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One Piece Chapter 928 Release Date and Spoilers – How Long Will The Hiatus Last?

One Piece Chapter 928 Release Date and Spoilers information is here for you. So, the new chapter of one piece will be coming your way after a break of one week. Yeah, there will be no regular OP new chapter this week. So, you guys will have to wait a bit longer. The One Piece Chapter 927 had so much to offer but the question is the same “How Long Will The Hiatus Last?”

One Piece Chapter 928 Release Date

Well, the OP Chapter 928 will be released on January 4, 2019. So, this will be the very first episode of the year 2019. So, it will be an exciting one for sure. The manga will be on break for the Christmas and also the New Year break. In the same way, we will see another break as well for the OP Chapter 927.

One Piece Chapter 928 Spoilers

Well, the OP Chapter 928 will give us more details about Orochi, a stout ally of Kadi and also the current Shogun of Wano Country as well. There will be lots of new things happening so brace yourself for a really cracking OP Manga Chapter.

We still have not idea what on Earth happened and Orochi got his current form. It might be obtained from an unthinkable and most bizarre way who knows. But something has happened that will be revealed later in the manga. There are chances that he got the form by eating a Devil Fruit or other means. On the other hand, Oda has set the Wano Country under a huge conflict and that is what makes the manga interesting I mean very interesting.One Piece Chapter 928

In the “One Piece” Chapter 928, Orochi will be sending some of the assassins to capture the Straw-hat crew. Now there might be a showdown between those killers and the straw-hat crew. It would have been so amazing if Orochi was taking part in the assassination as well. But he is busy with his Shogun’s banquet as it is about to start. I personally think that a time will come when Orochi will be going head to head with the Straw-hat crew.

The thing that makes me so curious is the power of Orochi. As the fans are comparing him with the Legendary Japanese Dragon. One or the other this villain is something different and I think he is strong I mean really strong. He will give a tough time to Straw Hat crew and he sent Assassins and avoided himself from going there. He might think that there is no need for him to go and face the Straw-hat crew.

OP Chapter 928 Read Online

You can read the One Piece 928 chapter online on mangarock. But it would be ideal to wait for the official release and we will also update you with the raw scans of the chapter just before the release of the One Piece Chapter 928.

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