One Piece Manga Chapter 927
One Piece Manga Chapter 927
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One Piece Manga Chapter 927 Raw Scans & Updated Spoiler

In the Previous article of One Piece Manga Chapter 927, We told you that Luffy and Kid are the only hope for the prisoners. They are finding a way to escape from the prison and Yami might help them in escaping because he comes where they are trapped. Meanwhile, some person from the prison is continuously watching towards them. The OP Chapter 926 was very exciting too and it had laid the foundation for an exciting new chapter of OP.

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In this article, we are here with officially confirmed spoilers of what is actually going to happen in One Piece Manga Chapter 927. Read the following article to get insights into the new one-piece chapter.

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One Piece Manga Chapter 927 Spoilers

In the first part of One Piece Manga Chapter 927. We will see Kyoshiro and the Samurai getting beaten by Sanji and Frank because they wasted the food. We will see the idol of the wano country Oiran who is known as Komurasaki. Kyoshiro asks the Queen to send him him some rescue team because he knows the condition of his partner. They were beaten since the time they were summoned to the banquet. On the other hand, Orochi is confident that he will make Komurasaki fall in love with him but he is considered an idiot. By the end of the episode, we will find out that Orochi is a dragon.

Raw Scan One Piece Manga Chapter 927

Kyoshiro will send one of his henchmen and he will succeed in kicking one of the Sangoro’s posts . Later on he will get beaten badly by Franky and Sanji . Then we will see that Sanji will give a bowl to the soba girl. Then after that we will get to know more about the Soba girl. Then we will see komurasaki, who is considered as a diva of the wano. Then we will see the henchman again, after getting badly beaten he will turn back to Kyoshiro and inform him about the incident. Later on when he will return. We will see him as a  five-headed dragon. His main aim is to impress komurasaki . We will find out later if he succeeds or not.One Piece Manga Chapter 927 One Piece Manga Chapter 927

This was all we had for you guys and it is officially confirmed spoiler.

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