Top 5 Manga Like Overgeared – Manga Similar to Overgeared

Top 5 Manga Like Overgeared – Manga Similar to Overgeared

Overgeared manga fans would definitely love this list of top 5 manga like Overgeared.

  • Solo Leveling
  • Tower of God
  • I’m Destined for Greatness!
  • Emperor of Solo Play
  • RE: Monster

Top 5 Manga Similar to Overgeared Recommendations

Solo Leveling

There is no doubt that this manga is undoubtedly one of the best series out there. Every manhwa fan loves the Solo Leveling manga for its amazing storyline and exciting adventures. People who read Overgeared would definitely enjoy watching Solo Leveling. This is our top recommendation for fans looking for Manga Like Overgeared.

Emperor of Solo Play

The story is set in the future. The movie is based on a virtual reality game, Warlord. The game has bought significant changes to the world. Jaehyun plays the game with full dedication but he faces treachery right before he achieves his goal. So, the theme of the manga is fairly intriguing and keeps you think about the next chapter.

Tower of God

The main character of the movie is Bam. Bam lives a lonely life with his sole friend named Rachel. Bam enters a tower but promises not to let go of Rachel. The tower is mysterious and the incomer has to face various tyrants on each step. The journey is adventurous and unpredictable. The suspense is perfectly puzzling and the storyline is powerpacked.

RE: Monster

RE: Monster is another manga like overgeared. This one is filled with thrilling scenes and amazing character development.

RE was a human with superpowers. He dies untimely and gets reincarnated as a monster. Re devours more and more beings each day in order to become mightier. The character of Reis contradictory to the mainstream ideals of the main characters. The setting of the story is in a fantasy world which is similar to solo leveling.

What is Overgeared

The main theme of the oveargeared manga is as follows

The movie revolves around Shin-Young woo who begins to play a video game. Since Woo is an amateur player he does a lot of silly mistakes which result in the form of I greater mishaps. So everybody titles him “the ultimate noob”. The ultimate story begins when Woo decides to reboot the game and tries to become Overgeared.

Sasuke Rinnegan Gone -Momoshiki Makes A Comeback in Boruto Manga

Sasuke Rinnegan Gone -Momoshiki Makes A Comeback in Boruto Manga

Boruto manga chapter 53 was full of turn of events as Sasuke Rinnegan is gone, Momoshiki has made a return and Isshiki is dead. All have happened in the latest chapter of Boruto Manga.


Sasuke Eye Destroyed by Momoshiki

In the latest Chapter of the Boruto Manga series , Every one is left with a shock that no one was expecting. Boruto hits a major blow to Sasuke’s eye inserting the kunai deep within. No one neither Sasuke nor Naruto were prepared for this not even the fans were ready for this moment. Sasuke was already at a loss of his one hand and now his Rinnegan also seems to be destroyed by Boruto.

Sasuke Rinnegan Crushed
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How was Sasuke Rinnegan destroyed?

Chapter 53 of the Boruto manga series has left everyone with some major questions where Sasuke and Naruto tried their very best to defeat Isshiki. Naruto used a new power Baryon Mode at the cost of his life but that still wasn’t enough to kill Isshiki. Somehow they managed to let Kawaki escape from him. In the end, Isshiki got his hands on kawaki but he didn’t realize it till the very end that it was just a shadow clone.

After the fight, Sasuke was concerned about Naruto he knew that using such immense power would have put Naruto’s life at greater risk which could lead to Naruto Death but out of nowhere Boruto comes and hits Sasuke’s eye with a  major blow destroying his Rinnegan.

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Who Destroyed Sasuke Rinnegan? Boruto?

Well, it is not right to say that it was Boruto who destroyed Sasuke’s eye. It was Momoshiki Otsutsuki who was waiting all this time inside Boruto for this one perfect moment. Momoshiki didn’t think that Naruto and Sasuke will be able to defeat Isshiki but after the fight, they were completely drained from chakra and Momoshiki realized it as a perfect moment for him to come out and attack so that he can proceed with his final plan which was to absorb all the chakra from the earth.

Sasuke used Boruto to stab one of Momoshiki’s Rinnegan Momoshiki used Boruto to stab Sasuke‘s Rinnegan Coincidence? I think not

A Boruto Manga Fan

He will eliminate all the threats that stand in the way of his resurrection and his plan. With Rinnegan gone, Sasuke Death is certainly on the cards because he is extremely weak now. We will find out about the fate of Naruto and Sasuke in the next chapter of the manga.

Will Sasuke Get His Rinnegan Eye Back?

We don’t know what is going to happen next in Boruto Manga. Only with the new chapter’s arrival, we will see what will exactly happen to Sasuke. Sasuke with his Rinnegan is totally weak and can easily be killed. So, Sasuke’s future will get a unique turn of events in the upcoming chapters of Boruto.

Naruto Death in Boruto Manga Seems Likely to Happen After Chapter 50 Drops

Naruto Death in Boruto Manga Seems Likely to Happen After Chapter 50 Drops

Boruto manga is shaping up nicely ever since we got to see the fight between Naruto and Sasuke vs Ishiki. So, with the newest chapter of Boruto manga, it seems that Naruto has a new form which is called Baryon Mode.

But, Naruto Death in Boruto is not going to happen for now but chances are there. Let’s discuss the possibilities.

Read this article at your own risk as it contains heavy spoilers from Boruto Manga Chapter 53.

Baryon Mode of Naruto is extremely powerful that everyone including Isshiki is shocked. Naruto has defeated Isshiki all by himself and Isshiki is gone now. But, there is another twist in the tail as Momoshiki has made a comeback and now has attacked Sasuke in the latest chapter of Boruto.

The newest Boruto chapter titled “Sacrifice” gives Naruto a new never before seen form that might kill him! I know many don’t like the anime but definitely check out the manga! The New Boruto Manga chapter has everyone talking because of Naruto Death circulating here and there.

Naruto Death in Boruto Manga

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Will Naruto Really Die in Boruto Manga? Naruto Death in Boruto EXPLAINED

Well, Naruto got a new form while fighting Ishiki and it seems the new form comes with its own side effects. In the Boruto Manga Chapter 50, Kurama asks Naruto that is he really ready to die? So, it seems absolutely clear now that somewhere down the line Naruto is going to die in Boruto.

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Kurama asks him about his plan and to that Naruto replies “ I AM THE HOKAGE! PROTECTING THE VILLAGE AND EVERY ONE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MY LIFE! This gives us a clear message that Naruto definitely has something up his sleeves and he is ready to fight Isshiki even it means death for Naruto.

Naruto Baryon Mode – Know Everything About this New Naruto Form

Will The New Form Of Naruto Make Him Die?

Naruto comes with a plan the shocks everyone. Sasuke, Kurama, and Isshiki are shocked to see the new chakra and the new form of Naruto. Kurama says at the end of the chapter that he has something that Naruto can use but if he uses that thing he will die. It seems like Kurama has a power hidden in him same as Might Guy’s Eight gate technique.

Naruto Death in Boruto Manga
Naruto Death in Boruto Manga
Naruto Death in Boruto Manga
Naruto Death in Boruto Manga

If a user open all the eight gates he dies and I think the same thing will happen with Naruto as well. Kurama will grant him a power that will give him a new form and incredible power but it will make him die. So, it clearly sums up the new chapter that Naruto has no choice but to protect the village and for that he is ready to put his life on the line.

The fourth Hokage father of Naruto also sacrificed his life for the leaf village. It seems like Naruto is going to suffer the same fate as him. He is going to die as well in order to protect the village.

So, what do you think about Naruto Death in Boruto? The New chapter of Boruto Manga is named as SACRIFICE. Do you think Naruto is really going to die in Boruto manga?

Samurai 8 Chapter 13 Release Date – When Will The Next Chapter of Hachimaruden Come Out?

Samurai 8 Chapter 13 Release Date – When Will The Next Chapter of Hachimaruden Come Out?

Samurai 8 Manga is performing really well and the anime fans are starting to like the new manga. Every Naruto fan has huge respect in their heart for Masashi Kishimoto and that’s why they are expecting a lot from this new series. So, after chapter 12 I have personally loved the manga because Hachimaruden is a very beautiful, energetic and likable character just like Naruto.

Chapter 12 of Samurai 8 was full of action and we got to see so much happening in it. The manga is evolving with time and with every chapter, the theme and art are getting better and better. With Samurai 8 Chapter 13 Release around the corner, we can expect a lot to happen in it as well.

Samurai 8 Chapter 13 Release Date

The latest chapter of Samurai 8 is slated to release on August 4, 2019. You can also catch the unofficial scans of the chapter on August 2nd.  

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Samurai 8 Official Synopsis

Here is the synopsis as per the Comicbook.

“The galaxy is headed towards the end of its existence: It can’t withstand any longer than for another century. A Samurai was given the mission to try and save all of the scattered planets and their respective inhabitants by finding ‘Pandora’s Box’. The God of Warriors, Fudo Myo-o, sealed a secret that will save the entire world inside of ‘Pandora’s Box’. In order to open it, someone will need to find the seven keys first. Hachimaru, a feeble boy who’s required medical assistance since birth, might just be one of them!”

Hachimaruden was fighting Ata in the previous episode of Samurai 8 Manga. We saw his father saving him once again but this time around Ata blow was deadly. Hachimaruden saw his father die right in front of his eyes. That was a blow Hachimaruden will remember for life. So, with the Samurai 8 Chapter 13 Release Date around the corner what do you think will happen in the coming chapter? Let us know in the comment section below.

One Piece Chapter 951 Release Date – How to Read OP 951 Manga Online?

One Piece Chapter 951 Release Date – How to Read OP 951 Manga Online?

One Piece Manga is going really strong these days and recent chapters have been very exciting. We got to see so much happening in these episodes. Kid refusing to be a part of Luffy team once again was the moment of the One Piece Chapter 950. Now, we are waiting for the One Piece Chapter 951 Release Date which will definitely serve us with some more exciting drama and action.

OP 951 Release Date – When Will It Come Out?

One Piece Chapter 951 will air officially on August 5th, 2019 and the scans for the chapter will be out on 2nd August.

What Would Happen in The Upcoming Chapter of One Piece Manga?

Well, so much will be happening in the next chapter of One Piece. A lot is at stake and a big plan will be revealed as well. Slowly but surely Wano Act 2 is coming to an end and everyone is preparing for an all-out battle. The fans are eagerly waiting for the One Piece Chapter 951 Release because it is going to offer major details about the future of Wano Act. Also, check out the OP 951 Spoilers and you will get all the inside details from the upcoming chapter.

How to Read OP 951 Online?

Do you want to watch the chapter online? Well, here we are with the official source for you. All you have to do is head over to the Jaiminisbox and mangareaders because these are the two best sources for reading One Piece Chapters online.

Boruto Manga 37 Spoilers – Naruto vs Jigen Fight Is On The Cards

Boruto Manga 37 Spoilers – Naruto vs Jigen Fight Is On The Cards

Boruto Chapter 37 is making news in the boruto world because the fans are going to see so much happening in it. The last chapter was very exciting because of Jigen’s appearance and Kawaki’s character development. So, we can expect great action and drama in the Boruto Manga 37.

Boruto Manga 37 Spoilers – Naruto vs Jigen Fight

The last chapter of Boruto was very good as we got to see Jigen appearing in Konoha. But, now things will really get intense in the next chapter of Boruto. There is also a huge possibility that we might see Sasuke appear in Konoha as well. With Jigen in town and going against Naruto, the fans are eagerly waiting for the fight.

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So, who this Jigen man really is? Well, just to give you an idea this man is the one who is considered to be the father of Kawaki. He is super strong and there is a strong chance that he is from the Otsutsuki clan. So, what will happen in the Boruto Manga 37? Naruto will fight Jigen and their battle will be a treat to watch. The rest of the ninjas like Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki will also head to the battlefield where Naruto and Jigen are already present.

Sasuke will also make an appearance and he will be shocked to see Jigen there. Kawaki and Jigen will also have a brief conversation and that is really interesting. Because Kawaki is somewhat annoyed and he doesn’t consider Jigen his father. He will even try to attack Jigen but Jigen is super powerful.

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Naruto and Jigen will go all guns blazing and Naruto will be in his super nine tails form. So, we can expect that the battle will be an all-out one. Naruto will not be holding his power and he will make sure that he gets Jigen with all his power. It looks like Sasuke will also intervene in their fight and will help Naruto in his fight against Jigen. But make one thing sure Jigen is very powerful and he can take both Naruto and Sasuke at the same time.

Here is what will be happening in Boruto 37 Chapter with Naruto and Jigen fighting.

  • Sakura will also head to the battlefield
  • Sasuke will definitely make an appearance and probably help Naruto along with Sakura to defeat Jigen.
  • Kawaki will get a new form for sure.
  • Boruto along with his other comrades reaching the battlefield.
  • Jigen is there to take back Kawaki. It will be interesting to see if he gets him or not
  • We will know in-depth about the real power of Jigen.
  • We might see Kakashi and Hinata appearing on the scene as well.

When Will Boruto Manga 37 be Releasing?

Well, the Boruto Chapter 37 will be releasing on 20th August. The fans will have to wait a bit longer but it will be worth it. If you have any question you can ask us in the comment section below.