One Piece Chapter 928 Release Date
One Piece Chapter 928 Release Date
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One Piece Chapter 928 Release Date – Where to Read OP 928 Online?

In this article, we are going to tell you about One Piece Chapter 928 release date, review of what happened in the previous chapter and what are the spoilers and our very own predictions for One Piece Chapter 928.

One Piece Chapter 928 Release Date

One Piece Manga Chapter 928 is officially going to release on January 1st, 2019.

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OP Chapter 927 Review

One Piece Chapter 927 was focused mainly on Luffy we didn’t see the straw hat getting much attention on the cake island, that most of the fans wanted to see but they ended in a disappointment. But I hope that they will be happy as much as I was when I saw One Piece Chapter 927. So, the next manga chapter of OP will be a bit different and we will see some really action in the upcoming chapter of OP.

Now to tell you all about One Piece Chapter 928, We got the following article prepared for you.One Piece Chapter 928 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 928 Spoilers and Predictions

We all waited for the fight between Kyoushiro and Luffy, but I am afraid that it might not happen as Kyoushiro is invited by his friend on his wedding and he doesn’t want to miss that. The chapters are going way out of our expectations and if this keeps on then we might get a chance to see Sanji. In this way, we will also get a chance to see the fighting between Sanji and Orochi. Rumors were that Orochi is a five-headed dragon, but it’s not clear yet because we only saw a shadow.

Sanji and the others will be heading towards the event because they want to see if Komurasaki is really as beautiful as people say she is. This chapter will also be the first view of Komurasaki. We believe that Oda is planning to introduce some new characters and to build the previous characters before the end of this arc and if this happens then we will be able to see Luffy’s new teacher.

This was all we had for you about One Piece Chapter 928 and if you want to add further information in it, then you can tell us in the comments section.

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