The ‘One Piece Chapter 927’ release date and spoilers are here for you. The OP Manga Chapter 927 will be very exciting as the new arch is unfolding in the OP New Manga Chapter. So, in this post, we will be explaining what exactly will happen in the upcoming chapter of OP Manga. As per my review, the One Piece Chapter 926 was a satisfying chapter and it laid a foundation for the Wano Arc 2 in the upcoming chapters of One Piece. So, here we go with the ‘One Piece 927 Chapter.’
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One Piece Chapter 927 Spoilers – The Powerful Eustass Kid

Here’s what you can expect from the latest one piece chapter.

  • Zoro appearing out of nowhere
  • Luffy and Kid working together to break from Prison
  • Kid Eustass and Luffy bonding getting better and better
  • Luffy and Kid plan to escape
  • The Strawhats rescue operation.

Well, the talk of the town in OP world is a Eustass kid. He is very competitive and he is going toe to toe with Luffy. He has been showing a lot of promise and keeping up with Luffy was no joke. So, I am now keeping an eye on his character development. We still cannot predict the limit of his strength but he has a lot to offer I must say.‘One Piece Chapter 927’

The upcoming chapters will be more about Luffy and the Kid Eustass. I think all this related to Kid joining the alliance and that is why he has been shown a lot in the coming chapters of OP.

One thing is for sure that Kid will not join the alliance for no reason. He will first find a strong reason and then will join the alliance. On the other hand, even if he escapes he will probably take Kaido on in some point in his life. As per my prediction, the Kid will find a reason to form the alliance with Luffy and that will benefit Luffy for so many reasons. He is strong and has got immense potential and having him in his team will definitely help Luffy.

So, you can expect that the upcoming One Piece chapters will rely on these two. They might develop a strong bonding and that will encourage Kid to be a part of Luffy alliance.

‘One Piece Chapter 927’ Predictions & Expectations

Well, we have seen Nami talking about a visit to the place where the weapons are kept. Furthermore, Luffy and Kid are already there and that gives a strong prediction that Luffy and Kid along with the prison guy will escape for sure. All eyes are on Luffy escape and the fans are eagerly waiting for this moment.

On the other hand, we haven’t seen Zoro so far in the series and that is what makes fans crave for his appearance. Both Luffy and Kid are strong and with their combination, they can take on any attack. So, they are the only hope for now for the Prisons. You can expect some sort of rebellion is on the cards now. The upcoming chapters of OP will be very exciting lots of wars and drama will unfold and that also gives a war will break out in the form of revolution moment from the Samurais.

Where to Read ‘OP 927 Manga Chapter’

Well, just to let you know there are some unofficial sources available for the ‘One Piece Chapter 927’ read online purpose. But, we will suggest you wait for the official scans of the chapter and they will be posted here just before the release of the chapter. The chapter is coming next week and we will keep you updated.‘One Piece Chapter 927’

‘One Piece Chapter 927’ Release Date

Well, there will be no delay in the release of the chapter this time. We will be getting the new manga chapter of OP on December 9 hopefully.