The ‘One Piece 925’ Release Date, Spoilers & Where to Read information is here for you. We have done our research and on the basis of that, we are here with the perfect and confirmed spoilers and release date information for you. The ‘One Piece 925’ Manga Chapter is going to be an amazing one as there is a break of one week and the fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the One Piece New Chapter.

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‘One Piece 925’ Spoilers – Release Delayed Until Next Week

Well, first of all, get one thing in mind that One Piece New Chapter is not coming this week. If you are looking for One Piece Chapter 925 then you should know that according to the official announcement in One Piece Chapter 924. Eiichiro Oda will be taking a break and the new chapter will be released next week.

As the new date for the release of OP 925 is changed. Now the ‘One Piece 925’ will be released on November 26th in Jump Issue 52.‘One Piece 925’

‘One Piece 925’ Prediction & Expectations – The Wano Arc Act 2

So, the Wano Arc 1 ended in chapter 924 and now the second phase of that arc will take place in the upcoming chapter of OP. The fight with the Emperor Kaido was very exciting but none of the blows of Luffy had an effect on the Worlds strongest creature. But Luffy, who might become the Fifth Emperor of the Sea. So far, Emperor Kaido thinks by torturing them he can make Luffy his subordinate and by making him a part of his military force will be a strong addition and plus point for his organization. One way or the other an all-out battle with the Emperor Kaido is definitely on the cards.

So, for now, there are two main questions for which the fans need answers and the questions are as follows.

  • Who is the pirate that Shanks is talking about
  • The identity of Im-sama and his position in the World Government or in Holy Land Mariejois

KingofAnime Theory

The intel we got tells us that Scopper will teach Luffy how to use the 5th Gear but seeing the power of Kaido 5th Gear won’t be enough to defeat him. According to KingOfAnime’s theory, Luffy will learn the Conquerer Haki from Scopper and develop the 5th Gear on his own to defeat Kaido.