One Piece Stampede Movie Release is just around the corner and it will be released in different countries worldwide. The official release date for the movie is 9th August when it will be released in Japan. Apart from this, there are different countries in which the movie will be released on different dates. Obviously, the movie will be released on a different time slot in the USA and the director of the movie film has given an important update about the film.

One Piece Stampede Release in America

The director of the film Takashi Otsuka took to twitter to let the fans know about the production of the movie. One Piece Stampede Movie is ready to hit the theatres in different countries like Portugal and Hong Kong. But the USA is not listed in the already mentioned list of One Piece Stampede Release Worldwide.

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It seems like the movie will not be coming to the USA anytime soon. Just like the GOLD movie back in 2016 which came out in Japan on 23rd July 2016 and didn’t get released in the US until January 10th, 2017. From what I can find they didn’t announce the release date for the US until 5th October 2016 so the film had already been out for a few months prior. I have to assume this next one will go the same way and you probably won’t find out for a few months if it will get a release in the USA. So the same case can happen with One Piece Stampede Movie USA Release Date too.

We are constantly keeping an eye on One Piece Stampede release in the USA. So, when that happens we will let you know but for now, the fans of OP living in the USA will have to wait.

The word Stampede means enthusiastic, rush and behaving recklessly as per the official website for the movie. One Piece Stampede movie has been released in order to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of One Piece anime.