In this article, we are Going to tell you about what is going to happen in One Piece Chapter 925. First of all, I would like to tell you all something that you will not be aware Chapter 925 has been delayed till next week. KingOfAnime was waiting to get their hands on the spoilers now we finally have them here.

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One Piece Chapter 925 Spoilers, Prediction & What To Expect

Preview Chapter 924 – A Look Back

Before we talk about One Piece Chapter 925 let me first tell you about what happened in One Piece chapter 924. In the previous chapter, we saw that the difference between the power of Luffy and Kaido was clear and there was no chance of Luffy defeating Kaido. It became obvious that to defeat Kaido, Luffy will have to get a new power or a new gear.One Piece Chapter 925

Spoiler – Luffy’s New Teacher

There are only two ways left for Luffy, one is to learn the Conquerer Haki or second is to develop a new gear.  According to the inKingOfAnime theme, the new teacher that will be teaching Luffy is none other than Scopper Gaban, who is one of the members of legendary Roger Pirates. You all might remember about the suspicious man who was behind the bars , he was no other than Scopper . Right now, No confirm details or spoilers have been released about chapter 925, but we are sure that we will get to know about it soon and update you all here .

KingofAnime Theory

The intel we got tells us that Scopper will teach Luffy how to use the 5th Gear but seeing the power of Kaido 5th Gear won’t be enough to defeat him . According to KingOfAnime’s theory, Luffy will learn the Conquerer Haki from Scopper and develop the 5th Gear on his own to defeat Kaido.

Release Date

The release date of chapter 925 is still not confirmed as its spoilers are still coming the confirm thing is that  we will be seeing Scopper in Chapter 925. The official spoilers will release  on 20 or 21st November 2018. If you have any questions regarding the article then you can ask in the comments section .