The day Boruto manga started everyone started thinking of different things.  Will we see new forms of Naruto and Sasuke? When will major deaths happen in Boruto? Naruto Death has been on the cards right from the start but we have forgotten some other major characters. What about Tsunade, Kakashi or even Hinata Death might happen? Kakashi has been a character who has been an integral part in Naruto series. So, Kakashi Death will definitely be very shocking for the fans.

Why Kakashi Will Die in Boruto?

  • No Sharingan
  • Lack of Training (Mostly on Vacation)
  • No Chidori
  • Lack of Chakra
  • Stronger Opponents
  • Age Factor

There is a number of reasons that give us an idea that Kakashi will die in Boruto somewhere down the line. He is growing old now in Boruto and he lacks that true strength now. On top of that, he is not training hard and he has lost his Sharingan too.

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Kakashi Death

There was a time when he was one of the strongest shinobis in Konoha. But now he isn’t like that anymore. He has lost his Sharingan which means no more Chidori. He has been seen using his Purple Flash which is an alternative of Chidori. He is also one of the five characters that might die in Boruto.

Above all, he doesn’t have that much Chakra left as well. He is growing old and with the passage of time, he is losing his chakra. There is no doubt that he is one the wisest character ever but still he isn’t the same Kakashi we used to know.

Whenever Konoha was attacked he was the one to rescue the village be it pain arc, Itachi intervention or be it Boruto arc. He has been seen in almost all the fights that took place in Konoha. So, whenever we see another Otsutsuki or even Jigen appear in the village. He will definitely be the one to protect the village.

Final Word on Kakashi Death

There is a strong chance that he will die in doing so. His character is almost over and he doesn’t have any major role to play in Boruto series. So, we can expect that he will die in Boruto. There is nothing major left for him to do because Sasuke and Naruto are there to handle everything.

So, what do you think of Kakashi Death? Will he be dying in Boruto too? Let us know in the comments section below.