One Piece manga is getting interesting with every passing day and here we are with another exciting chapter of One Piece manga. There will be so much happening in the OP 940 as we might see Big Mom’s arrival at Prisoner’s Mine. The OP Chapter 940 will be releasing on Monday and you can check out the spoilers and the raw scans of the chapter now as they are available online now.

One Piece Chapter 940 Spoilers

Well, the upcoming chapter of One Piece is all about the arrival of Big Mom and the chapter will begin with the flashback where Law stormed out of Ebisu Town because of Shinobu’s false accusation against his loyal crewmates. So, it seems like from start to end the chapter will be an exciting one and we will get to see so much happening after all the BIG MOM will be in action this time.

So, in OP Chapter 939 it was all about knowing that Hyogoro can use advanced armament haki and the best part was that he will be teaching that to Luffy as well. So, that’s what got the fans hyped and now a new haki type is on the cards for Luffy.

Monkey D. Luffy can also use a new powerful technique which is a future sight haki and that is really awesome. So, when Kaido and Luffy fight in the ultimate battle it will be exciting how the things will unfold.

Now if we talk about the spoilers, then there is Bartolomeo on the cover page. The surprising thing is he is seen playing with the dolls. The exciting part is that the dolls look like straw hat crew. Furthermore, we might see Bartolomeo doing magic with his fingers and it can definitely lay a foundation for a new amazing stuffy of One Piece Manga.

Apart from the arrival of Big Mom, we will also see Monkey D. Luffy future development. He will be seen practicing to hit his enemies without touching them. But he is trying hard to perfect this technique. But he needs immense practice before the perfection comes.
On the other hand, we might see Nami and others having a conversation with Yasu. So, overall this chapter is going to be really exciting. We also saw Caribou on the cover page and he has been hiding Raizo inside his body. So, what do you think of the One Piece 940 Chapter? Tell us in the comment section below.

OP 940 Release Date 

As the raw scans of One Piece 940 are already here, the official release of the manga will be on April 22. This chapter will come alongside the Shonen Jump issue.