Saitama is going to surprise us with his action’s scenes in the One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 5 and that’s episode 5 of OPM season 2 in a nutshell for you. So, from where should I start? Well, the Saitama fans are definitely in for a roller coaster ride as the next episode is going to be amazing. There will be so much happening in the next episode and we will see our favorite hairless hero in action for the very first time in season 2.

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The first season of One Punch Man arrived in 2015 and we had to wait for four long years to get to this point. We all know how great the first season was and how gracefully Saitama knocked down all his enemies. We got to see lots of things but one thing has still remained hidden? Do you know what that one thing is? Come on guess it. Couldn’t? Well, that one thing was Saitama true potential!!! So will we see Saitama full power in season 2? This is the question that we all have in our mind.

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 5 Spoilers – Martial Arts Tournament

The martial arts tournament begins in episode 5 of One Punch Man. This is the main story of episode 5 revolves around this tournament and even the title of the upcoming episode is “The Martial Arts Tournament”. So, what’s in it for the Saitama fans? Well, just to let you know Saitama will be participating in it as Charanko and he will be hiding his identity. On the other hand, Charanko Senpai will also be taking part in the tournament to prepare himself to fight Garou who knows a secret technique.

Saitama Hiding His Identity – Will That Cause A Problem?

If you have watched the One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 4 then you definitely know what would happen exactly. Everyone who is taking part in the tournament is bound to identify himself or herself clearly because any suspicious activity will be met with severe actions. Charanko Senpai told this to Saitama who was acting as Charanko in front of his Senpai.

The upcoming episode raises some eyebrows as well. What if Saitama is fighting in a hardcore match and out of nowhere his real identity gets revealed? What will happen to his rank and how will the people react to it? This is one thing that is very problematic and that will definitely make the upcoming episode exciting and full of tension as well. Charanko is expecting Saitama to participate in the tournament as himself and he is sure that Saitama will do this BLUNDER.

If his identity gets revealed he will be banned for life. It will cause huge problems for him and he will be facing consequences. His immense power will definitely make the officials doubt his real identity and Charanko Senpai might become the first person to spot that. He will probably be sued and hit with a heavy fine if his identity is being disclosed.

So, now the stage is set for the One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 5 and the fans are going to see their favorite hero in action for sure. Who will Saitama be fighting? That is still unsure as the identity of the players is still not known fully. Saitama is planning to take this tournament as practice and he will try to improve his techniques and will also want to observe other players techniques as well.

Will We See Garou vs Saitama in Episode 5 of One Punch Man Season 2?

Now then Saitama is taking part in the Martial Arts Tournament then how can we expect Garou not to take any action. He will definitely get the news of Saitama participating in the tournament and who knows he might try to take him down there. So, we can see Saitama fighting Garou in the martial arts tournament though that is not a hundred percent confirm. The rules of the martial arts tournament are very strict and participating in it would be a problem for Garou.

He just like Saitama participated in the Super Fight 21 tournament as Wolfman. When the officials learned about the real identity of the Wolfman they changed the rules and allowed only authentic players to participate. Will Garou participate in Super Fight Tournament 22? What do you think? Wouldn’t that be amazing Saitama fighting Garou in front of a large crowd?

If somehow Garou manages to make a comeback in the tournament and he fights Saitama. Then, it would make the tournament memorable and it will a treat for the fans to watch a rematch between Garou and Saitama. There is no doubt that Garou will try every trick in his arsenal to defeat Saitama who previously knocked him off with just one blow. So, Garou will definitely be going out in their next encounter.

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 5 Release Date

The OPM SE 2 EP 5 will be releasing on Tuesday, May 7. The last episode ended with Metal Bat taking on the monsters and Garou appearing there. While Saitama was busy in the preparation of the martial arts tournament. So, get yourself ready for an action-packed episode of One Punch Man.