Naruto New Form Baryon Mode
Naruto New Form Baryon Mode

Naruto New form in Boruto – Baryon Mode Naruto EXPLAINED

You all might have heard about Naruto getting a new form in the Boruto Manga series which is called “Baryon mode” but what exactly is Baryon mode? Here is what you need to know about Naruto new form.

A new villain Isshiki Otsutsuki emerges in the series and seems to be a lot more powerful than all the enemies Naruto has ever faced. Naruto in his Kurama mode along with the assistance of Sasuke gets beaten up by Isshiki. Upon losing all hope Kurama tells Naruto about a final card which Naruto has never used before but that would be at the cost of his life.

What Baryon mode does?

Baryon mode smashes Naruto’s chakra and Nine Tail’s chakra together creating new energy same as Nuclear fission. In Baryon mode Naruto gains all the traits of Kurama. Naruto’s yellow glow which he had in Kurama mode is seemed to be replaced by Kurama’s red fur forming a coat around him with tails at the back. Naruto’s face, hair, eyes also take on the traits of Kurama. These all-new physical changes in Naruto clearly shows their fusion.

What is Naruto’s Strongest form?

So, the Baryon mode is far more powerful than any other form of Naruto. we can imagine the power level of baryon mode by this i.e Naruto was not being able to land even a single strike on Isshiki in his Kurama mode but in Baryon mode, a single decent blow by Naruto can prove to be fatal for Isshiki.

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Earlier, Naruto Sage of Six Path Power was considered to be the strongest but now in Boruto Manga, we have seen something bigger and better. Every blow of Naruto’s Baryon mode will keep shortening the life span of isshiki.  Kurama tells Naruto that just hitting the opponent will be enough to win. So, will Naruto be able to defeat Isshiki? This is still difficult to answer as Isshiki is not using his full power.

Naruto New Form Boruto Manga

Why Baryon Mode Can kill Naruto?

This power is unlike anything Naruto has ever felt before but it comes with a major drawback. In all the previous forms of Naruto, he used to get chakra from Kurama. Kurama being a tailed beast inside Naruto had reserves of chakra and even had the ability to collect more. Whereas, Baryon mode’s concept is totally different it will keep consuming its own source and cant be unfused once it is activated unless they both run out of their lives. Kurama mode, a sage mode they all can be fused and unfused by Naruto but Baryon mode once activated cant be unfused unless Naruto figures out some way to undo it and survives. That’s all we know.

Will Baryon Mode Kill Naruto in Boruto Manga?

Naruto New Form: Baryon Mode is definitely something similar to the Might Guy’s Eight Gate technique where a user dies after opening all the eight gates. But, in Might Guy’s case, we have seen that he survived with Naruto’s sage path powers. The same thing can happen to Naruto as well. Who knows, what happens next in Boruto Manga but Naruto new form is definitely something really exciting and mysterious.

Naruto Baryon Mode Wallpaper

Here are some of the best Naruto Baryon Mode Wallpaper for you guys. Credits to the respective artists.

Naruto New Form Baryon Mode
Source: Twitte/ @dnt_agun

Naruto New Form Baryon Mode
Source: Twitter

Naruto New Form Baryon Mode
Source: Twitter

Naruto New Form Baryon Mode
Source: Twitter


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