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Gohan vs Kefla Fight – Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 39 Has Given Major Details About Mystic Gohan

Gohan vs Kefla

Well, Dragon Ball Super has been a treat to watch for so many good reasons. From Goku’s new form to Vegeta becoming God of Destruction, there has been some shocking turn of events in the series. We also saw Gohan going to the next level in the Tournament of Power as well and that is one of the most satisfying moments in the entire series. All the Gohan fans were eagerly waiting for their favorite character to make a mark but somehow he failed to deliver a power pack performance even in the tournament of power. But, with Gohan vs Kefla on the cards, the fans are eagerly waiting for the Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 39.

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Gohan vs Kefla Fight – The Mystic Gohan Form

But, now the Gohan Downfall has finally come to an end. He definitely has impressed everyone to some extent with his new powers and now  all have been seeing the dragon ball super manga has been taking a lot of turn in the tournament of power than the anime , In the latest manga chapter we saw Gohan and Kefla battling each other to the very where both the warriors gave their best for their universe to survive and ended up in knocking out each other the battle ended in a double K.O. We can make lots of assumptions about the power levels of both the characters in the manga contrasting with that of anime.Gohan vs Kefla

Gohan vs Kefla fight is going to be an amazing one as the fans are going to see a new version of Mystic Gohan in that. He will be on a whole new level in that fight and we all know how strong Kelfa is and even Goku found it really hard to beat her. So, it clearly gives us a message that Gohan has taken his powers to a whole new level.

As we all know dragon ball super started with Gohan’s downfall he is shown very weak in the start of the series and struggles a lot to get his Ultimate form back for the Tournament of Power , In the tournament of power the members of universe 7 who survived till the very end were Vegeta , Frieza , Goku and Android 17 this means that Gohan was ranked below all of them meanwhile in the manga him defeating Kefla means they are giving him some sort of stand out.

Gohan vs Kefla

Gohan vs Kefla Fight in Dragon Ball Super

In the anime, Kefla was so strong that it took Goku to come out and use the mighty Ultra Instinct second time to defeat Kefla. While in the manga Gohan and Kefla are ranked equally means that the manga Kefla is not as strong as the anime Kefla but manga Gohan is a lot stronger than he is shown in the anime whereas Caulifla and Kale alone have quite surprising powers especially Kale because of her direct link to the Legend of the Super Saiyan God shown in the manga .

Goha vs Kefla will give you shivers down your spine as Gohan will go with toe to toe with the Mighty Kefla. So, how are you feeling about the Gohan vs Kefla fight in the upcoming arc of Dragon Ball Super? Please, share your valuable comments with us.

Gohan vs Kefla


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