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One Piece Chapter 929 Release Date: The Assassins of Queen

So, here we are once again with yet another new chapter of OP Manga. The One-Piece Chapter 928 was a decent one as the previous chapters weren’t so interesting so I personally enjoyed the OP chapter 928. As we predicted in our spoilers, the previous chapter was all about the Eustass Kid and his connection with the Big Mom and Shanks. So, here we go with the One Piece Chapter 929.

One Piece Chapter 929 Release Date

Well, the OP 929 chapter will be released on 4th January officially. The manga will be taking a break this week and it will resume in the Shounen Jump double issue 06-07. We will also update you about the OP 929 raw scans when they are out.

OP 929 Chapter Spoilers

So far it was all about Eustass Kid and Luffy breaking out of the prison. But it seems that whatever they do it still brings no good. They are trying hard but to no avail. Hopefully, somewhere down the line, the help will arrive and they will make a way to get out of the prison. In the upcoming chapters, Luffy and the Kid Eustass will definitely manage to get out of the prison.

On the other hand, in the One Piece Chapter 929, we will see more from the Flower Capital. Luffy is planning to escape and we finally got to see Raizo. For those who don’t know, just get in your mind that Raizo is going to play a vital role in Luffy’s escape from the prison. As per the previous chapter of OP, I strongly believe that the upcoming chapter will definitely lay the foundation for the escape of Luffy and Kid Eustass in one wat or the other. Though, Luffy will not escape in the next chapter but something will definitely happen that will give us insights about his escape from the Prison.

One thing that makes me so curious is the fight showdown between Kaido and Kid or even Luffy. Will we see a fight between these characters? Well, only time will tell but a fight between Luffy and Kaido will be epic. Apart from Kaido, there is one another person that is very exciting and strong too. Yes, I am talking about Orochi and the 5 headed dragon

There is a huge chance of we might see Orochi in One Piece Chapter 929.

What do you think?

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