Sasuke Uchiha Death
Sasuke Uchiha Death
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Sasuke Death in Boruto – Why Sasuke will Die in Boruto Manga(A Shocking Revelation)

Boruto Manga has raised a lot of questions about Naruto Death and Sasuke Death. First Jigen arrived and showed his incredible power and now Isshiki literally took everything to a whole new level. Get ready for a power-packed revelation about Sasuke Death in Boruto Manga.

Spoilers Alert: The following theory contains heavy spoilers so read it at your own choice.

We all have been giving our prediction about the upcoming deaths in the Boruto and there is a strong possibility that Naruto will die. But, have you ever had a thought about Sasuke Uchiha’s death or Hinata Death? I mean Why Naruto and Why Not Sasuke? So, firstly the questions arise will he die or not?

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In my opinion, he is going to die in Boruto. I know it’s kinda bad to see a character like Sasuke dying, But it may happen, and here is my complete analysis of why Sasuke’s death will happen in Boruto.

Sasuke Uchiha Death Theory Explained

We can see Boruto wearing Sasuke’s cloak and his headband. How could this be? It’s not that he gifted them to Boruto … If it was just for his headband and cloak we could have said Sasuke gave them to Boruto but his sword too? why would he do that the only way it could be explained is his death?Sasuke Uchiha Death

Another thing about his death is that he might have met Boruto before dying and entrusted him with his sword, headband, and his cloak.
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We can see Sasuke playing the role exactly as Jiraiya here when he fought the pain and died and gave all the intel he had about pain to naruto and entrusted Naruto to defeat pain … Seems like Sasuke would do the same he will die fighting Kawaki and entrust Boruto with everything he had in order to beat Kawaki. This series would relate a lot to pains arc he destroyed Konoha and Kawaki would do the same.

Will Sasuke Die In Boruto?

Boruto was seen wearing all the things that Sasuke used to wear. This clearly gives us a message that something will happen to Sasuke. Isshiki is way more powerful that both Naruto and Sasuke are unable to handle him. So, in order to protect Naruto, Sasuke will sacrifice his own life. He might use Rennie Rebirth and sacrifice his life for Konoha.

Who Will Sasuke in Boruto?

Isshiki Otsutsuki is the only one who can defeat or kill Sasuke. He has been seen fighting both Naruto and Sasuke and his goal is to obtain Kawaki body and make him his next vessel. Isshiki Otsutsuki can kill both Naruto and Sasuke.

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Kawaki Becoming Isshiki Otsutuski Vessel

How would someone as strong as Sasuke be defeated by a mere boy? A possible reason for this could be that he might have grown old and gotten weaker This seems a bit odd he couldn’t be weaker but this might be the possible outcome of him being killed by the hands of kawaki .

Sasuke will die maybe somewhere in the last part of the series as we can see from the spoilers that adult Boruto is wearing Sasuke’s outfits. So boruto would be 19 or 21 at that time means Sasuke will die about 8years after naruto becoming the Hokage.Sasuke Uchiha Death

Why Would He Die – The Final Verdict on Sasuke Uchiha Death?

Masashi Kishimoto might have plotted the death of Sasuke for Boruto and Sarada to get stronger for Sarada we can say that by the death of her dad (Sasuke) she will awaken the mangekyo Sharingan. We know that Mangekyo Sharingan is awakened by experiencing the death of someone close to u when the Uchiha blood comes to a boil. She awakened the Sharingan when she first saw Sasuke and Sasuke will also be the reason for awakening her mangekyo. For Boruto, he might also adopt the personality of the Uchiha because we already know he considers Sasuke as his idol and wants to become like him. The death of his teacher will make him stronger.

So, we can conclude that Sasuke death is on the cards and one or the other this is really going to happen. So, what do you think of this? Do you think that Sasuke will die in Boruto manga?

What do you think?

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