The One Piece Chapter 926 will be coming out soon and hopefully, there will be no extra delay this time around. The One Piece 925 chapter was good and we got to see very new things in it. In this article we are going to tell you when will this chapter be released, Review of what happened in the previous chapter, as the spoilers are not out yet so we will discuss what’s going to happen in the One Piece Chapter 926 and OP Chapter 926 Predictions. So, here we go guys.

One Piece Chapter 926 Predictions & Spoilers – OP Chapter 926

One Piece Chapter 926 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 926 will be released on 30th November 2018. However, this is our expected date if there is any change in the release date, then we are here to inform you.

One Piece Chapter 925 Review

In the previous Chapter 925, we saw that a new Wano Arc 2 is going to begin. In our previous article about One piece that we published on 16th November 2018. We told you that Wano Arc 1 ended in One Piece chapter 924 and spoiled some great facts about OP Chapter 925. You can read them if you are still unaware of what happened in the previous chapter. After seeing Chapter 925 it becomes confirmed that Wano arc 2 is going to be insane.

Now to tell you about One Piece Chapter 926 we got the following article for you.One Piece Chapter 926

One Piece Chapter 926 Discussion

In One Piece Chapter 925 we saw a lot of familiar faces and according to us. They are coming to Wano. Lady Devon and Moriah were also present at that time and according to us, they are going to play an important role in the Wano Arc. Furthermore, the presence of Dracule Mihwak seems like he is going to fight along zoro with the beast pirate. And the most important part that we were waiting for was that. We finally saw Ashura and Kiku in Wano and Ashura will help the others to rescue Luffy.

OP Chapter 926 Spoilers

Well, here are the spoilers for the upcoming chapters in a nutshell

  • Big Mom’s appearance in Wano
  • Zoro vs Mihawk epic battle on the cards
  • Ashura helping others to rescue Luffy.
  • An Insane Wano Arc 2 about to start.

One Piece Chapter 926 Predictions

As per KingofAnime prediction, Wano Arc is going to be the best and the most Insane Arc of One Piece manga until now. We got a hint from the previous chapter that we might see Big Mom in Wano and a lot of other enemies. That will come to Wano which is bad news for Luffy as it is going to make things a lot more complicated than they are right now. And for us it will become even more exciting to watch that how is Luffy going to be rescued by the others.

A lot of you might be questioning when will Luffy be rescued from the prison? So, one thing is clear that he will be rescued safely because we saw a spoiler that Luffy is going to get a new teacher. That is yet to happen so things will not simply end here.

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