the Boruto manga series has left everyone with some major questions where Sasuke and Naruto tried their very best to defeat Isshiki. Naruto used a new power Baryon Mode at the cost of his life but that still wasn’t enough to kill Isshiki. Somehow they managed to let Kawaki escape from him. In the end, Isshiki got his hands on kawaki but he didn’t realize it till the very end that it was just a shadow clone.

After the fight, Sasuke was concerned about Naruto he knew that using such immense power would have put Naruto’s life at greater risk which could lead to Naruto Death but out of nowhere Boruto comes and hits Sasuke’s eye with a  major blow destroying his Rinnegan.

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Who Destroyed Sasuke Rinnegan? Boruto?

Well, it is not right to say that it was Boruto who destroyed Sasuke’s eye. It was Momoshiki Otsutsuki who was waiting all this time inside Boruto for this one perfect moment. Momoshiki didn’t think that Naruto and Sasuke will be able to defeat Isshiki but after the fight, they were completely drained from chakra and Momoshiki realized it as a perfect moment for him to come out and attack so that he can proceed with his final plan which was to absorb all the chakra from the earth.

Sasuke used Boruto to stab one of Momoshiki’s Rinnegan Momoshiki used Boruto to stab Sasuke‘s Rinnegan Coincidence? I think not

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He will eliminate all the threats that stand in the way of his resurrection and his plan. With Rinnegan gone, Sasuke Death is certainly on the cards because he is extremely weak now. We will find out about the fate of Naruto and Sasuke in the next chapter of the manga.

Will Sasuke Get His Rinnegan Eye Back?

We don’t know what is going to happen next in Boruto Manga. Only with the new chapter’s arrival, we will see what will exactly happen to Sasuke. Sasuke with his Rinnegan is totally weak and can easily be killed. So, Sasuke’s future will get a unique turn of events in the upcoming chapters of Boruto.

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