Gintama Watching Order
Gintama Watching Order

Gintama Watching Order – Chronological Order of Gintama Anime

The recommended order to watch Gintama is its Chronological order. It is just one big series with 367+ episodes, 1 OVA Series, 8 TV installments, 4 Movies, and 5 specials.

Gintama is a really long and funny series and if you want to fully enjoy it then Gintama Watching Order Guide is for you.

Gintama Watching Order

Gintama series is divided into six seasons and a total of 367 episodes. So, in order to watch the whole series properly follow this order

Gintama Watching Order Guide

Chronological Order Watch Order Guide
1. Gintama (2006-2010) Season 1 (Episodes 1-49) Season 2 (Episodes 50-99) Season 3 (Episodes 100-150) Season 4 (Episodes 151-201)   The first series released in 2006 with a total of 201 episodes. This one aired for 4 years from Apr 4, 2006, to Mar 25, 2010. you can skip the first 2 episodes since they are fillers.
 2. Gintama’ (2011) When you are done watching the first season watch Gintama’ (2011). It has 51 episodes and aired from Apr 4, 2011, to Mar 26, 2012.
 3. Gintama’: Enchousen (2012)   After completing the second season start with Gintama’: Enchousen. It has 13 episodes and aired from Oct 4, 2012, to Mar 28, 2013
 4. Gintama° (2015)   Now comes Gintama° or Gintama Season 4. It has 51 episodes and aired from Apr 8, 2015, to Mar 30, 2016.  
 5. Gintama. (2017) When you are done finishing the fourth season start watching Gintama. or Gintama Season 5. It has 12 episodes and aired from Jan 9, 2017, to Mar 27, 2017.  
 6. Gintama.: Slip Arc (2017) Now comes Gintama.: Slip Arc or Gintama Season 5. It has 13 episodes and aired from Oct 2, 2017, to Dec 25, 2017.  
 7. Gintama.: Silver Soul Arc (2018)   Then comes Gintama.: Silver Soul Arc. It has a total of 12 episodes and aired from Jan 8, 2018, to Mar 26, 2018.
 8. Gintama.: Silver Soul Arc – Second Half War (2018) The 2nd half of Silver Soul Arc also known as Gintama.: Silver Soul Arc – Second Half War has 14 episodes and aired from Jul 9, 2018, to Oct 8, 2018

InfoGraphic Viewing Order of Gintama

Here we have the infographic of the Gintama Watching order which you can just check at a glance and can understand from where to start the series.

The anime will come to an end with a concluding movie named Gintama (Shinsaku). This movie will be releasing in 2021.

Watching Order of Gin Tama

Below image shows you a proper order of Gintama from One season to the movie and how the progression between seasons and movies is. You can follow this pattern if you want seasons and movies in order.

Gintama Watch Order

Gintama Movie Watch Order

Movies Title
Gintama Movie 1 Shinyaku Benizakura-hen (2010)
Gintama Movie 2 Gintama: Yorinuki Gintama-san on Theater 2D (2012)  
Gintama Movie 3 Kanketsu-hen – Yorozuya yo Eien Nare (2013)
Gintama Movie 4 Gintama (Shinsaku) 2021

Gintama Specials Watch Order

If you want you can skip the Specials as they are not from the series and carry no story progression. Specials are just-sided stories and if you wish to watch them then you can even do it after completing the entire series. It’s totally up to you.

Special 1 Gintama: Nanigoto mo Saiyo ga Kanjin nano de Tasho Senobisuru Kurai ga Choudoyoi (2005)
Special 2 Gintama: Shiroyasha Koutan (2008)  
Special 3 Gintama: Dai Hanseikai (2010)  
Special 4 Shinyaku Benizakura-hen (2010)
Special 5 Gintama’: Futon ni Haitte kara Buki Nokoshi ni Kizuite Neru ni Nerenai Toki mo Aru (2015)  
Special 6 Gintama°: Umai-mono wa Atomawashi ni Suru to Yokodorisareru kara Yappari Saki ni Kue (2015)  

The Gintama Watch Order is ideal for anyone who is planning to start watching this funny and exciting anime series. There are so many episodes and seasons in this series but if you go according to our given guide then you will enjoy everything in order and will be able to cover each storyline and character development properly.

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Gintama Watch Order
Gintama | Source: Fandom

Who is Gintama

Gintoki Sakata is the main protagonist of the Gintama series. He is the founder and president of the Yorozuya. Apart from this, he is a highly skilled samurai, having fought in the Joui War in the past.

Is It Worth Watching Gintama?

Yes, the series is really exciting and funny to watch. The series has a slow start but it picks up very nicely and comedy and action are the main highlights of the series. You will definitely enjoy this series for its action, comedy, and exquisite storyline.

Hope you liked our Gintama Watching Order Guide.

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