Top 15 Cute Anime Cats You Would Love to Pet

Cute Anime Cats

Anime world has offered anime fans so much over the years and we have loved everything which is related to anime be it characters, music or its amazing animals. Anime Cats are certainly one of the best things about any anime series they are sweet, cute and literally grab all the attention. There is no way an anime fan will not shower his or her love on Cute Anime Cats. So, today we have listed Top 15 Cute Anime Cats.

The 15 Greatest Anime Cats You Desperately Want to Pet

These cats have been around for so many years and I bet after checking out all these cute cats you will get nostalgic and all those old memories will be refreshed. We have listed some of the cute anime cats here and we have another post which is about best anime cats ever you might love it too.

Here is a complete list of top 15 cute anime cats.

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  1. All of Nekotalia
  2. Jiji
  3. Luna and Artemis
  4. Molly
  5. Sakamoto
  6. Jibanyan
  7. Kuro
  8. Tama
  9. Chi-Chi
  10. Arthur
  11. Poyo
  12. Buyo
  13. Happy Fairy Tail
  14. Happy and Carla
  15. Madara

All of Nekotalia from Hetalia: World Series

Well, let’s start from the amazing and lovely anime cats’ groups from the Hetalia: World Series anime. Don’t you love watching a bunch of cats in anime doing silly things? Well, these lovely creatures appeared in anime for the first time in the fourth season and quickly grabbed the attention of the viewers because of their cute looks and silly things.

Cute Anime Cats

Jiji – Kiki’s Delivery Service 

This adorable black cat has lots of responsibilities over his shoulder. Jiji takes care of Kiki who is a young witch in training prone to impulsive decisions which sometimes put her in danger. Jiji makes sure everything is right and Kiki is not in danger but when he is free and has some time, he goes off looking for the things he loves which also includes romantic things.

Cute Anime Cats Pics

Luna and Artemis from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

These two beautiful cats have opposite colors one is white and the other is black. But both of them are really adorable and can melt your heart in an instant with their actions. Luna is arguably the most famous cats in the anime ever and all anime cat loves really love Luna. Luna and Artemis guide the Sailor Scouts in their quest to find and protect the princess. They both also help them in different ways like granting them magical gadgets.

Their decorative headwear looks really nice and these cats are not from Earth yeah you heard it right. These cats are from the Planet Mau. They are kind of advisors and when they have the time they enjoy themselves as well.

Cute Anime Cats

Anime Cats 2020

Molly – The Ancient Magus Bride

Molly is a cat that lives in a village of Ulthar. She currently holds the position as the “King of the Cats”. Molly leads a double life. One the one hand she is a cute beloved pet while she also holds the position of the “King of the Cats”. Being as King she covers and ensure the safety of all the cats in her area, and helps to retain peace and calm environment for his fellow cats. It involves everything from the safety and from organizing the meeting to make grouping to take down Cat-Killing man named “Matthew”.

Molly Cute Anime Cat

Sakamoto From Nichijou

Do you love black anime cats? Well, if you do then you will definitely love Sakamoto. This cute anime cat with big white eyes will melt your heart in an instant. She is sweet, naughty and troublesome all at the same time. This cutie pie cat with a red kerchief is a twenty years old cat and he manages the household work.Cute Anime Cats Characters

Black anime cats

Jibanyan From Youkai Watch

Hmm well, Jibanyan is not a cat actually but a ghost of the cat. The cat was struck by a truck and now the ghost of the cat is seeking vengeance. Though vengeance seems uncertain he is certainly winning our hearts with his lovely moves and funny tricks. If you haven’t seen this cat yet then you are missing out on great entertainment.

Jibanyan Red Anime Cat

Kuro from Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)

If you are into spirit cats like Jibanyan then this cat could be your favorite one. Kuro is Rin Okumura’s partner familiar and Kuro is a spirit cat that came into existence after the mythological Japanese nekomata. You can do whatever you want but if you make this cat angry then you are in serious trouble.Black anime cat

Tama – Cute Anime Cats

One of the oldest yet cutest anime cat is definitely Tama from Sazae-San anime. Just like usual cats, Tama doesn’t like mice but you will definitely like TAMA for her adorable looks and silly actions. This white anime cat is a source of pleasure in this anime series.white color cute anime cat

Chi- Chi’s Sweet Home (Loveliest Anime Cat Character)

Chi is an adorable cat and the main character of Chi’s sweet home. Chi’s Sweet Home is an awesome combination of realistic feline behavior and humanlike insight into her surroundings and desires. She is a kitten and she was lost from her mother when strayed away from her. She is then ended up in Yamada’s family. Her favorite thing to chase a mouse by running on top speed. Truth to be told, the cat more cute than interesting and that thing make him a different and popular character of the anime cats and one of the reasons that this cat belongs in a list of best anime cats.Cute Anime Cat

Arthur- Code Geass

Arthur is a black and grey cat with yellow rusted eyes that gave him a dark and scary look. Arthur is a character in a “Code Geass”. Firstly, it appears in “Code Geass” but afterward he gets a bigger role in the next episode named “Stolen mask”. By going in-depth of the story, Arther is one who stole the mask. Of course, he was just clumsy, just like most of the cats. After that, he is being chased all over the school grounds by a group of students. Later on, a student council decides to adopt him and choose a name for him. Although there were many names suggestions with one of being suggested ‘Lelouch the second’ the name remained Arthur. It’s because Euphemia gave this name to him. And she was the one who found him.Black anime cat

Best Anime Cats

Poyo from Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki

You will find a hard time denying the cuteness of this anime cat. The anime series is not that popular but this cat is super cute. This literal furball is a total mood lifter and arguably the best cat in the anime series.Cute anime cats 2020

Buyo from Inuyasha

If you love sports then you will love this world’s best matchmaker or should I say the troublemaker. Because of him, his owner Kagome got stuck in feudal Japan. This cat develops a cute relationship with a dog in the anime series as well.Cute anime cats 2020

Happy- Fairy Tail

Happy is known for his cuteness and for his unique body-color shades. He appears in a  Fairy Tail and this anime cat is the best friend of the main character “Natsu”. Happy is one of the top noticed anime cats and it can’t go unnoticed. Why?

The reason is that of his unique shades and a pair of feathered wings. Yes, Happy is a cat that can fly and this ability is called Aera. And it can not only fly but with a great speed. Natsu found an egg one day, he assumed that it might be a dragon egg so he keeps that but instead of the dragon here comes a kitty that can fly like a dragon. Happy also knows a lot of magic. Nevertheless, he a typical cats traits like he loves fishes and hates dogs. Surely it is of the best anime cat.Cute Anime Cats

Happy and Carla- Fairy Tail

Happy and Carla are the anime cats but Happy is very different from Carla. He can dance, talk, fly, do magic and many more things. And the best different thing he is blue.Cute anime cats 2020

Cute Anime Cats
Cute Anime Cats

Madara- Natsume’s Book of Friends

Madara is a lazy fat cat also known as Nyangoro, Nyankichi, Nyanko or Ponta. Madara is one of his nicknames. It’s actually a powerful youkai that protects Natsume. He acts as Natsume’s bodyguard on the condition that when Takashi Natsume dies, he will inherit the “Book of Friends”. Thus giving him control over a vast number of Youkai.Cute anime cats

Not without ulterior motives, however, Madara is set on getting his furry paws on Natsume’s Book of Friends. Despite all these things, Mahara has many catlike behaviors like he feels happy to play with his toys. And eats until he’s a giant lump of furry flab! Sound like a cat you know that?

So what do you think of these cute anime cats list? Have we listed your favorite anime cat? If not then we would love to hear from you and which cat do you think is the cutest?

What do you think?

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