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anime cats

Top 50 Anime Cats – Cutest Anime Cats You Just Cannot Afford to Miss

“Having a cat as your pet makes you fortunate”. This is a very famous thing in Japan. Japanese love keeping cats as pets. Cats are part of almost all anime series. They are cute, innocent, and attract the attention of people. In anime, cats play either a main or a supporting character with some astonishing powers. While some only play the role of attention-seeking. Anime cats have a separate fan base. Here is the list of Top 50 anime cats that you would never resist loving.

Top 50 Cutest Anime Cats of All Time

We covered cutest anime cats before and then with the fans demand we went on to cover best anime cats that anime fans would love to pet. But, we didn’t stop there and wanted to bring more to the lovers of cats in the anime world and this is our ultimate list of anime cats which you will surely love.

  • Karin
  • Kyo Sohma
  • Happy
  • Cath Palug
  • Carla
  • Meowth
  • Blair
  • Nichiya
  • Baron
  • Panther Lily
  • Maya
  • Madara
  • Kirara
  • Puar
  • Lucky
  • Doraemon
  • Sorata
  • Chachamaru
  • Shagotte
  • Nady
  • Nekobasu
  • Arthur
  • Kuro
  • Nekogami Sama
  • Chi
  • Jiji
  • Koroneko
  • Artemis
  • Luna
  • Shamisen
  • Chomusuke
  • Kaya
  • Jibanyan
  • Cait Sith
  • Haru Mikazuki
  • Piro
  • Sakamoto Nichijou
  • Kamineko Azumanga
  • Marl
  • Bub
  • Muta
  • Lector
  • Nanashi
  • Nyamsus
  • Tama
  • Frosch
  • Mysdroy
  • Martam
  • Aria Pokoteng
  • Buyo
  • Noir


Anime: Dragon Ball Z

Gender: male

Voiced by: Ichiro Nagai, Naoki Tatsuta, Paul Dobson, and Christopher Sabat


All the cat lovers admire chubby cats, agree? well you’ll be happy to know, that this anime cat is a one full package. Meet karin a cutie. Can you imagine this little munchkin is not so little?. Yes, you are right, he is an oldie who loves to teach martial arts, whoa!. A chubby cat with Martial arts skills, fantastic!.

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Role in Dragon Ball Z:.

Karin has won our hearts by helping Goku several times. He makes senzu beans that heals wound, What a genius! Karin has stolen our hearts with his abilities and his innocence. He has helped Goku in his training, yes, you got it right. This cute little anime cat has the potential to train the main lead.

Karin anime cat

Kyo Sohma

Anime: Fruits basket

Gender: male

Voiced by: Yuma Uchida, Tomokazu Seki, and Jerry Jewell


Have you ever seen a moody cat? If no, then meet Kyo Sohma. Kyo never listens to anyone. This small little munchkin is full of surprises, he can turn himself in to a human, amazing right?. In his cat form, kyo has human attitude. Well, every cat has a specialty that makes it adore, kyo has heart warming looks.

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Role in Fruits Basket:

This super cute anime cat is not only loved for his looks, but also because he is the main lead. We also admire him for his shyness. Kyo turns into human whenever approached by a female, cute right?. Well, there is a lot more to know; a girl named Tohru loves kyo. Tohru has a hard time gaining his trust. The chemistry of a cat and a human is pretty intriguing!

kyo sohma anime cat




Anime: Fairy Tails

Gender: male

Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya


Hey, have you ever seen a flying cat? fascinating! agree?. Well meet happy, like his name he is a happy cat, who loves to make us happy. All the fairy tail fans wait for Happy to come on screen. Happy has our heart spellbind and there’s no wonder about that.

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Role in Fairy-Tail:

Well this super cute anime cat is not only praised for his looks, but also for his advises he give to Natsu ( main lead). Happy has high speed which benefits him in combat to defend himself. We love his combat. Happy has magical abilities as well. What a complete package! I can’t wish for anything else.

happy anime cat

Cath Palug

Anime: Nanatsu No Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins)

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Yuuki and Aoi


He is a cute fatty cat with a pondering, mysterious, and serious look. We anime cat lovers adore his serious look. But don’t get deceived by his looks, he is one of the villains in the anime. Astonishing! , I can feel you.

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Role in Seven Deadly Sins:

Cath is a fur ball. He gained immense popularity because of his cute shape. No one thought he would be evil. But he shocked everyone when he transformed.Cath anime cat


Anime: Fairy Tails

Gender: Female

Voiced by: Jad Saxton


Carla is a super gorgeous anime cat. No wonder, she has the heart of all the fans of anime cats. But, you can also tell by looking at her that she has the heart of male cats as well. Everyone praise her not only off-screen but also on-screen. what a remarkable anime cat!

What if I tell you one more astonishing thing about her? Ready to hear?. So, this appealing anime cat can completely transform herself into a cat-girl. Having goosebumps right?. Well, you are not alone, I can feel you! She is an all in one package.

Role in Fairy-Tail:

Carla has the heart of many male cats. She also has an adorable chemistry with our favorite anime cat “Happy”. Happy to hear? Well, same pinch. You won’t believe that this delicate cat is not so delicate, she has the potential to carry a human, whoa!

carla anime cat


Anime: Pokémon

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Madeleine Joan Blaustein


It would be unjust to say that we don’t know about Meowth. I can bet all the anime cat lovers know this naughty cat. He is our favorite cat from the Pokemon. We adore him for his naughty and funny character.

Role in Pokémon:

Meowth is a member of team rocket. We all know that this anime cat is famous for his love for shiny things. Although, he is a bit greedy, but he is loyal to his masters. His loyalty also makes us love him more. Despite his character, he is a fascinating cat. One would never get a reason to hate him.

Meowth anime cat


Anime: Soul Eater
Gender: Female

Voiced by: Leah Clark

Blair is the anime cat that has the ability to catch everyone’s attention. Look at her, I am sure you’re enthralled by the looks of this cutie. We admire Blair for the way she looks and  behaves. well, let me warn you! don’t get deceived. She is a badass followed by a good heart.

Well, Let me tell you, Blair can completely transform herself into a human.
Role in Soul Eater:

Blair is an anime cat witch. She loves helping people because of her kind heart. Anime cat lovers appreciate her for her  fun-loving nature. Blair is a witch. Well, nobody can tell that by looking at her. She has a separate fan-base.

Blair anime cat


Anime: Fairy Tails

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Christopher Guerrero and Sho Hayami


Have you ever seen an anime cat who has human like traits? If no, then meet Nichiya. He never ceases to amaze us. He has abilities surpassing the humans. We are not only enthralled by his abilities but we love the way he dresses.

Role in Fairy-Tail:

Nichiya doesn’t play a major role in the anime, yet he is a character you cannot forget. All the anime cat lovers can not afford to hate him.

Nichya anime cat


Anime:  The Cat Returns (movie)

Gender: male

Voiced by:  Yoshihiko Hakamada and Carry Elwes


Here comes a super handsome anime cat “Baron”. His names suits him well, because he makes us think about a baron. look at the way he dresses. We humans can’t reach to his dress sense. What a cat!. All anime cat lovers admire everything about him. .

Role in The Cat Returns:

In the movie, he is the owner of the cat bureau. He has the power to transform from a statue into a living cat.  At day time he is a statue and at night he transforms into a living cat. Wow! what a magical cat inside-out.

Baron anime cat

Panther Lily

Anime: Fairy Tail

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Rick Keeling and Hiroki Tochi

Appearance: Like his name, Panther is a mini version of a real panther. All anime cat lovers have a special liking for him. He has a sturdy personality.

Role in Fairy-Tail:

This little munchkin is not a normal cat. He has skills that can snatch your heart away. It is surprising that he can use magic. He gives tough time to his opponents during fights. Anime cat lovers admire him for his action.


Panther lily anime cat


Anime: Azumanga Daioh

Gender: Male

Voiced by: NA


This cute little cat has an enormous number of fans worldwide. He is the pet and companion of Sakaki. Maya is a weird and insane anime cat. He loves biting and teasing others. We all love this cute little munchkin for his loyalty.


Maya does not play an important role in the anime. Sakaki took him as a pet and befriended him. He has a unique physique. Anime cat fans praise him for his loyalty.

Maya anime cat

Nyanko Sensei aka Madara

Anime: Natsume Book OF Friends

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Kazuhiko Inoue

Appearance:  Every cat lover dreams of having fat and chubby cat. we all adore this little munchkin for his happy looks. This chubby bundle of joy has snatched our hearts. We all wish to pet him. Look at the way he looks, magnificent right? One would never resist playing with this mini ball.

Role in Natsume’s Book of Friends:

Madara is the bodyguard of Natsume. Natsume trains him how to use spells and magic. Both have friendly chemistry. They came to know each other when Natsume released him from a shrine. We always admire their love for each other.

nyanko sensei aka madara anime cat


Anime: Inu Yasha

Gender: Female

Voiced by: Tarako


Imagine a chilled-out anime cat who is a badass, pretty intriguing! Kirara as her unique name has a unique personality. She never ceases to surprise us all with her bossy attitude. We are all amazed by her offensive attitude. Let me Surprise you, she has the ability to transform into a giant cat.

There’s a lot more to know, this not so simple cat has the ability to, shocking right? We all love her for the way she shocks us.

Role in Inu Yasha:

Apart from her gorgeous looks, Kirara has a soft heart that cares for others. Imagine a wild cat having a soft corner for his master? same pinch. Although, she is bossy Kirara is a loyal friend and is always there when Inu needs her. What else one can wish for? she is a complete package.

Kirara anime cat



Anime: Dragon Ball Z

Gender: Female

Voiced by: Naoko Watanabe and Moneka Antonelli

Appearance: You all must have seen the famous dragon ball z right? if yes then you must be a fan of Puar. We anime cat lovers adore her for her sweet and helping personality. We love her the way she always listens to his master. She has a separate fan base.

Role in Dragon Ball Z:

In the anime, Puar is the friend of Yamacha. She has immense faith in his friend. Kirara plays the role of a perfect friend. What else one wants if he gets a friend in his cat. Moreover, a partner in crime.puar anime cat


Anime: Fairy Tail

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Jerry Russell

Appearance:  Meet lucky, we all consider him lucky because he makes us smile more. His black marks make him more unique. Although, he is an oldie he has a cute style. We all adore him for his mustache marks that add amusement to his serious looks.

Role in Fairy-Tail:

He is the father of Happy. Lucky plays the role of a strict and caring father. Have you ever seen an anime cat that makes you remember the love of a father? well, this is the reason we love seeing him on-screen. We anime cat lovers appreciate him for his hard work and sacrifices.

Lucky anime cat


Anime: Doraemon

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Nobuya Oyama


We all know Doraemon, all the anime cat lovers wish to have him. Fans adore him for his fascinating looks and sweet character. His big smile makes me smile more. This cat always surprises us with the things he uses to help. I wish, I had a cat who was as helpful as him.

Role in Doraemon:

Doraemon came to help a boy named “Nobita” from his future grandson to the past. Nobita was poor in his studies and was also bullied by his classmates. Hence, to save and help Nobita Doraemon came. Doraemon is a robot cat. We admire their bond very much

Doraemon anime cat


Anime: Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi

Gender: Male

Appearance: Meet Soarata, an innocent-faced mini cat. He is always smiling which makes us love him more. He has a furry body that makes all the anime cat lovers cuddle him. Look at his appealing features, I bet no one would resist loving him.

Role in Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi:

Takano is the only one who cares for Soarata. Because his family abandoned him. He was wandering and suffering in the streets until Takano found him. Poor soul, his heart-wrenching story is one of the main reason that we love him so much.

sorata anime cat


Anime: Demon Slayer


A unique cat with an innocent look, meet Chachmaru. He has an enormous fan following because of his sweet and obedient personality.
He is unable to speak that helps him gain our sympathies. Look at him, the way he is sitting defines his obedient nature. What if you find a cat who he obedient and loveable? interesting!

Role in Demon Slayer:

It plays a role in aiding Tamayo by collecting demon blood which it hides in its backpack.  The talisman it wears helps to hide the blood demon art of Yushiro. I adore this little soul very much. One needs such an obedient companion.

chachamaru anime cat


Anime: Fairy Tail

Gender: Female

Voiced by: Horie Yui

Appearance: Have you ever seen a diva? Anime cat Lovers have a separate place for her in their hearts. She isn’t only loved off-screen but gets admired for her beauty on-screen as well. She never ceases to mesmerize us. The way she dresses has made girls go crazy. She is a legendry anime cat, that we couldn’t miss adding to this list.

Role in Fairy-Tail:

Shagotte needs no introduction. Her looks define her as queen. She was first seen in the anime episode 90. From there onwards, she is being loved worldwide. Anime cat lovers always wish that she existed in real life.

Shagotte anime ca


Anime: Fairy Tail

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Horie Kazuma

Appearance: Meet Nady, a black and white anime cat who has a long rectangular face. He has lovers who praise his unique face. His black color makes him super attractive. We all are a fan of his dress sense. His happy aura makes us feel soothing. Fans always wait for his screen time.

Role in Fairy-Tail:

He was first seen in anime episode 83. Nady is an honest and loyal cat to the Queen. He guides happy and Carla about their mission and also informs that the queen they serve is a powerful God. We always learn from him by the way he teaches and helps everyone.

Nady anime cat


Anime: My Neighbor Totoro (movie)

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Frank Welker

Appearance: Have you ever seen a cat who acts like a bus? yes, you got it right!. Nekobasu is a unique cat that carries passengers Whoa! We all wish that this kind of cat existed in real life and we could travel with him. His unique abilities are the main reason we otaku adore him.. Look at his happiness, he feels by helping others.

Role in My Neighbor Totoro:

It’s also known as Catbus. Anime cat lovers never miss any chance to praise him. I adore this cat and wish that I could travel with him.

Nekobasu anime cat


Anime: Code Geass

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Michelle Ruff and Satomi Karogi

Appearance:  Arthur captured our attention with his unique and magical eyes. Well, every cat has something special, so has Arthur. We anime cats lovers want to pet this little cutie. We love the way he looks. His astonishing eyes with a black body color is the main reason for the love of fans.

Role in Code Geass

Princess Euphemia founded him and both developed a good bond. He was usually chased by the students in the school. Later on, they built for him a house in the council room. We sympathize this poor little soul, but thanks to the students who built him a shelter.

arthur anime cat


Anime: Blue Exorcist

Gender: Male

Voiced by:  Ayahi Takagaki

Appearance: Kuro has two tails and has two little greenhorns over his head. These different features were the reason he captured our attention. Have a look at him, isn’t he adorable?  He has won our hearts by his heart warming smile.

Role in Blue Exorcist:

Kuro is a side character in blue exorcist whose love for his friends is exceptional. He cares for them from the bottom of his heart. Kuro is  like a cute and innocent kid. Moreover, he has the power of telepathy, pretty amazing! Let me warn you don’t judge him by his looks, he loves to surprise us.

Let me tell you one more surprising thing about him, he can transform himself to a huge cat. His giant size gives him immense strength and power. Moreover, Kuro is a demon cat and his power of telepathy enables him to communicate with other demons.

Kuro anime cat

Nekogami Sama

Anime: Pani Poni Dash

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Tommy Drake and Hiroshi Kamiya

Appearance: Talking about anime cats one would imagine them in different colors right? So how about a cat that can change its color at will. Don’t be surprised! there is one that can not only change colors. Meet Nekogami; the color changing magical cat .

Role in Pani Poni Dash:

You wanna find Nekogami? Well go straight to the wending machines. Nekogami has a thing for canned stuff. His color changes at his will depending on his emotions. Having huge yellow eyes with a cat face makes him adorable. Anime cat lovers can’t resist his cuteness. He always uses his magic whenever he is with his friends. Other than that you won’t see him in action.

nekogami sama anime cat


Anime: Chi’s Sweet Home

Gender: Female

Voiced by: Satomi Korogi


Anime cats maintain a constant of uniqueness and adorability. Chi is no exception. She has mouse years. Yes you heard right! ears that resemble a mouse. Plus a round face with huge round eyes woah. Isn’t that cuteness manifesting itself?

Role in Chi’s Sweet Home:

The anime revolves around Chi and her adventures. Chi is the main character. “Chi’s sweet home”  is  a must watch for anime cat lovers. Especially who enjoy watching and admiring cat life. In the anime Mr. and Mrs. Yamada adopt Chi. She is more like a daughter than a pet.

chi anime cat


Anime: Kiki’s Delivery Service

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Rei Sakuma

Appearance: Black cats are bad omen”. Wait bring the one who said it. Since Jiji is nothing of that sort. But, he is the best stress reliever for anime cat lovers. Yes a talkative cat who is has many talents. Jiji is the one for you.

Role in Kiki’s Delivery Service:

In the anime Jiji gets a side role. But that does not stop anime cat lovers from praising and admiring him. Since Jiji has a huge liking for his owner the Kiki and his girlfriend Lily. Unlike any other anime cat Jiji is talkative and a bit sarcastic. One of the many talents he has include disguising himself into a stuffed toy. Yes you got that right! A stuff toy. The one thing that anime cat lovers will die to have. So Jiji is your target for that one.

jiji anime cat


Anime: Trigun

Gender: Female

Voiced by: Bill Timoney

Appearance:  Cats can be funny or not? Apart from being clumsy if you are looking for a fun loving and an adorable cat. You are in the right place. Koroneko is here to make your day everyone. Like any other anime cat she has a unique aura. Her bulging huge green eyes add an extra layer of cuteness to her personality.

Role in Trigun:

Although, she has no main role in the anime and manga. But, we see her in every episode. She has a perfect size and  color which keeps the anime cat lovers to dot on her. All fans find her to be one of the best entertainment sources.

koroneko anime cat


Anime: Sailor Moon

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Yasuhiro Takato and Kappei Yamaguchi


You are looking for a cat with divine aura! Well congratulations you are at the right place. Meet Artemis like his name he has a unique aura. Forget about his role, his appearance is something to talk about. A perfect white cat, huge eyes and a crescent on the forehead. One word is elegance. Yes he is the epitome of elegance in the anime. And anime cat lovers can’t help but fall for his charms.

Role in Sailor Moon:

Artemis appears as Minako’s father. Like every father, he loves his daughter. Always teaches her to fulfill her dreams and never give up. He is the perfect cat and a perfect father one could ask for. He has a doting nature. His love for his daughter, makes the anime cat fans fall for him deeper and deeper. .

Artemis anime cat


Anime: Sailor Moon

Gender: Female

Voiced by: Keiko Han and Ryo Hirohashi

Appearance: Luna means moon in other words beauty. Well no doubt there! Luna is an ethereal beauty with divine aura surrounding her. Cats happen to have an attitude. If you talk about anime cats well they take attitude on another level. Luna is the Queen of cats. The crescent on her forehead is no less than a crown.

Role in Sailor Moon:

Luna is the love interest of Artemis. Both of them play the role of advisors to Queen Serenity. Luna is one of the few anime cats who can understand and speak human language without difficulty. We enjoy their love bond very much.

Luna anime cat


Anime: Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Kenichi Ogata


Can we find a natural and pure cat in anime? Well off course, anime cats have a huge variety but some of them stick to reality.  Shamisen is the one for you who is both real and cute. With No exaggerations he still appears to be the epitome of innocence. Anime cat lovers can’t help but dot on him.

Role in Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya:

Shamisen had a history with few owners. One of reasons he had 3 owners was nothing else but that they all adored him. They could not even think about leaving him alone. Hence ended up adopting him.


shamisen anime cat


Anime: Konusuba

Gender: Female

Voiced by: Nabatame Hitomi and Ryan Bartley

Appearance:       Cats don’t fly. Well true it is. But if we talk about anime cats even that is possible. A bat and a cat, deadly combination right? Meet Chomusuke the only one of her kind who has bat wings. A cat who can fly with a red cross on her head. Are you sure she is a cat and not a death reaper? Obviously her aura is that of a death reaper but then again she is just an ordinary cat. Well we can do with that.

Role in Konusuba:

One of the few notable things about Chomusuke is her love for Kazuma. Although she can’t speak human language. But she can understand it. She never liked cat food to begin with. Well duh! a death reaper cat eating cat food never happening. Although after some events she ended up liking all human food.

Chomusuke anime cat


Anime: Ghost Series

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Ryusei Nakao and Rob Mungle

Appearance:  Cats are famous for their eye colors. Well Kaya is a different one among all anime cats. He has two different colored eyes. Yes that’s right. The rarest thing in cat is to have different eye color. Kaya full fills that role.

Role in Ghost Series:

Although Kaya doesn’t have a main role in the anime. He often appears in some episodes. Miyanoshita family adopted him and he has been living with them since the beginning.


kaya anime cat


Anime: Yo-Kai Watch

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Alicyn Packard and Kira Buckland


Anime cats are famous for being unique. Uniqueness is one trait that is always present in anime cats. Jibanyan is no exception. Bright colors, distinctive twin tails and a golden belt. What else is missing? He is the boss among the bosses.

Role in Yo-Kai Watch:

Jibanyan is the mascot of the anime. Like his skin color he is always aggressive and fierce. Because of this nature, he fights without restraints. He has a special move “Paws of Furry” to express his anger. I wish, I could be that expressive! he has a set of abilities. His fusion with other Yo-Kai is the popular one. Not to mention, his appearance changes after every fusion.



Jibanyan anime cat

Cait Sith

Anime: Final Fantasy

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Hideo Ishikawa

Appearance:      Stylish cats! well cats have to be cute. But wait, if they are stylish on top of being cute; it is not so bad. Rather it is hard to find a stylish cat. Well no worries, anime cats will always give you what you want. Meet Cait Sith. One of a kind who walks like a human and is definitely the style king. Wearing red cape like a super hero, brown pointed shoes, gloves and finally a golden crown. Anime cat lovers take styling tips from this style king.

Role in Final Fantasy:

Although he is a remote- controlled cat but he is never behind any other anime cat. Sith has a supporting role. He is jolly and fun loving.

Caith Sith anime cat

Haru Mikazuki

Anime: My Roommate is Cat

Gender: Female

Voiced by: Haruka Yamazaki and Jad Saxton

Appearance:      Your typical cat, with nothing but fur. Only exception is the red eyes. Well they complement her character. Haru is a fur ball and a cutie. He has a sober and understanding nature. Her expressions are the reasons anime cat lovers adore her so much.

Role in My Roommate is a Cat:

In the anime, she has an effective role. she struggles through life to feed her siblings. Haru has a sturdy character. Her motivated eyes keeps every one spell bound. Mikazuki adopts her later in the anime. She is not used to showing her expressions .Her eyes and face portray the reality.

Haru Mikazuki anime cat


Anime: Kanon

Gender: Female

Appearance: Piro is a Balinese cat. Although, she seems very normal but she is very sensitive and loving. Her perception of human changes based on Nyuki’s behaviors. Nayuki was the first one to adopt Piro. She is a sensitive cat. We adore her the most.

Role in Kanon:

In the anime Piro does not have a main role. But anime cat fans are attached to Piro because of the sad encounters she had. The person who adopted her after Nyuki akso disappeared that left her in sadness.

Piro anime cat

Sakamoto Nichijou

Anime: Nichijou My Ordinary life

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Minoru Shiraishi

Appearance: Nichijou is one of the few stylish cats. His personality has gained him a name of Hunk among anime cat fans. The pick scarf over black fur makes him eye catching. His expressions add glimmer to his personality. He lack nothing as a “Boss” among his kind.

Role in Nichijou My Ordinary Life:

Nichijou is and ordinary cat in the anime. One who enjoy playing with toys; adorable right? Although he has an ability to speak yet he is on the normal side of the anime cats. Hakase and Nano both adore him and treat him like family.

Sakamoto Nichijou anime cat

Kamineko Azumanga

Anime: Daioh

Gender: Male


I have a cat for you who is more of a shark. Does that makes any sense? yes. Whatever is not possible otherwise, Among anime cats have that possibility for you. Kamineko is a cat but with shark teeth. One look and you can tell he was either blessed by sharks or he is a descendant of a mixed breed. Not questioning his innocence though.


Role in Daioh:

In the anime Kamineko plays the role of an antagonist for Sakaki. Well when you say antagonist, what can a cat with sharp teeth do? Only bite rite. That is exactly the situation here. Nonetheless Kamineko maintains his aura or an owner rather then a pet.

Kamineko aazumanga anime cat


Anime: Fairy Tail

Gender: Female

Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi and Melanie Mason

Appearance:     For a change of pace how about looking for an anime cat that is a cat in name only. In reality it is like a human on every level. Well all you got to do is picture it. Meet Marl, a blue, cute, stylish and innocent cat. Not to mention she has bad drinking habits that come with age.

Role in Fairy-Tail:

In the anime Marl does not have a main role. Although she appears as the mother of one of the favorite characters of Fairy Tail. But she always keeps her calm and maintains the aura of a mother. Anime cat fans think of her as the Cool Grandma of all anime cats.


Marl anime cat


Anime: Sankarea

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Monica Rial


What’s popular these days? Zombies I would say. So do cats get zombified? Well not sure about the reality but anime cats, for sure. Presenting Bub the ordinary but a zombie cat. The white bandage tied into a bunny-bow around his torso gives off the impression of a grave injury. Well he has to have a thing or two to be a zombie after all right.

Role in Sankarea:

In the anime, he as a main role. All his friends love him. So much that they even tried to reanimate him after his death. Though it only helped him becoming a zombie but he never lost his human emotions….pardon cat emotions. After his resurrection, he continuously eats a drug called “Hydrangea” to keep himself alive… well zombified to be exact.


Bub anime cat




Anime: The Cat Returns (movie)

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Peter Boyle


A big fat cat who either works for the yakuza or is the underworld boss. Don’t worry we have that kind as well. Meeting your expectations, presenting here Muta. the old, big fat cat, who is a yakuza in name. His fat body has nothing but storage of food. He likes to eat food, he lives for the food and he dreams about the food. Thus he is a big fat cat, sometimes mistaken as a big fat panda.

Role in Cat Returns:

In the movie he does not play an active part. He is a side character who never hides his love for the food. He has a big and kind heart as big as his personality.




Anime: Fairy Tail

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Akiko Yajima and Marti Etheridge


A timid red cat with a bossy aura. Sounds interesting, meet Lector. Like any other cat he loves to dot over his human partner. Not hiding the fact the he does not like all humans but only a chosen few have the honor of having Lecotr like them. Contrary to his appearance he is very emotional…Well all cat are! are they not?

Role in Fairy-Tail:

In the anime he doesn’t play much of a role except for belittling others and doing sarcasm. Every family has one such person. In the family of exceeds Lector plays that part perfectly.


Lector anime cat


Anime: Clannad

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Romi Park and Shannon Emerick


We need an ordinary cat who is extraordinary. How can one think of this? Don’t you worry about that. Anime cats cover a wide range one that full fill your desires. Presenting Nanashi, the ordinary exotic shorthair. A cat who is extraordinary because he can transform into a human. You can fan girl over him now without restraints.

Role in Clannad:

Nanashi does not have a major role in the anime. Although he appears as the boyfriend of Misae. Anime cat fans remembered his character because of one aspect. He had an ability to grant one wish. Woah seriously? Where do you find these gifted cats? Well only in anime offcourse.


Nanashi anime cat


Anime: Nyankoi

Gender: Female

Voiced by: Atsuka Tanaka and Marcy Bannor


Ever seen a cat who is always annoyed and pretends to be all high and mighty. Yes we have seen it. Our very own Nyamsus who is bothered by the thought if someone thinking about her. She is persistent and just like a guild leader maintains her aura. Anime cat fans adore her because of her picking nautre. Just imagine a cat telling you to stop eating because she want’s to talk with you…kind of fun right.

Role in Nyankoi:

Like her personality Nyamsus plays and active role in the anime. She helps Junpei for helping other cat return to safety. Apart from he picky nature she is a doting pet. Nyankoi loves Junpei more than she could ever show.



Nyamsus anime cat


Anime: Nyankoi

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Jay Hickman and Jun Fukuyama


When we talk about cheerful anime cats, there is one that appears on top. Tama the bubbly cat. Like our typical cats Tama wears a bell. He is a happy go lucky cat. For a change Tama is the cat we can find every where yet the cuteness he has belongs to him only.

Role in Nyankoi:

Although, in the anime he does not get to play an important role.  Whenever he comes on screen, all anime cat fans admires him. Kirishima family adopted him. The family loves him..


Tama anime cat


Anime: Fairy Tail

Gender: Male (appeared as)

Voiced by: Satomi Karogi and Dawn M. Bennette


Where there are anime cats that are more human like. In anime we find cats who act less like cats. Sometimes their appearance resembles anything but cat. One such anime cat is Frosch. At first glance you are gonna say its a frog who had a cat relative. Well true it is! Frosch is one such cat who resembles a frog and to top it off he wears a frog hoodie to actually be one. Sometimes we wonder if he was to be born as a frog rather then a cat.

Role in Fairy-Tail:

Frosch is an exceed like all other cats in the anime. He does not play a major role. He appears along with Lector. Like all anime cats, these exceed have a separate place in the heart of anime cats fans.

Frosch anime cat


Anime: Fairy Tail

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Steve Powell


Ever wonder who is the grandpa of the anime cat family? The title goes to Mysdroy. Like his name Mysdroy appears as an elderly, wise and sober anime cat. Fans adore him for his advices and out of the block thinking.

Role in Fairy-Tail:

In the anime, he plays the role of an elderly cat. Every exceed respect him and seek him when in trouble. Although, he is a side character and does not have a lot of scree time. But he is a loved character among the anime cats family.


Mysdroy anime cat



Anime: Fairy Tail

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Sonny Strait and Hiroko Goto


Talking about elderly anime cats, we can not afford to miss out on Martam. He gives a tough competition to Mysdroy in being sober and wise. But still, all anime cat fans love him the same. Although, he always seems stressed yet he is kind and gentle.

Role in Fairy-Tail:

In anime Martam does not appears much. Yet he has massive respect from all anime fans. Not only that but since he is elderly exceeds all others exceed trust him undoubtedly and respect him .


Martam anime cat

Aria Pokoteng

Anime: Aria the animation

Gender: Male

Voiced by: Tara Tisch and Chinami Nishimura


Meet Aria, the cutest anime cat you’ll ever see. We lost our hearts to his cute smile. Imagine a fur ball smiling, that’s right it’s him. Aria has round eyes. Very common yet adorable among anime cats. No one can resist loving this chubby cat.


This cute little munchkin is “president”.  A big name to a mini cat, pretty enthralling! Like all other chubby anime cats, he also loves eating. Let me tell you another cute thing about him, he has a crush on Hime, whoa! cutie

Aria Pokoteng anime cat


Voiced byGinzo Matsuyo and Richard Ian Cox
Role: Anime cat lovers adore lazy cats. If you are one of them; then you would love Buyo. He is a lazy bum and loves sleeping on his master’s bed. We admire his chubby cheeks and bulky body. Anime cat lovers have a desire to cuddle him.
Appearance: Buyo doesn’t play a major role in the anime. But he is a normal pet cat and acts as a toy for his master. He always makes our day . We adore him very much.


Buyo anime cat


Anime: Nyan koi

Gender: Female

Voiced by: Fukui Yukari and Elizabeth Bunch


Green eyes with black color are always a treat for the eye. Anime cat lovers can’t afford to ignore her. She mesmerizes everyone both off and on-screen. Noir has a separate fan base. We admire her for her magnificent looks and moody attitude.


Noir does not play an important role in anime. Her chemistry with her owner is one thing to admire for. Anime cat lovers always adore her for cute gestures.

Noir anime cat


So, this was it from the Top 50 Anime Cats of all time. We at kingofanime hope that you liked our writing and let us know about your favorite anime cat in the comment section below.

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