One Piece manga has been getting into a major shift for the past some chapters. The fans have been loving the storyline of the last few chapters and now we are here with the One Piece Chapter 950 Release Date, Spoilers & Raw Scans.

You can leave it here if you don’t want to get spoiled.

One Piece Chapter 950 Spoilers  – Kid Refuses To Join Straw Hat Alliance

The very first exciting thing about the spoilers is regarding the Kid and Killer. As they have been freed from the handcuffs. Luffy tried his level best to convince Kid to join his alliance but Kid rejected his offer because he had other plans and he wanted to take back his crewmates.

On the other hand, problems are getting intense for Luffy as the prisoners are losing faith in him. They now have come to know that Luffy is a pirate and that point has raised so many questions in their minds. But just to let you know Luffy will win the trust and confidence of prisoners back in the One Piece Chapter 950.

The previous chapter was very exciting as well and we got to see great fight scenes in the Udon prison. So, we can expect the same action scenes in the upcoming chapter of One Piece as well.

Luffy is preparing for the last attack to take back Wano from Kaido. He has been preparing along with Kozuki clan supporters to fight the final battle against Kaido and his army.

One Piece Chapter 950 Release Date

One Piece Manga 950 official scans are out now and you can expect the chapter to drop this weekend. If you want to wait for the official release then it will come out on Monday along with the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine issue.

How To Read OP 950 Online?

If you want to read the OP 950 Online then you can head over to Offical resources for that. You can read the manga on

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