Kakashi Death Is Likely To Happen In Boruto – Here’s A Shocking Revelation

Kakashi Death Is Likely To Happen In Boruto – Here’s A Shocking Revelation

The day Boruto manga started everyone started thinking of different things.  Will we see new forms of Naruto and Sasuke? When will major deaths happen in Boruto? Naruto Death has been on the cards right from the start but we have forgotten some other major characters. What about Tsunade, Kakashi or even Hinata Death might happen? Kakashi has been a character who has been an integral part in Naruto series. So, Kakashi Death will definitely be very shocking for the fans.

Why Kakashi Will Die in Boruto?

  • No Sharingan
  • Lack of Training (Mostly on Vacation)
  • No Chidori
  • Lack of Chakra
  • Stronger Opponents
  • Age Factor

There is a number of reasons that give us an idea that Kakashi will die in Boruto somewhere down the line. He is growing old now in Boruto and he lacks that true strength now. On top of that, he is not training hard and he has lost his Sharingan too.

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Kakashi Death

There was a time when he was one of the strongest shinobis in Konoha. But now he isn’t like that anymore. He has lost his Sharingan which means no more Chidori. He has been seen using his Purple Flash which is an alternative of Chidori. He is also one of the five characters that might die in Boruto.

Above all, he doesn’t have that much Chakra left as well. He is growing old and with the passage of time, he is losing his chakra. There is no doubt that he is one the wisest character ever but still he isn’t the same Kakashi we used to know.

Whenever Konoha was attacked he was the one to rescue the village be it pain arc, Itachi intervention or be it Boruto arc. He has been seen in almost all the fights that took place in Konoha. So, whenever we see another Otsutsuki or even Jigen appear in the village. He will definitely be the one to protect the village.

Final Word on Kakashi Death

There is a strong chance that he will die in doing so. His character is almost over and he doesn’t have any major role to play in Boruto series. So, we can expect that he will die in Boruto. There is nothing major left for him to do because Sasuke and Naruto are there to handle everything.

So, what do you think of Kakashi Death? Will he be dying in Boruto too? Let us know in the comments section below.

Boruto Episode 84 Release Date, Spoilers & Predictions

Boruto Episode 84 Release Date, Spoilers & Predictions

Boruto Episode 84 will be out soon and here we are with the Boruto Episode 84 release date, spoilers, and predictions. The upcoming episode is going to be really exciting as we will see Onoki’s wish and Ku’s wish in that episode. We all know how the Mitsuki Arc is going on in the past few episodes of the series. But now finally the arc has come to a really interesting point. We will see some actions and some mysterious secret unfold in the Boruto Epiosde 84.

Boruto Episode 84 Predictions – What to Expect?

The arc is getting a bit interesting as the things have changed after the Boruto Episode 82 and 83. We all were waiting for Mitsuki to meet Lord Ku and to see how everything will happen after that and what they will have to offer. So, now that Mitsuki is going to meet Lord Ku in the upcoming episode of Boruto. Suddenly, the excitement is a bit high for the next episode of Borut: Naruto Next Generations.

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Lord Ku Betraying Onoki ­– well, as per our prediction, Lord Ku has decided to betray Onoki as his intentions are not right. There is no doubt about that Ohnoki is a good old man and his intentions are very clear and positive. But, Lord Ku has other plans as he is now against his master and he isn’t doing what he is supposed to do. So, one way or the other Lord Ohnoki will team up with Boruto and Mitsuki will eventually join them to defeat Lord Ku.


Boruto Episode 84

If you have seen the episode 83, then you can easily predict that Lord Ku is ignoring the orders of Lord Ohnoki. He wanted to hurt Boruto and he even tried his best doing that. While on the other hand, Lord Ohnoki was constantly asking Ku not to hurt Boruto. But he was ignoring his orders and he has something else in his mind. During all the fuss, Boruto saved Ohnoki’s life as well.

As Boruto saved Ohnoki’s life he will now listen to Boruto’s good cause as well. Boruto Episode 84 will reveal more about the mysterious plans of Lord Ku. So the upcoming episode will reveal more about Ku has in his mind. He definitely has something stingy and evil plot in his mind. On the other hand, Konohamaru who is on a mission will end up investigating something suspicious as well. The Mitsuki Arc is very much related to the Lord Ku’s plan.

Boruto Episode 84 Spoilers – What Will Happen?

So, what is going to happen exactly in the upcoming episode of the Boruto series? Well, if you see the Boruto Episode 84 Preview then it clearly predicts that the evil plan is its final stages and the final blow will take place sooner than later. Thought, Lord Ku is trying to fool everyone he will eventually be outplayed by Boruto and his friends. So, the episode 84 will see the Mitsuki Arc and Lord Ku plan approaching the end.

Boruto Episode 84 Release Date

The Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 84 will be released on December 2. You can ask us any question regarding the episode in the comment section.

Boruto  Episode 82 Release Date, Spoilers, Previews & Predictions

Boruto  Episode 82 Release Date, Spoilers, Previews & Predictions

Boruto Episode 82 is going to be an exciting one. This will be a continuation of Mitsuki arc and without further due let’s get started. The Boruto Episode 80 and 81was very amazing as we got to see Mitsuki love for Konoha and Boruto. So, Konoha is somewhat under attack in the upcoming episode and you cannot afford to miss it.

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Boruto Episode 82 Release Date

Boruto Episode 82 will be releasing on 18th November  2018.

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Boruto Episode 82 Spoilers:

In this episode, we will be seeing Boruto and the rest of his team infiltrating Iwagakure. Right now Ohnoki is one of the strongest characters in the Naruto Universe and they expect him to help them. They don’t know that he is sick and if he fights, then it would be the end for him. Another major spoiler is that Konohamaru will be stepping in to help the genins in their fight.  He thinks that Mitsuki wants to correct himself for the mistake he did. Konohamaru Joining the genins or not, we will see in the next episode. Right now Lord Mu is having an eye on the genins and wants to make an attack that would separate them all from one another.‘Boruto’ Episode 82

Boruto episode 82 Previews:

Boruto and the others leave behind Inojin, for any emergency case in the village hidden in the stones while Boruto and the rest of the team head towards Iwagakure. They start looking for the former Tsuchikage who they met at the five Kage meeting,  but on their journey, they get caught by the eye of an evil. On the other hand is unable to contact with the village, a Jonin Konohamaru is sent towards the scout team.

Boruto Episode 82 Predictions:

Konohamaru will step in willingly to help the young genins because he thinks whatever happened because of Mitsuki he is guilty for his mistake and wants to correct himself. Although the plot development is interesting, the arc as a whole is boring because it has been stretched too much and fans are forced to think way too much. The arc is nothing like the Sasuke Uchiha arc in Naruto and fans are not very much liking it.  Well, we’ll see what happens. Stay tuned.

Boruto Summoning Jutsu and Connection With Garaga – What Did Boruto Summon?

Boruto Summoning Jutsu and Connection With Garaga – What Did Boruto Summon?

Boruto Summoning has been the burning question ever since the Mitsuki arch has started. So, the question is will Boruto get the same summoning animal like his father Naruto or will he be different? Well, we all know that Boruto is the student of Sasuke Uchiha and he has huge admiration for him. He takes Sasuke Uchiha as his master and as his inspiration. In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations he summoned a snake and now everyone is thinking about the Boruto Summoning.

Boruto Summoning Jutsu – What Did Boruto Summon?

Well, Boruto summoned a huge snake for the very first time when he summoned something. He summoned Garaga as his first summoning and Garaga is a summoning snake who lives in the Ryuchi Cave. He is red colored and is bigger in size than other snakes and has black rings running down his body. Garaga is very short tempered and has a reverse scale. A jewel-like a scale under his jaw which is only developed by most aggressive snakes. His first appearance in the series was quite astonishing for some fans which left everyone wondering whether he would be seen in the series later or not. In the following article, we would see where he came from and how he relates to Boruto’s summoning.

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Garaga Becomes Boruto Summoning – History of Garaga

Garaga was entered into the summoning contract with a shinobi. He was on a battle and he summoned Garaga, later on, he wanted to retreat, but Garaga wanted to keep on fighting and did not listen to his summoner on this. He attacked Garaga with a lightning release and blinded his right eye since then Garaga has developed a hate for humans and wants to kill every human who gets near him.

If you see the story of Garaga and Kurama resemble a lot and both held a grudge against humans in the start. Just like Naruto, I personally think that Boruto will be able to make Garaga his proper summoning and one or the other Garaga will start loving Boruto as well.

Boruto Summoning

Garaga summoned by Boruto

Boruto Enters In Summoning Contract With Garaga – White Snake Sage

Boruto went through the trials of the Ryuchi cave  in order for learning about Mitsuki’s departure  but the White snake sage told him that the trials he passed were for learning the senjutsu Boruto insisted and the White snake sage agreed and told Boruto and his teammates i.e (  chocho , shikadai and inojin) to get the reverse scale from Garaga.

Aoda and the Genins  vs  Garaga

Boruto and his fellow members went to Garaga’s hideout. But they were interrupted by Aoda both Aoda and Garagabattled. After their fight, Garaga said he would kill any human who comes near him and escaped to his ground. Boruto and the company followedhim. Garaga had an advantage against them because of the darkness and the ability of snakes to sense others by their heat. They tried to deceive Garaga by inojin’s drawings which had no temperature. Boruto got near the reverse scale and was about to take it.Boruto Summoning

But he entered into Garaga’s sad past and refused to take it. Garaga told him that he would fail in bringing Mitsuki back and wanted to see Boruto in despair after failing, on this Boruto told him to sign a summoning contract with him if he succeeds in bringing Mitsuki back then Garaga would become his summoning and if he fails then he would let Garaga eat him.

Boruto Episode 80 Subbed – Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 80 Watch Online Info

Boruto Episode 80 Subbed – Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 80 Watch Online Info

Boruto Episode 80 Subbed was scheduled to release on November 4, 2018. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 80 is all about Boruto and his friends catching up with Mitsuki as the Mitsuki arc is going strong and the fans are really looking forward to the end result of this. So, if you are looking forward to this match then below is the information where you can watch the Boruto Episode 80 Subbed online.

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Boruto Episode 80 Subbed Watch Online

So, the Boruto Episode 80 will be broadcasted live on Crunchyroll and you can catch the live streaming here. The upcoming episode is going to be really amazing as Mitsuki will be going on with his mission to meet Lord Ku. On the other hand, Boruto will try his best to bring his friend back home. The arc is pretty much similar to that of Sasuke Uchiha.Boruto Episode 80 Subbed

Boruto Episode 80 Synopsis

Episode 80: Mitsuki’s Friends – Mitsuki refuses to return to the village with Boruto and the others, and instead wish to proceed on with Kokuy?’s group. During this, Sekiei’s become more ill than earlier, and his condition worsens. In order to ease the suffering Sekiei, Kokuy? goes in the direction of their comrades, and while this time Sekiei says to Mitsuki “I want you to teach me about humans”. About this time, Kurotsuchi, the Fourth Tsuchikage, is watching after her grandfather, ?noki, whose health is in shambles when she is stricken by a group of unidentified people.

Boruto Episode 80 Spoilers and Prediction

It seems that Mitsuki will be able to meet Lord Ku in the upcoming episode. The fans have really liked the Mitsuki arc so far and we can expect something really big to happen in episode 80. On the other hand, for those who don’t know Ku might be the same person who has a connection with Garaga. It will be an exciting scene when Garaga meets Lord Ku. So, what are your thoughts on the upcoming episode of Boruto? Please tell us in the comment section now.

Hinata Death Confirmed – Here’s Why Hinata Is Going To Die In Boruto

Hinata Death Confirmed – Here’s Why Hinata Is Going To Die In Boruto

Spoilers Alert: This article contains heavy spoilers so please read it on your own risk.

So, there are strong rumors going around that Naruto is going to die in Boruto and that may or may not happen but have you ever thought of other possibilities like Sasuke Uchiha Death or Kakashi Death. You all might have heard about the rumors of Hinata dying in Boruto We already know that one of the characters Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata is going to die in Boruto series and that might happen sooner than later. We are giving some heavy logical predictions and spoilers that will blow your mind. So, read it till the end.

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Hinata Death Confirmed But Why?

So, the very first thing that you should keep in mind that the Boruto or Naruto series is all about pain and suffering. Without pain and suffering, the main character can never thrive and that is why the main characters like Hinata, Sasuke or Kakashi will die in Boruto. But, why Hinata dies in Boruto? Firstly, she has an emotional connection with her son Boruto and she has been always there for him whenever Naruto was out and she is cute, she is kind and that’s why when Kawaki or some other kills her that will definitely trigger his son fierce emotions.

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How will Hinata die in Boruto?

Well, Boruto anime is not into its full swing yet. We got to see a great fight against the Otsutsuki’s when Naruto and Sasuke should their true potential. So, how will Hinata Hyuga death happen in Boruto? In the Boruto Manga, we saw Naruto giving shelter to kawaki.

Kawaki who will be living with Boruto and Naruto will be the one to train him. So, a very interesting situation is arising now with Kawaki around Boruto and Naruto training him. It feels like the creator of Boruto are setting up the stage for Boruto vs Kawaki showdown and in the end Kawaki coming back like Sasuke.

So, Kawaki is getting training from Naruto and also helping him in daily chores. But why it is related to Hinata Hyuga? In order to understand the relationship between Hinata and Kawaki you will have to go back to the relation of Kushina Uzumaki and Obito Uchiha.

A Flashback to Naruto

Obito was a student of Minato Namikaze and guess what Obito was the one responsible for Kushina death and that too at the time of Naruto’s arrival in the world. So, somewhere down the line, Naruto was the reason for Kushina death because Obito was waiting for Kushina to get pregnant.

Now moving with the prediction the same thing can happen with Naruto and Hinata. History can repeat itself once again and we can see Naruto dying along with Hinata in the Boruto series.

How will this happen? Boruto will be fighting Naruto but on the other hand, we might see Naruto and Sasuke fighting Jigen the leader of the Kara organization. Jigen is super powerful and he will be a problem for both Naruto and Sasuke.

Hinata will definitely be in the village when the ultimate destruction of Konoha occurs. Hinata will try her level best to protect her husband and son Boruto. For that, she will intervene in the fight the way she did against Pain. But this time around both Naruto and Hinata might die while protecting Boruto. Boruto was seen with a scar on his right eye and a Byakugan in it? So, we can assume that the Byakugan belonged to Hinata.

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Hinata Death

The Byakugan Factor

We have seen adult boruto possessing Byakugan in one of his eyes whereas kid boruto has Jogan in one of his eyes. So where did that byakugan come from? Hinata possesses a pure byakugan as she is the princess of her clan and that’s why Toneri (villain of Naruto the Last Movie) wanted to marry her. Boruto’s eye might have a connection with Hinata. It could be possible that Hinata dies and gives her byakugan to boruto.

Now if you think about Himawari or Hanabi giving their Byakugan to Boruto then that seems unobvious. Boruto and Hinata will be in the fighting area and we might see Boruto getting her mother’s Byakgan just before she dies. This can definitely happen because we also saw Kakashi getting it from Obito as well.

He used the hand sign to activate the Curse Mark he received from Momoshiki while activating the Byakugan. So, he could have jougan in the left eye and Hinata Byakugan in right eye. Maybe he had a need of a right eye Byakugan in order to activate the Curse mark. Who knows anything can happen.

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One Last Theory

Another reason for Hinata dying in the series and not Naruto is that if Kishimoto plots to kill naruto than fanboys would be disappointed to see a character that has given them this much motivation dying right before them. Naruto would somehow still play a great role in boruto that’s why he can not die.Anime girls

We’ve seen kawaki talking to boruto that “he’ll send him where he sent the 7th Hokage” means he didn’t kill naruto he might have sent Naruto to any other dimension which possibly leaves Hinata’s death .

Hinata is close to boruto as we all know boruto hated naruto because he didn’t give time to his family and was always busy in matters of the village. So boruto has a more strong connection with Hinata rather than Naruto and the death of someone close always results in achieving great strength. If Hinata dies boruto will end up becoming a far stronger shinobi. Because he will make sure that he protects his loved ones the next time.


One way or the other we will see our old favorite characters getting less screen time as the series progresses. We will be entertained with new characters and their storyline. So, some characters will die and some will have no story at all. These are all theories and predictions and there is a possibility that nothing will happen at all.

What do you think of these theories regarding Hinata Death? Let us know in the comment section what you think of this.