Kurama Death in Boruto
Kurama Death in Boruto

Kurama Death in Boruto – Will Naruto’s Soul Friend Come Back or Not?

Kurama Death- The Saddest and Most Unexpected Farewell In The Anime World


Naruto and Sasuke vs Jigen’s fight resulted in chaos for the leaf village. The fans are devasted to see the monstrous power of Jigen and now everyone is thinking about what lies ahead. Naruto using Baryone Mode vs Isshiki results in Kurama death in Boruto.

We grew up with Naruto and Kurama, he was not just a mere character. Whether he will be revived or not he is always alive in our hearts.

In this topic, we are going to covering everything about Kurama death so stay with us. We will cover every topic and what-ifs in this article. And why there was a need for this tragic Kurama death.

Kurama death

Like you guys know that Kurama lost his life due to Baryon mode. So,



Baryon mode is a process like nuclear fusion. This huge amount of power can cause massive destruction. That was the reason Naruto used it against Isshiki in another dimension.

Baryon mode uses the chakra of both Naruto and Kurama. It happens in combined form. It’s the process that occurs in the sun consisting of baryons. Baryons are heavy sub-atomic particles. They consist of 3 quarks.

kurama death

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It’s pretty obvious, such an amount of power must cost something. At first, we know our legend Kurama never told Naruto about the effect of baryon mode. Can you imagine such a level of love? Your heart is beating at the speed of light right? Well, I can relate to you.

Let me boost up my energy to write further.

So, Kurama hides the fact that it will cost him his life. Because we all know Naruto would never have allowed himself to use such immense power. But, can you imagine? Kurama never lied to Naruto. He valued his bond and friendship to such a level. Where can we find Kurama? He was such a blessing to not only Naruto but to us as well. Ahhh! My heart is hurting!


Naruto, till the end, thinks that it will cost both his life and Kurama’s. Friends who live together and who die together, what a remarkable bond!

kurama death

Kurama Death in Boruto

However, our hearts dropped when Kurama said;

“Just so you know, I never once lied to you Naruto, at no time did I ever say you would die”

Kurama death


But little did our Naruto knew, he will lose his soul mate, his best friend, his part of life, and a guardian. Kurama knew that if he told Naruto about the effects; then Naruto would never have allowed him to use it.

My heart cried blood when Kurama said:

” Be real careful, you ain’t gonna have superhuman strength anymore, So, if you overdo it you’ll end up joining me in no time”

kurama death

Even at the time of his departure, Kurama was worried about Naruto. He advised him to be careful. Where can we find such a pure form of love? This form of pure love is impossible in the world of anime and our world.


kurama death

Above were the final words of our Kurama. See the care and love he had for Naruto!

We all Naruto fans can feel the pain of Kurama. We will miss you Kurama. And we love you to infinity and beyond!

We will try our best to find the possibilities of your revival so that we might be able to get you back!


Kurama death in Boruto was revealed in chapter 55 of Boruto. When both the legends fought against Isshiki Otsutsuki. Though, they were successful in beating him to death but who knew this would be the cost?

The question here arises,



Isshiki was revealed as the main antagonist of the Boruto series. He was an Otsutsuki that came along with Kaguya Otsutsuki. His aim was to plant a tree in order to harvest its chakra fruit. But Kaguya betrayed him and somehow made him go to the edge of death. Isshiki was able to survive with the nutrients provided by the body of Jigen. With the passage of time, Ishhiki was able to get full control over Jigens body. It’s safe to say that Jigen was not a bad person. He was actually a monk but he was controlled by Ishhiki Otsutsuki.

Ishhiki was so powerful that Jigen who was a vessel for his body was not suitable for him. Hence, Ishhiki wanted to have the body of Kawaki because he was powerful. Well, to talk about the powers of Isshiki we all know that he is an Otsutsuki. And we are very well aware of their powers.

Moreover, beating him resulted in Kurama Death in Boruto. That is enough to make one imagine how powerful he was.

kurama death


Well, guys, the reason is pretty obvious. We all know the anime is about Boruto. And Boruto can never be the main hero if Naruto and Sasuke are there in their full potential. I bet we all know that be them Hagoromo or Hamura, Madara or Hashirama, or be them Naruto or Sasuke. They were all the strongest in their time period. And their time was followed by a huge gap. But now, Boruto’s period started while Naruto and Sasuke are still alive.

Definitely, the writers would not kill Naruto and Sasuke because they have spent years developing these characters. So, to make Boruto the main they are making the Naruto characters weak by taking their powers.

We know how they weaken Sasuke by taking his rinnegan. Boruto destroyed Sasuke’s rinnegan with a kunai. Can you imagine it? Like seriously! Sasuke was not such a character who would easily lose his powers.

kurama death


Naruto on the other hand is deprived of his main chakra source. Now the series will focus on the development of Kawaki and Boruto. Both are the vessels just like Naruto and Sasuke were but the story would be different.

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We all know Naruto is incomplete without Kurama. He was the source of his powers. And now Naruto is only left with his sage mode mainly. Naruto was previously an untouchable bounty. Nobody was that perfect to harm Naruto in any way. But now, Naruto is a bounty who can die. You never know what the next chapter brings.

But, the thing is, if he were to die at the end then, why did the writers separated him from Kurama? They could have sacrificed them together. But the saddest part is that Kurama himself said that he would not come back. If Naruto died without using Baryon mode then Kurama was able to return. And now he has completely vanished.

BUT, still, guys, don’t lose your hearts, there are many possibilities to bring Kurama back! Yes, you got it right! Let’s discuss them one by one.

kurama death



There is a chance that Kurama can revive in Boruto’s or Himawari’s body. It’s a possibility that his chakra might have transferred from Naruto to them. So, it’s safe to say that he is not completely vanished. We see the marks on the face of Boruto and Himawari which proves that both carries the Chakra of our legend Kurama.

So guys, this main character Kurama can come back. But it’s not a guarantee that he will come back to Naruto. Moreover, if he were to come back to Naruto then the writers wouldn’t have separated him at first.


kurama death


Himawari doesn’t possess the powers like Boruto and Naruto. Though, she is powerful but lacks the ninja ability to fight against the antagonists. But one can never guess what the writers will bring.

However, she can control Kurama because she is an Uzumaki. So, whoever gets Kurama, can’t use Kurama’s power as such it was used by Naruto. And Naruto and Kurama are not the main lead guys. They lost their position as main leads when Boruto started.

kurama death


In Boruto chapter 35, a beast was founded. The beast was hidden by Jigen in another dimension. It was later found out by Sasuke that it was ten tails. If the ten tails is alive then it means that Kurama can come back. Only if the ten tails of that dimension follow the same procedure. I bet we know how Hagoromo divided the ten tails into small 9 tail beasts. So, there is a high possibility that he can come back because the main source; the ten tails is yet alive. But if the ten tails divide then it’s not a guarantee that he will be the same Kurama.

kurama death


We all can’t believe that Kurama completely vanished. There are chakra reserves in nature. Though he will take time to come back, however, he can. We know the manga says that Kurama’s chakra has vanished from existence.  But, we have already discussed in possibility no.1 how it isn’t. Many characters have Naruto’s and Kurama’s Chakra.

Hey, do you guys remember the filler episodes about Sora? The character who was able to form partial nine tails, right? His father collected Kurama’s chakra when its chakra was spread in the village. So, if he was able to get the chakra then anything can happen. You never know that during the 4th ninja war it was saved somewhere. But this possibility is completely dependent on the writers. If they want to bring him back they will somehow.

kurama death



Boruto is already a vessel, hence he can’t get Kurama.

However, if he was not a vessel then he could.


So, guys, we all know that Boruto possesses Jougan that is the eye of god. It’s to be believed that jougan is much stronger than mangekyo Sharingan and Rinnegan. So he can control Kurama.

But let me tell you guys, the bond would not be the same as it was with Naruto. Boruto might be able to control him but he won’t be able to befriend him as Naruto. Secondly. Writers would not put Kurama into Boruto because fans would never accept them. Even if they put them in Boruto then it would be vague. Moreover, the story would be somehow the same and would be least interesting. What are your thoughts?

There is a high possibility if Kurama comes back he won’t be able to remember Naruto. Even if he does there is no advantage. Because in one way or another Naruto can’t get him back. And somehow if he does, he will be weaker than Boruto.

So, its better to consider Naruto weak without Kurama rather with Kurama. We all know Boruto is the main lead so, he will surpass Naruto.

kurama death

kurama death


The highest possibility is Himawari. She is not a vessel like Boruto. Moreover, she also has marks on her face implying she has Kurama’s chakra. However, if she gets Kurama, she would be powerful. But still, we will see Kurama weak. By weak I mean that we all know in the Naruto series, he was the strongest and unbeatable character. But he won’t be the same unbeatable because Boruto would be stronger than him alone.

There is another important question that arises in our minds and that is;


So, guys, the answer to this question lies in the name of the anime. Yes, you got it! Boruto: Naruto next generations. So, definitely guys, the story would be focusing on Boruto and its character development. If Naruto and Sasuke are still powerful and unbeatable then there is no need for Boruto. The writers have already set such a high standard for Naruto and Sasuke that they are incomparable.

If the writers at this point, kill them somehow then it would be vague and meaningless. Secondly, are impossible to beat. Like just recall the villains of Naruto and their level.

Remember Madara and Kaguya? Can you imagine someone stronger than them? Pretty hard, right? Well, we all have learned from Naruto that no matter how strong the villain is Naruto is going to win in the end. And Naruto is a Friend who will not let Sasuke behind him ever.

The writers can’t simply kill them or let them be beaten by some ordinary or not-so-ordinary villains. So, that’s the reason they are nerfing both Naruto and Sasuke by taking their powers. By making them weak they are giving fans a reason why Naruto and Sasuke would not be the match for antagonists of Boruto.

Can you think of something else? Do you really think with such level of power and potential of Naruto and Sasuke; someone got a chance against them? Well, they were unbeatable alone and now they fight together. If Naruto and Sasuke are in the spotlight then how will Boruto progress? Boruto can never be the main lead, right?

Well, that was the answer to that question. That’s the main reason they are nerfing Naruto and Sasuke by taking our Kurama and Rinnegan respectively.

kurama death


So, guys what are your thoughts? It’s pretty obvious guys, Naruto is not the main lead now. Everything is and would be about Boruto. Because it’s Boruto: Naruto’s next generation. So, yes, Naruto is becoming the side character in Boruto. That’s not something unexpected guys! Everyone knew that Naruto would be the side character.

In this anime, we are seeing how they are making him the side character. It was really hard for Naruto fans to believe that Naruto can ever be beatable or the side character. Hence, here in this anime writers are answering our questions and showing us how Naruto is becoming the side character.

Do you really think that Boruto can ever be the main lead with having Naruto with his full potential? Never man never!

That’s why the journey of Naruto fans ended with Naruto Shippuden. We won’t be able to see him as the main lead in Boruto. It’s obvious! However, in Boruto, we enjoyed the teamwork of Naruto and Sasuke that we wished to see in Naruto.

kurama death



So, guys to cut the long story short, we know that there are possibilities to revive Kurama. But the position and level would not be the same as in Naruto. Now, the main leads have changed. Even if Kurama gets revive, the powers of Boruto will surpass both Naruto and Kurama combined.

It’s best to lose our hopes over Naruto being the strongest now. We all Naruto fans must have thought that why there was a need of creating Boruto? So, guys, the answer to this question is simple. The writer was not Masashi Kishimoto. We all know Masashi was the writer of Naruto. Boruto’s writer was someone else.  After facing criticism, Masashi took charge of Boruto. Hence, to continue the story it’s necessary to keep it going somehow.

There is a 50/50 chance that Kurama will come back or not!

kurama death

So, guys that were all the theories and possibilities of Kurama coming back or not. What are your thoughts about Kurama Death in Boruto? Let us know in the comment section if you’ve some other ways to revive Kurama.

What do you think?

Written by Malaika Mukhtar

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