One Piece 984 is going to be released on 6th July 2020. Creator Oda took a break and that’s why we didn’t have a release this Friday. The OP next chapter will be about Yamato as the Wano arc gets interesting with every passing chapter. One Piece Chapter 984 Spoilers and Raw Leaks will be out soon. Read the details below.

OP 984 Prediction – What To Expect?

One piece series usually take a week-long pause before releasing each chapter. However, this time the pause has been prolonged due to unusual circumstances. The ongoing global pandemic, Coronavirus has caused many manga series to delay the release. Eiichiro Oda recently revealed that the fans would have to wait till the first week of July for One Piece Chapter 984.

Chapter 983 of one piece series was full of happenings. Yamato saves Luffy. Furthermore, after a long wait, Kuzuki Oden’s will comes back. However, Yamato’s identity is still hidden. It is evident that he is up to something but his intentions are yet to be revealed. Fans are looking forward to the revelations and predicting of chapter 984.

Why Yamato saved Luffy and formed a joint alliance? Will Yamato declare war against his father? Why is Yamato against his father?  It is evident from the previous chapters that Yamato is not in favor of his father.  It is definitely expected from Yamato to reveal his identity in the upcoming chapter.

One Piece 984 Release Countdown

Here we have the live countdown for OP 984 chapter release date.

Where to Read OP Chapter 984?

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Apart from Yamato showing in the Wano Arc, One Piece Chapter 984 could also reveal if Big Mom Pirates captain and Emperor Charlotte Linlin will succeed in reclaiming her homie, Zeus, from Nami. In the chapter of One Piece, Emperor Big Mom’s new target is Nami after Prometheus told her about the whereabouts of Zeus.

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