OP Manga 952
OP Manga 952

One Piece Chapter 948 Release Date & Spoilers – What Will Happen At Wano Now?

One Piece Chapter 948 is going to be an exciting one because we might see Luffy going bonkers. So, what is that makes the upcoming OP Chapter 948 an exciting one? Well, there will so much be happening and the Wano will definitely get a new turn of events. Here we have the predictions and spoilers for the One Piece Chapter 948. Leave it here if you don’t want to get spoiled.

One Piece 948 Spoilers & Predictions

Will we see Luffy defeating Kaido with his new move? Well, this is definitely on the cards because things are getting really exciting because Kawamatsu will receive the keys and also a sword and then he will go on to free himself in the OP Manga Chapter 948.

One Piece chapter 947 was very exciting and it helped Luffy learn a new haki technique. This new haki technique can become a game changer because he can use this technique against Kaido and maybe it will help him to defeat Kaido.

This will pave a way for Luffy and the prisoners will not get in the way of Luffy from here on. There is a strong chance that Luffy will attack Kaido with a new move and if that happens then a new drama will explode in the world of One Piece fanatics.


Apart from this, there are some other things going to happen as well. Like Okiku will reveal his identity and he is a man and this will surprise Chopper. On the other hand, One Piece Chapter 948 might see Raizou revealing his identity too and for those who don’t know Raizou is the rival ninja of Fukurokuju “Raizou of the Mist”.

Raizou and Okiku and Okiku will help each other and they will go on to stop the beasts Pirates so that they don’t let Kaido know about the identity of Raizou.

The Oda Arc is in full swing and now the fans are speculating what Oda might is up to in the One Piece 948. Things will be getting intense for sure and for definitely inching close to a final showdown between Luffy and Kaido as it was expected ever since the OP Chapter 927.

One Piece 948 Read Online Info – How to Read OP Chapter 948 Online?

One Piece  948 will be available to read on MangaStream. OP 948 scans will also be released prior to the release of the chapter. So, what do you think of the upcoming new chapter of OP? Let us know in the comment section below.

OP 948 Release Date

The OP 948 chapter will be released officially on 8th July 2019. You can catch the official scans of the chapter on official sources of One Piece.

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