Before we move to One Punch Man Chapter 100 let me first clarify what happened in the previous chapter. So, the One Punch Man Chapter 99 was an exciting one too. As we saw Child Emperor fighting with the Penox Monster. Child Emperor was attacking him without any planning and the only reason of attacking him blindly was because of the short time limit he had.

Phenox Monsters vs Child Emperor – Battle of Time – Watching the Phenox Monster destroying the whole area with one blow does prove how strong his Robo is. It seems like the Child Emperor did underestimate the Phenox Monster. But he has to tie things up quickly because of the time limit.

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One Punch Man Chapter 100 Release Date, Spoilers and Prediction

So, here we have the complete details about the upcoming chapter of the One Punch Man.One Punch Man Chapter 100

One Punch Man Chapter 100 Spoilers – What Will Happen in Chapter 100?

We already know what’s going to happen in chapter 100. It’s going to be a complete battle of time and Child Emperor will have to defeat the Phenox Monster as fast as he can. The previous Chapter 99 was very short and did not meet the fans expectations because the writer Murta is busy in his 6 other projects so we hope to see the remaining part of chapter 99 in chapter 100. So, the stakes are high and the Battle of Time will come to conclusion and the Phenox Master will have to come up with a great idea to finish the battle quickly.

One Punch Man Chapter 100 Release Date

The release date of chapter 100 is not confirmed, but according to our intel, it may release on 25th November. If you have any question regarding the One Punch Man Chapter 100 then you can ask us in the comment section now. Thanks.