Anime Cat Girls
Anime Cat Girls

Top 50 Anime Cat Girls – Gorgeous Catgirls That You Can’t Resist Loving

In this article, we decided to provide you a list of the top 50 anime cat girls that one cannot resist loving. Nekomimi in Anime are hard to resist and every anime fan has a sweet spot for catgirls in anime. Although there are so many beautiful anime catgirls out there but don’t forget to see Neko-Musume.

Elite or should I say veteran Anime fans know what Nekomimi is but the new otaku must know that Nekomimi is the anime cat girl. They have a gorgeous combined dual appearance of a girl and a cat. Moreover, cat girls have a separate fan base and we can’t afford to hate them.

Japan has always been on the top list when it comes to turning our imagination into reality. We are all fans of Japanese anime cats, anime dogs, and anime catgirls. Japan never ceases to steal our hearts. Hence, fans show their love to Japan by cosplaying.

Here, we’ll be sharing a list of dazzling cat girls that one can wish that they existed in real life just like beautiful anime girls. We otaku can relate to each other and thus consider them real by watching the anime. Here we go!

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Why Anime Cat Girls Are Famous?

So, the love of cats in Japan played a major role in the creation of anime cat girls. Japanese believe cats have protective powers. There is a strong belief that they keep the misfortunes away.

Every culture is different, but Japan is pretty obsessed with cats. Their obsession can be easily seen in the anime. The way they have given cats human traits is remarkable. Well, nobody can beat Japan when it comes to creativity.

Moreover, they are pretty famous for their unique appearance. We all know that any character that is unique can easily attract an audience.

Anime cat girls have cuteness, innocence, and gorgeousness all combined. They hold a separate fan base.

Do Cat Girls Exist In Real?

So, guys, this is one of the most popular questions among the fans of anime cat girls. So, the answer is pretty obvious that no, it’s not scientifically possible yet. But we all know that in the coming age it might be possible.

Technology is advancing and making impossible things possible.



We all know the famous Elon musk right? Well, Elon Musk is planning on creating genetically engineered cat girls. Yes, you heard it right!

Moreover, there is also a possibility they will create cat girl robots. So, anime cat girl fans can now sleep peacefully because their dreams might come true!

anime cat girl

anime cat girl

anime cat girl


What Are Neko Boys?

So, like anime cat girls, Neko boys are immensely popular among otaku. As the name suggests, they are cat boys. You got it! They have a dual appearance of a human and a cat.

They are pretty famous among female otaku.

anime cat girl

Top 50 Gorgeous Anime Cat Girls of All Time – Cutest Nekomimi Characters

Here, we are sharing a list of the Top 50 anime cat girls that you can’t resist loving. There is a huge liking for anime cat girls worldwide. So, for the anime cat lovers, we decided to cover this interesting topic. We hope you would love to read them. Enjoy!

  1. Blair
  2. Yoruichi Shihouin
  3. Carla
  4. Ichigo Momomiya
  5. Milliana
  6. Koneko Toujo
  7. Eris
  8. Tsumiki Miniwa
  9. Cyan Hijirikawa
  10. Coconut
  11.  Vanilla 
  12. Chocola
  13. Yoriko Sagisawa
  14. Kune
  15. Melwin
  16. Chaika
  17. Durel
  18. Maple
  19. Cinnamon
  20. Lin-Xiao Mei
  21. Natsuki Sasahara
  22. Nozomi Kiriya
  23. Nyaa-tan
  24. Midarezaki Kyouka
  25. Mayu
  26. Kuroko
  27. Haineko
  28. Puchiko
  29. Himari Noihara
  30. Neferpitou
  31. Fraise
  32. Pashet
  33. Yaya Fushiguro
  34. Eykha
  35. Tamako
  36. Erin
  37. Elza
  38. Ro
  39. Milk
  40. Maa
  41. Azuki
  42. Shizuka Nekonome
  43. Hanekawa Neko
  44. Anya Flomer
  45. Persia
  46. Alicia Rue
  47. Shino Sosaki
  48. Ryuko Tsuchikawa
  49. Shi
  50. Ao Nanami


Anime: soul eater

Voiced by: Leah Clark

About Blair:

We have seen this super dazzling cat girl that has made fans go crazy over her magnificent looks. All the anime cat girl lovers never miss a chance to admire her in the anime.

But, don’t get deceived by her looks. She can turn into a complete cat. Amazed right? Well, yeah this impressive cat girl is not less than a surprise. She is not praised for her awe-inspiring looks but we love her for her badass attitude.

Pretty interesting! Right? You got it well. She never leaves to amaze the person who sees her for the first time. No wonder her costume defines her funky personality pretty well.

Though, we never leave a chance to love her. She has our hearts spellbound because of her softened looks and generous heart. Wow! Imagine a cat girl with a badass personality and a soft heart. What else one wants?

Blair anime cat girl


Blair anime cat girl

  • Yoruichi Shihouin

Anime: Bleach

Voiced by: Satsuki Yukino

About Yoruichi:

Have you ever looked for an anime cat girl with beauty and brains? If yes, then you are in right place. Meet Yoruichi, a gorgeous cat girl with brains. We love her for her humorous nature. Just imagine a tall, beautiful anime cat girl boldly throwing jokes at you! Having goosebumps? Let me give you cold shivers!

Additionally, she is an amazing fighter whoa! We all love the way she gives tough competition to her components.

This anime cat girl is full of astounding secrets, yeah! This purple hair girl can turn into a completely black cat, meow!

Yoruichi has a next-level swag that no one can beat. She is a must-add to the best anime cat girls list!

Yoruichi Anime Cat Girl

Yoruichi anime cat girl


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  • Carla

Anime: Fairy tail

Voiced by: Yui Horie and Jad Saxton

About Carla:

We all love the cat girls who are serious and tough to get. What if a serious cat girl has a soft heart? Heart-warming! Let me introduce you to Carla the gorgeous anime cat girl from fairy tails.

She has a sizzling personality. This anime cat girl is not less than a bombshell. She loves to mesmerize us when she transforms into a complete cute cat. Moreover, in her cat appearance, she has worth admiring wings and powers.

We have lost our hearts to her magical abilities.

Most importantly, we all are a fan of her chemistry with Happy (a male cat). Let me warn you! Don’t ever dare to mess with this hottie.

Carla anime cat girl

Carla anime cat girl

  • Ichigo Momomiya

Anime: Tokyo Mew Mew

Voiced by: Saki Nakajima and Amanda Brown

About Ichigo:

A cat girl with mesmerizing eyes, wow! What a deadly combo. Ichigo is an anime cat girl that one wishes to have in reality. We all are a fan of her innocent look, moreover, her caring and loving attitude.

We admire her when she cares deeply for her friends. She has a soft heart that melts us right away.

Imagine, a super cute cat girl who becomes emotional whenever and wherever, attractive, right?

She is a school cat girl, lovely! Yeah, you heard it right. Well, there are a lot of reasons to adore this cutie apart from her looks. In fact, we can’t afford to ignore this bundle of joy.

Ichigo Momomiya anime cat girl

Ichigo Momomiya anime cat girl


Anime: Fairy tail

Voiced by: Yukiyo Fujii and Alexis Tripton

About Milliana:

Meet Milliana, a striking anime cat girl. She has a unique appearance. We all adore her for her sizzling looks. You’ll love her if you see her in the anime because she has all the reasons to capture one’s heart.

She is a fun-loving and peppy cat girl. Milliana is friendly and adores her friends. This anime cat girl is a complete package, a cheerful and gorgeous cat girl. What else one wants! We have dropped our hearts for her pretty smile.

What if you get a dazzling anime cat girl who has a kind heart for others? Well, I can feel you!

Milliana anime cat girl

Milliana anime cat girl

Koneko Toujo

Anime: High School

Voiced by: Jad Saxton and Ayana Taketatsu

About Koneko:

We all know that school girls have a special place in the hearts of otaku. What if a school girl is also a cat girl? Heart throbbing!

Koneko is both a schoolgirl and a cat girl. We love her white astonishing hair. She is famous as a cold-hearted person because of hardships.  Furthermore, this little soul never ceases to gain our sympathies. All the anime cat girl lovers have a special place for her in their hearts.

Her golden big eyes have the potential to make people lose their senses right away. Yes, you heard it right, if you don’t believe, then look for yourself.

Beautiful eyes, right?

Koneko anime cat girl

Koneko anime cat girl


Anime: Cat Planet

Voiced by: Kanae Ito and Tia Ballard

About Eris:

Ever preferred a long hair anime cat girl? If yes, then you would love Eris from Cat Planet. She has worth praising long brown hair. She never ceases to steal our hearts with her pure looks.

Firstly, whenever Eris smiles, she makes us smile too! She has a blinding appearance.  Secondly, Eris is the epitome of beauty. Thirdly, we love her affectionate nature and the way she treats her friends.

Her nature enhances her beauty. Think of a sizzling cat girl with a polite and friendly attitude wow! What a blessing.

If you are an anime cat girl lover, I bet you’ll fall in love with Eris. In conclusion, she has nothing that we hate, she is perfection!

eris anime cat girl

eris anime cat girl


Tsumiki Miniwa 

Anime: Achi Kocchi

Voiced by: Rumi Okubo and Brina Palencia

About Tsumiki:

We all know anime cat girls are famous for their mature looks. But, ever wonder for an innocent and kid-like cat girl? You would be glad to find Tsukimi. She is a simple school-going cat girl. Furthermore, she loves girly things and playing with teddies, how cute!

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Firstly, she is an embodiment of innocence. Secondly, we all adore her for her cute gestures. Who would say no to such a cutie?

Anime cat girl lovers are a fan of her magenta hair. You’ll also admire her if you like short girls.

I also admire this cute little bundle of joy.

Tsumiki anime cat girl

Tsumiki anime cat girl

Cyan Hijirikawa 

Anime: Show by rock

Voiced by: Eri Inagawa and Bryn April

About Cyan:

Have you ever wanted an anime cat girl to be a member of a band? If yes, then you are in a right place. Greetings by Cyan Hijirikawa! a cute and adorable anime cat girl. She has our hearts for her straightforward nature. Moreover, Cyan is so innocent for the world because she trusts everyone easily.

We all adore her for her singing and good looks. She is a rock star and has fans both on-screen and off-screen. Above all, she has beautiful short black hair that justifies her small appearance.

All the school cat girl fans can’t afford to ignore this cutie.

Cyan anime cat girl

Cyan anime cat girl



Anime: Nekopara

Voiced by: Tezuka Ryouko

About Coconut:

 Meet Coconut! : An anime cat girl with sparkling eyes. Well, she doesn’t have ordinary eyes; she has two different colored eyes. Yes! You heard it right. She has golden and blue eyes, astonishing agree?

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Like her name, she has beautiful coconut-like hair. She never leaves a chance to mesmerize us with her looks. Anime cat lovers wait for her screen time. Besides her gorgeous looks, we are fans of her loyalty.  Furthermore, Coconut has surpassed everyone in the game of loyalty.

A kind heart and a striking appearance Whoa! Having cold shivers right? Well, you are not alone.

Coconut anime cat girl

Coconut anime cat girl


Anime: Nekopara

Voiced by: Inokuchi yuka and Natalie Rose

About Vanilla:

Do you like vanilla flavor? Might be thinking why I am asking that? Well, meet vanilla. Like her name, she is a pure, sweet, and dominant cat girl. We love her for her reticent nature.

She is a calm soul and makes us calm with her appearance. Anime cat lovers adore her a lot. Vanilla has our heart for her doll-like appearance. We are a fan of her long hair.

We adore Vanilla for her shy nature and love her cheeks turning red! cute right?

Imagine a delicate, soft-hearted, and timid cat girl, who struggles to express her feelings, isn’t it heart throbbing? I can relate to you.

Vanilla is an all-in-one package. We love her completely.

Vanilla anime cat girl

Vanilla anime cat girl


Anime: Nekopara

Voiced by: Tomonaga Maki

About Chocola:

We all love chocolate because it makes us energetic, happy, and calm. The same goes for Chocola, like her name she is an energetic soul who loves wandering here and there. She has a remarkable persona. We all are a fan of her bubbly personality.

Anime cat girl lovers admire her for her prominent and sweet looks. We always learn from her how to be cheerful. Her long beautiful hair makes her worthy of praise. She is one of the most gorgeous cat girls you’ll ever find.

Chocola has a separate fan base. Her gestures have our hearts. Every cat girl has a unique trait so has Chocola, we love her for her cheerful personality. Have a look at her; I am sure you would drop your heart!

Chocola anime cat girl

Chocola anime cat girl

Yoriko Sagisawa 

Anime: Da Capo

Voiced by: Miyu Matsuki

About Yoriko:

Do you like sensitive, pure and pretty cat girls? If yes, then be happy and meet Yoriko.

She is an adorable, innocent, and pure soul. We anime cat girl lovers couldn’t find any reason to ignore her.

She is a simple and down-to-earth cat girl. Yoriko is a maid by profession and all otaku knows that maids have a special corner in our hearts. We admire her simplicity and speaking eyes. Her eyes do all the magic.

Yoriko has a kind heart that cares for others and hence she takes everything to heart. Her kind nature has made us spellbound. Imagine a pure soul with an elegant personality, what else one wants?

Have a glimpse at her, I bet you won’t resist loving her.

Yoriko Sagisawa anime cat girl


Anime: Cat planet cuties

Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue and Staci Moon

About Kune:

 Ever find child-like cat girls cute? If yes, then you would love Kune. She is the heartthrob of many cat girl lovers. Kune never ceases to capture attention. Despite her sizzling personality, we love her for her artless nature.

She is the epitome of beauty. Her long magenta hairs have a separate admiration among anime cat girl lovers. We all love her for her silly and guileless gestures.

She has many lovers on-screen and off-screen. Apart from her deadly looks, we admire her for her responsible nature.

Kuune anime cat girl



Anime: Cat Planet Cuties

Voiced by: Aki Toyosaki and Lara Woodhull

About Melwin:

Do you like simple anime cat girls that are no competition to sharp girls? If yes, then you’ll like Melwin. She is a simple and pretty cat girl. We love her because she is not cunning.

We admire her for her blue hair that makes her stand out. Anime cat girl fans have lost their hearts for her green eyes. Though we never want to see her worried but she looks lovely while tense.

We all love her responsible attitude. She has our hearts. Imagine, a cat girl who loves everyone! What a blessing.

Melwin anime cat


Anime: Cat planet Cuties

Voiced by: Minako Kotobuki and Cherami Leigh

About Chaika:

We all admire outgoing and beautiful cat girls agree? Well, meet Chaika! We love her for her confident and extroverted nature. She steals our hearts with her cute expressions. Honestly, we love her wink.

She is a gorgeous tall girl that one wishes to have in reality. We are a fan of her boldness. She never stops to enthrall us while talking. We enjoy her screen time. Everyone praises her off-screen and on-screen.

We admire Chaika for her jolly persona more than her appealing looks. I can bet you would love her. Have a look at her!

Chaika anime cat girl


Anime: Cat Planet Cuties

Voiced by: Shizuka Ito and Naomi Shindo

About Durel:

Hey, are you mesmerized by badass cat girls? Well, you are not alone. Let me introduce you to Durel. We love her badass attitude. The way she holds a stick in her mouth has our heart. She never resists maddening us with her stunning looks.

What if you find a doctor cat girl? Pretty amazing! Well, She kills us with her personality but Durel is a healer too, what a deadly combo! A doctor is incomplete without glasses and so is Durel. We find her cuter with her glasses.

Look at her, I am sure, you’ll love her.

durel anime cat girl


Anime: Nekopara

Voiced by: Ogura Yui

About Maple:

 What do you think about independent and mature anime cat girls? Well, if you commend them then I bet you would love Maple. She is a super good-looking cat girl. Maple has a charismatic persona. Cat girl lovers never succeed to keep their hearts bound against her enthralling looks.

We love our prideful nature. Fans adore her ambitious and enthusiastic nature. Well, not only boys but girls are also crazy over her dazzling looks. She is not less than a diva. She has everything one can wish for. If you don’t believe me, look for yourself!

Maple anime cat girl

Maple anime cat girl


Anime: Nekopara

Voiced by: Okajima Tae, Noguchi Yuri, and McGuire Kristen

About Cinnamon:

I bet you like soft-hearted and shy girls. Greetings by Cinnamon! Like her name she is sweet. We all have lost our hearts to her loving and sensitive nature. Catgirl lovers applaud Cinnamon for its doll-like appearance.

She is a pure soul that is hard to find. It’s difficult to find an anime cat girl more innocent than her. Cinnamon is a princess and everyone wishes to be her prince. We all have dropped our hearts for her fun-loving and easy-going attitude. Cinnamon has many fans off-screen and on-screen.

Have a look at her but, let me warn you first! Keep your heart firm.

Cinnamon anime cat

Cinnamon anime cat

Lin- Xiao-Mei

Anime: Shining Tears and Wind

Voiced by: Chiwa saito

About Lin-Xiao:

Hey, do you like tall gorgeous cat girls with black hair? You like them right? Well then know Lin-Xia Mei. She has grabbed our hearts with her appealing looks. If we compare her beauty; then I bet she gives a tough competition to other cat girls.

She has all the qualities that one wants to see in a cat girl. Lin is a complete package. We have fallen for her charismatic appearance. Cat girl lovers have a separate place for her soothing eyes.

I personally adore her a lot.

Lin-xiao mei anime cat girl

Natsuki Sasahara

Anime: Hyper Police

Voiced by: Miyamura Yuko and Bayarri Noemi

About Natsuki Sasahara:

Have you ever encountered a gorgeous police girl who is down to earth? Strange, Right? Well, you’ll be more amazed if I tell you about Natsuki. She is a gorgeous police anime cat girl.

We love her because she has a soft corner for everyone. Natsuki never leaves a chance to help the needy and people struggling. There is a lot more to this anime cat girl, we are all fascinated by the way she shots the gun, whoa!

A badass to bad and benign to the good ones, what a lethal combination!

She never fails to enchant us with her good looks. Natsuki has her heart already.

Natsuki anime cat girl

natsuki anime cat girl

Nozomi Kiriya

Anime: Mayoi Neko Overrun

Voiced by: Ayana Taketatsu

About Nozomi Kiriya:

Hey, do you like indifferent but passionate and bold characters? Well if you do, then you are going to love Nozomi. Anime cat girl lovers are a fan of her chilled-out and not caring for anything attitude. Not just that her bold nature has our heart, we are head over heels for her beauty.

Confident and bold anime cat girls have a different level of swag. Well, what else you need if the cat girl is enthralling and charismatic as well? Having goosebumps? Well, you are not alone. For a moment, leave everything, her captivating red eyes are enough to steal one’s heart.

Look at her, what a masterpiece!

Nozomi anime cat girl

nozomi anime cat girl


Anime: Etotama

Voiced by: Rie Murakawa

About Nyaa-tan:

I bet you like anime cat girls who love teasing others, agree? Meet Nyaa-tan, she loves wandering here and there teasing others for fun. We are a fan of her naughty and fun-loving nature.

If a cheerful anime cat girl has beauty as well, then there isn’t a reason to stop your heart from falling. Nya tan is a short bubbly anime cat girl. We enjoy her screen time and learn tips from her to tease our friends.

Anime cat girl lovers have lost their hearts to her energetic and active personality. How can someone be so chilled-out and energetic? Well, it’s pretty easy for Nyaa-tan.

Nyaa-tan anime cat girl

Nyaa-tan anime cat girl

Midarezaki Kyouka

Anime: Kyoran Kazoku Nikki

Voiced by: Fujimura Ayumi

About Midarezaki Kyouka:

Do you like arrogant anime cat girls who have a caring heart? Strange combo, I can feel you. Greetings from Midarezaki, a self-important anime cat girl who also has a softened heart for others. Well, we admire her attitude.

You won’t be able to keep your heart firm if you look at her, I bet!

She has a separate fan base for her enthralling green eyes. Although, she looks like a short cat girl, however; people call her the mother of Midarezaki family. Pretty amazing!

We love the way she dresses that gives her a doll-like appearance. I am sure you would love her.

Midarezaki anime cat girl


Anime: Nekogami Yaoyorozu

Voiced by: Tomatsu Haruka

About Mayu:

Meet another kid like anime cat girl. Like some kids, she is also very lazy. We admire her for her chilled-out and calm personality. Anime cat girl lovers love seeing her eating. She is a chubby little cat girl whose hobby is eating and playing, such a cutie!

If you look at her, you won’t be able to say that this little munchkin is referred to as Cat God, surprised? We love her skills to find things. She is none less than a mischievous mini child who loves to tease others.

This mini cat girl has our heart.

mayu anime cat girl


Anime: High School D x D

Voiced by: Minami Takahashi and Lydia Mackay

About Kuroko:

Well, the anime world is full of anime cat girls who are bold and cheerful. But, Kuroko gives a tough competition to all. She is the epitome of beauty and no one can beat her in that. The way she carries herself is phenomenal.

Anime cat girl lovers can never deny the fact that she is a sizzling and dazzling cat girl. Her golden eyes are enough to make one go crazy. Apart from her killer looks, she is a very jolly cat girl who loves to tease others. It would be unjust if we wouldn’t have added her to this list.

Take hold of yourself, because you are going to see a dazzling anime cat girl.

Kuroko anime cat girl

Kuroko anime cat girl



Anime: Bleach

Voiced by: Chiaki Takahashi and Julie Ann Taylor

About Haineko:

Do you like prideful and factually beautiful anime cat girls? Meet Haineko! From her first appearance, she is capturing the attention of many anime cat girl lovers. She has blinding red hair that many female fans love.

She is ruling many hearts and the best thing about her is that she knows she can make people go crazy over her looks. Let me give you a shock! She is a strong and powerful spirit. So, don’t anger her or else you won’t have a chance to say goodbye. She is a beauty and I bet that no one would resist loving her.

Haineko anime cat girl

Haineko anime cat girl


Anime: Di Gi Charat

Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro and Karen Strassman

About Puchiko:

Ever admire a mini doll-like anime cat girl? From now on you would start admiring them. Greetings from Puchiko! Like her cute name, she is a cute mini cat girl. Only her eyes are enough to do the magic. We all are captivated by her innocence and enchanting big cat ears.

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She is like a kid who even without saying makes people want to cherish her. We couldn’t keep hold of ourselves after looking at this honeybunch. She can be the reason to make the day of many anime cat girl lovers.

Puchiko anime cat girl

Puchiko anime cat girl

Himari Noihara:

Anime: Omamori Himari

Voiced by: Ami Koshimizu

About Himari Noihara:

Loyal Catgirls are tough to find and trust me if you find any keep them. No one can beat Himari when it comes to loyalty. There aren’t many anime cat girls who are honest and truthful to their masters.

We love her for her devoting nature and we love her the way she shows love to her love interest. An anime cat girl who is loyal, attractive, and kind, can you wish for something else? Well, I can’t. But, let me tell you one thing, never hurt her loved ones because you won’t be able to pay the price. She can swiftly turn from a gentle soul to a hunter-killer depending upon the people.

Additionally, she is a manifestation of the word “Love”.

Himari Noihara anime cat girl

Himari anime cat girl


Anime: Hunter X Hunter

Voiced by: Ayumi Fujimura

About Neferpitou:

Neferpitou has won many hearts with her sensitive nature. We love her for her pure intentions for the king. She lives to serve the king and her responsible nature was the reason for our attention.

Have you ever seen an anime cat girl that goes crazy for fulfilling her duties? If no, then meet Nefer. Well, we all know that she can kill anyone for the sake of the king’s protection, but she has our love for whatever she does.

Imagine a responsible girl, who is cheerful and a happy soul as well, pretty intriguing! We all are a fan of her unique and magical eyes.

Neferpitou Anime cat girl

Neferpitou anime cat girl


Anime: Nekopara

Voiced by: Nozomi Yamamoto

About Fraise:

Meet another kind soul. Fraise is not just kind but also very shy and innocent. Her innocence is one of the main reasons that she has the love of many anime cat girl lovers.

She is too simple for this world and different from other anime cat girls. Fraise never thinks twice when it comes to believing someone and that’s why she has our heart. Most importantly, her generosity is a thing to talk about. Apart from having all the moral qualities, we are also fans of her magnificent looks. She never leaves a chance to grab attention.

Look at this beauty, can you say no to such a lovely cat girl?

Fraise anime cat girl1


Anime: Ozmafia

Voiced by: Kyoko Fuji

About Pashet:

Meet a strong-willed anime cat girl, Pashet! I am personally a fan of her strong personality. She is not just an outstanding personality but also a genuine soul. Most importantly, we are a fan of her management abilities.

Pashet loves her family the most and can sacrifice everything thing for them. Anime cat lovers always wish to have such a family girl in reality. Not only that, she famous as a don wow! Astonishing right? Strong and serious anime cat girl with bewitching beauty, what else one can wish for?

Look at her style and her praise-worthy hair, is it heart throbbing? Well, I can feel you.

Pashet anime cat girl

  • Yaya Fushiguro

Anime: Yuragi Sou No Yuuna San

Voiced by: Yui Ogura

About Yaya:

Imagine an anime cat girl doing cat-like things completely, pretty strange agree? Yaya is although a cat girl but she never fails to surprise us with her acts. She loves eating cat food and playing like cats.

Yaya is like a tomboy; chilled-out and out-going. She never cares what others would think about her, and we love her for that. We love her wearing a hoodie. In fact, she is the definition of the word “cute”.

Her green eyes and green hair have our praise, what a lovely look!

At last, have a look, can you find any reason to not love her?

Yaya anime cat girl

Yaya anime cat girl

  • Eykha

Anime: Chaos Dragon

Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro

About Eykha:

Among all the anime cat girls, you’ll find Eykha the most beautiful and dutiful person. We love her for her responsible nature. Most fans love her because of her tragedies. Eykha is a prominent cat girl you’ll ever look up to.

She is admired by all because of her fascinating looks and we couldn’t forget to add her in this list. Imagine a loyal anime cat girl whose life is full of tragedies. Who will say no to such a lovely cat girl?

Besides her good habits, we also admire her for her charming personality. Look for yourself!

Eykha anime cat girl

  • Tamako

Anime: Isuca

Voiced by: Kaori Sadohara

About Tamako:

Ever seen red hair and green eyes? Well, if not then meet Tamako. We are mesmerized by her short hair. Tamaka has a remarkable love for her friends and we admire it a lot. In addition to her honesty and intense feelings she is famous for her dominant looks.

She never waits to help when it comes to her loved ones moreover, this anime cat girl is full of lovable traits. What if you find an honest, loving, and gorgeous anime cat girl? Having cold shivers right? Well, you are not alone.

Tamako anime cat girl

Tamako anime cat girl

  • Erin

Anime: Seisen Cerberus

Voiced by:

About Tsugami:

Hey, want to meet a dazzling and super gorgeous anime cat girl? Meet Erin, a bewitching cat girl. We love her short hair and as well as her beautiful eyes. She is a style icon  and  additionally, not only male fans but she has the heart of many female fans. We love her the way she sits on the wall, like cats.

We love her pleasant attitude and loving nature. What if you find a tall, sizzling anime cat girl who has a pleasant smile? I know you would instantly drop your heart.

Well, stay firm and look at her!

Erin anime cat girl

Erin anime cat girl

  • Elza

Anime: Nyanko Days

Voiced by: Odono Mayu

About Elza:

If you like mini doll-like creatures then I am sure you won’t be able to ignore Elza. She is a baby-looking cat girl. The way she ties her hair in ponytails is enthralling moreover, we all are a fan of her innocent and pure gestures.

She has our heart for her height. This little munchkin is very little that she can sit on one’s shoulder, cute right? Although, we don’t want to get her irritated but we love her expressions when she is irritated.

Lastly, look at this honeybunch, I bet you won’t be able to ignore her.


Elza anime cat girl

elza anime cat girl

  • Ro

Anime: Nyanko Days

Voiced by: Komatsu Mikako

About Ro:

Meet another short cutie, Ro. She is a kid inside out. We love everything about her. The way she wants everyone to love her is admiring furthermore, the good thing is that she is being loved on-screen and off-screen.

We love her cute big face and short physique amusing right? Moreover, she has magical big green eyes in fact, they are a great reason to make us fall for us. She loves playing around and we admire her attitude. We always want to cuddle her and play with her cheeks.

Finally, have a glimpse at her I bet you would want to adore her.

Ro anime cat girl

ro anime cat girl

  • Milk

Anime: Nekopara

Voiced by: Sakura Emi

About Milk:

Like milk, she gives strength to all the fans. We can’t find any reason to ignore her. Most importantly, her grey hair enhances her charm. She is not only admired for her looks but also because of her good nature and moral values.

We are head over heels for the way she respects elders and cares for them. Fans learned a lot of good things from her. Her smile is one in million and no one can beat her in that. Most importantly, she is a fun-loving and jolly as well. Whenever we see her she makes us happy just like herself.


Milk anime cat girl

Milk anime cat girl


  • Maa

Anime: Nyanko Days

About Maa:

This cute mini-doll has many lovers worldwide moreover, she beats in the hearts of all anime cat girl lovers.  We love her cute actions; she is a toddler who never ceases to capture our attention. We can’t wait to see her grow up.

Her big orange eyes are worthy of love. She is a charismatic anime cat girl and as a  result we don’t leave a chance to miss her screen time. What if you find such a little munchkin? I bet you won’t be able to find your heart the next second.

maa- gorgeous anime cat girls

maa- gorgeous anime cat girls



  • Azuki

Anime: Nekopara

Voiced by: Mia Naruse

About Azuki:

Have you ever encountered a chilled-out and brave girl? Azuki is a complete package. We love her carefree attitude and her outgoing nature. The way she speaks her heart is beyond words. We enjoy her screen time.

We always wish to be pure like her. Well, besides her easy-going personality, we have a special place in our hearts for her magnificent looks. She has the potential to make anyone happy.

She is a cheerful cat girl and never hides her feelings besides, her expressive nature is remarkable.

azuki anime cat girl

  • Shizuka Nekonome

Anime: Rosario Vampire

Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue

About Shizuka:

Have you ever heard about an anime cat girl who is a teacher? Pretty strange, right? Well, life is full of surprises. Greetings from Shizuka, apart from being a cat girl she loves to teach. We all are a fan of her teachings.

Shizuka is a different teacher from the rest moreover, she is kind and easy-going, appealing agree? Nobody would say that she is a teacher by looking at her. Most importantly, she has a pretty good sense of style. We love the way she treats the students furthermore, is a super dazzling teacher you would ever meet.

Shizuka anime cat girl

Shizuka anime cat girl

  • Hanekawa Neko

Anime: Bakemonogatari

Voiced by: Yui Horie

About Hanekawa:

Meet Hanekawa an amazing cat girl! She never leaves a chance to steal our hearts. Hanekawa is enthralling to the extent that you would instantly fall for her. Do you like talkative girls? If yes, then she is a bonus for you.

She is a bombshell, apart from being talkative and beautiful Hanekawa is a badass Whoa! What a deadly combo. Never anger her because you won’t be given a second chance. Apart from being bold and beautiful, she is a brutal person. She can scare you to hell additionally, is a beauty and a beast all-in-one.

Imagine a super dazzling cat girl who is heartless as well? Having goosebumps? Well, you are not alone. Although she is cold-hearted, we admire her.

Hanekawa Neko anime cat girl

hanekawa Neko anime cat girl

  • Anya Flomer

Anime: Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?

About Anya:

What if you find a simple, modest, and pretty girl? and if she is cat girl as well, double bonus right? Meet Anya a simple and kind soul. She never competes with the outside world. We love her simplicity and her responsible nature.

The way she manages her shop is appreciating. Apart from her qualities, she is like a doll. Her grey eyes do all the magic. Fans have lost their hearts for her plain and comfortable dress sense because she doesn’t waste her time on her appearance.

Look at her, don’t you feel mesmerized?

Anya flomer anime cat girl

  • Persia

Anime: Gate- thus the JSDF fought there

About Persia:

A perfect cat girl one would look for. Persia keeps our hearts because of her family-oriented nature. She cares for her loved ones to an extent that she won’t think twice to sacrifice herself.

Persia is a naughty girl who loves to tease her friends. We admire her fun-loving and cheerful personality. She makes us happy and we enjoy her screen time. Anime cat girl lovers also love her beautiful looks.

Most importantly, her pink hairs are admired by many female fans. She has all the qualities one can wish for. Her simplicity is worth praising moreover, She is a simple but elegant cat girl.

Persia anime cat girl

  • Alicia Rue

Anime: Sword Art Online

Voiced: Chiwa Saito and Christine Vee

About Alicia:

Alicia is the epitome of beauty. She can easily give a tough competition to other anime cat girls. The thing that makes her stand out is the golden crescent mark on her head. Additionally, She is a strong-willed cat girl.

We love her mature personality furthermore, she never ceases to take our attention with her bewitching looks. She is respected by all her fellows. Alicia has a separate place in the hearts of everyone be it on-screen or off-screen.

Many female fans admire her dress sense. Look at her, don’t you feel pleased?

Alicia Rue anime cat girl

  • Shino Sosaki

Anime: Boku no hero academia

Voiced by: Meiko Kawasaki and Jill Harris

About Shino:

A powerful but gentle anime cat girl, what are your thoughts? Well, we love this cat girl from Boku no hero academia. We are crazy over her abilities. She is calm and never impatient when it comes to her opponent.

A skilled fighter and a gorgeous cat girl, pretty interesting right? She loves her loved ones and can go to extra mile for them. We appreciate her nature. If we talk about her looks then she has a strong but elegant persona isn’t it cool?

The way she dresses completely suits her personality. We adore her completely.

Shino Sosaki anime cat girl

Mandalay anime cat girl

  • Ryuko Tsuchikawa:

Anime: Boku no hero academia

Voiced by: Serina Machiyama and Cherami Leigh

About Ryuko:

Meet Ryuko an energetic and loud soul. She is a kid at heart and for her, self-love is important. Ryuko is always conscious about the way she looks because she wants to be everyone’s favorite

She is pretty famous for her abilities and skills. One can simply tell by looking at her that she is a skilled fighter. Her peppy personality and captivating blue eyes have our heart. Ryuko is a strong, bold, and beautiful cat girl, what else one wants?

Have a look at her, I can bet you would love her.

Ryuko anime cat girl

Ryuko anime cat girl

  • Shi

Anime: Nyanko Days

Voiced by: Yamazaki Erii

About Shi:

Do you like shy and sweet anime cat girls? If yes, then you would love Shi. She never ceases to enthrall us by her looks. She is a mini-doll that one would love to chase. Shi has magical green eyes besides she is worth loving. Apart from her eyes, her smile is complimenting and hit has our heart.

All the anime cat girl lovers admire her long hair and mini physique pretty cute, right? She is an innocent soul that can cry anytime and we love her innocence. Her cute expressions have our hearts. Shi has a separate fan base.

Shi anime cat girl

Shi anime cat girl

  • Ao Nanami

Anime: Yozakura Quartet

Voiced by: Fujita Saki

About Ao:

What if you find a dazzling anime cat girl who can read minds? You would be amazed right? Well, Ao has our love for her charming personality.  Ao loves to surprise people. Anime cat girl lovers are crazy over her captivating smile and bewitching eyes.

Her blue hair makes her stand out. Her descent dress sense makes her spark. Most importantly, She is an innocent and a pure soul. No one can beat her by showing a variety of expressions. We are a fan of her expressions. Look at her, what do you think, isn’t she captivating?Ao nanami anime cat girl 1

Ao Nanami anime cat girl



So, with Ao Nanami, we end our list of Top 50 Anime Cat Girls. We hope you enjoyed reading the article. Let us know in the comment section about the most gorgeous anime cat girls you have found from this article.

What do you think?

Written by Malaika Mukhtar

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