One Punch Man Season 2 Villain Garou is the talk of the town for some weeks now and we all want to know what happens in season 2. There is so much happening and the buzz surrounding the One Punch Man Season 2 is immense. There will be so much happening and believe it or not this season 2 will break all the records of the first season. So, guys, there is so much to talk about for this upcoming season but let’s stick to One Punch Man Season 2 Villain Garou.

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One Punch Man Season 2 Villain Garou

Garou Villain in One Punch Man Season 2 – What Makes Him So Formidable?

Well, we all know how Saitama destroyed every single enemy in the One Punch Man Season 1 but what about this guy Garou. Everyone who is familiar with the season one of this series, we all know about the Prophecy made in the season 1st.

Saitama was searching for the one enemy who would destroy the earth. But, it didn’t happen in season 1 but now it’s confirmed that Garou is the one who will destroy Earth and he is the enemy behind the prophecy made of the Earth’s destruction. Garou is finally going to make an appearance in the upcoming season of One Punch Man and it is going to be FANTASTIC!!!

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One Punch Season 2 First Poster and Trailer

If you have seen the first poster and teaser of the upcoming season then you must have seen Garou and its intense look by now. Garou appearing as Villain in the series is something really amazing and it will be a huge challenge for Saitama. In the prophecy, it was said that a monster will bring about the destruction of the Earth but in reality, Garou is the one because he thinks of himself as some sort of monster.

One Punch Man Season 2 Villain Garou

One Punch Man Season 2 Villain Garou

So, the GAME is on and we are in for an exciting season of One Punch Man. It will be exciting to see how intense the battle will be between Saitama and Garou. Will we see Saitama on a backfoot against Garou? Will Earth be destroyed? Well, only time will tell what will happen in the One Punch Man Season 2.

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Garou Quotes – One Punch Man Season 2 Villain Garou

You can check out some of the dialogue highlighted for Garou below:

  • I can still become much, much stronger.
  • If you can, then try taking me down. I’ll play along if you don’t mind!
  • My name is Garou. I’m aiming to become a monster, so I trained hard and busted tons of dojos.
  • Then I’ll have to become the toughest, most invincible monster ever!
  • You guys are still on the ‘Everyone gets slaughtered’ train!”

We all know that so far Garou has been seen in the manga only and he will be getting the canon. So, it will be a beautiful sight to see Garou animated. So, are you ready for the One Punch Man Season 2? Please share your valuable comments with us.