Kurama Death – The Great Naruto Friend Kyuubi Death Has Shocked Everyone

Kurama Death – The Great Naruto Friend Kyuubi Death Has Shocked Everyone

Boruto manga has seriously making news with every new chapter. The Chapter 55 of Boruto manga was about Kurama Death. This is really heartbreaking to hear that our favorite Nine Tails fox is going to die.

If you are reading this then I am sure you have already heard about the most tragic update about the Boruto: Naruto next generations Chapter 55 and it’s about Kurama’s death. Yes, it’s true, The Nine tail fox is going to die.

Kurama Death in Boruto Manga

The Naruto series is full of sentiments. You get so much involved in it that the loss of even a single character brings tears to your eyes. Whether it’s a human or a beast. Kurama was introduced to us all like a demon fox but with the passage of time we developed an affection for Kurama and it became the partner of our hero “Naruto”.

In the previous chapter of the Boruto Manga, Kurama told Naruto that if they used the “ Baryon Mode” it will cost them both their lives. However, There was no other chance they would’ve been dead anyway by the hands of Isshiki if they didn’t use Baryon mode at that time. But now, It appears that Kurama lied to Naruto about the side effects of the Baryon Mode which is that only Kurama is going to die. Kurama was a major source of chakra for Naruto but after using the Baryon Mode the chakra is completely removed from existence that means only one thing and that is the death of Kurama.

This news shocked every Naruto fan! From the start of the Boruto series, everyone knew someone is going to die i.e Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata. But no one ever thought that the one who is going to die will be Kurama. As soon as the spoiler was released fans took over Twitter with a storm and Kurama is now trending on Twitter. I guess we have to say Goodbye to the Nine tail fox. The journey of Naruto and Kurama finally comes to an end leaving us all in tears. Kurama Death still seems unreal and fans cannot accept this at all.

Sasuke Rinnegan Gone -Momoshiki Makes A Comeback in Boruto Manga

Sasuke Rinnegan Gone -Momoshiki Makes A Comeback in Boruto Manga

Boruto manga chapter 53 was full of turn of events as Sasuke Rinnegan is gone, Momoshiki has made a return and Isshiki is dead. All have happened in the latest chapter of Boruto Manga.


Sasuke Eye Destroyed by Momoshiki

In the latest Chapter of the Boruto Manga series , Every one is left with a shock that no one was expecting. Boruto hits a major blow to Sasuke’s eye inserting the kunai deep within. No one neither Sasuke nor Naruto were prepared for this not even the fans were ready for this moment. Sasuke was already at a loss of his one hand and now his Rinnegan also seems to be destroyed by Boruto.

Sasuke Rinnegan Crushed
Source: Twitter

How was Sasuke Rinnegan destroyed?

Chapter 53 of the Boruto manga series has left everyone with some major questions where Sasuke and Naruto tried their very best to defeat Isshiki. Naruto used a new power Baryon Mode at the cost of his life but that still wasn’t enough to kill Isshiki. Somehow they managed to let Kawaki escape from him. In the end, Isshiki got his hands on kawaki but he didn’t realize it till the very end that it was just a shadow clone.

After the fight, Sasuke was concerned about Naruto he knew that using such immense power would have put Naruto’s life at greater risk which could lead to Naruto Death but out of nowhere Boruto comes and hits Sasuke’s eye with a  major blow destroying his Rinnegan.

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Who Destroyed Sasuke Rinnegan? Boruto?

Well, it is not right to say that it was Boruto who destroyed Sasuke’s eye. It was Momoshiki Otsutsuki who was waiting all this time inside Boruto for this one perfect moment. Momoshiki didn’t think that Naruto and Sasuke will be able to defeat Isshiki but after the fight, they were completely drained from chakra and Momoshiki realized it as a perfect moment for him to come out and attack so that he can proceed with his final plan which was to absorb all the chakra from the earth.

Sasuke used Boruto to stab one of Momoshiki’s Rinnegan Momoshiki used Boruto to stab Sasuke‘s Rinnegan Coincidence? I think not

A Boruto Manga Fan

He will eliminate all the threats that stand in the way of his resurrection and his plan. With Rinnegan gone, Sasuke Death is certainly on the cards because he is extremely weak now. We will find out about the fate of Naruto and Sasuke in the next chapter of the manga.

Will Sasuke Get His Rinnegan Eye Back?

We don’t know what is going to happen next in Boruto Manga. Only with the new chapter’s arrival, we will see what will exactly happen to Sasuke. Sasuke with his Rinnegan is totally weak and can easily be killed. So, Sasuke’s future will get a unique turn of events in the upcoming chapters of Boruto.

Naruto New form in Boruto – Baryon Mode Naruto EXPLAINED

Naruto New form in Boruto – Baryon Mode Naruto EXPLAINED

You all might have heard about Naruto getting a new form in the Boruto Manga series which is called “Baryon mode” but what exactly is Baryon mode? Here is what you need to know about Naruto new form.

A new villain Isshiki Otsutsuki emerges in the series and seems to be a lot more powerful than all the enemies Naruto has ever faced. Naruto in his Kurama mode along with the assistance of Sasuke gets beaten up by Isshiki. Upon losing all hope Kurama tells Naruto about a final card which Naruto has never used before but that would be at the cost of his life.

What Baryon mode does?

Baryon mode smashes Naruto’s chakra and Nine Tail’s chakra together creating new energy same as Nuclear fission. In Baryon mode Naruto gains all the traits of Kurama. Naruto’s yellow glow which he had in Kurama mode is seemed to be replaced by Kurama’s red fur forming a coat around him with tails at the back. Naruto’s face, hair, eyes also take on the traits of Kurama. These all-new physical changes in Naruto clearly shows their fusion.

What is Naruto’s Strongest form?

So, the Baryon mode is far more powerful than any other form of Naruto. we can imagine the power level of baryon mode by this i.e Naruto was not being able to land even a single strike on Isshiki in his Kurama mode but in Baryon mode, a single decent blow by Naruto can prove to be fatal for Isshiki.

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Earlier, Naruto Sage of Six Path Power was considered to be the strongest but now in Boruto Manga, we have seen something bigger and better. Every blow of Naruto’s Baryon mode will keep shortening the life span of isshiki.  Kurama tells Naruto that just hitting the opponent will be enough to win. So, will Naruto be able to defeat Isshiki? This is still difficult to answer as Isshiki is not using his full power.

Naruto New Form Boruto Manga

Why Baryon Mode Can kill Naruto?

This power is unlike anything Naruto has ever felt before but it comes with a major drawback. In all the previous forms of Naruto, he used to get chakra from Kurama. Kurama being a tailed beast inside Naruto had reserves of chakra and even had the ability to collect more. Whereas, Baryon mode’s concept is totally different it will keep consuming its own source and cant be unfused once it is activated unless they both run out of their lives. Kurama mode, a sage mode they all can be fused and unfused by Naruto but Baryon mode once activated cant be unfused unless Naruto figures out some way to undo it and survives. That’s all we know.

Will Baryon Mode Kill Naruto in Boruto Manga?

Naruto New Form: Baryon Mode is definitely something similar to the Might Guy’s Eight Gate technique where a user dies after opening all the eight gates. But, in Might Guy’s case, we have seen that he survived with Naruto’s sage path powers. The same thing can happen to Naruto as well. Who knows, what happens next in Boruto Manga but Naruto new form is definitely something really exciting and mysterious.

Naruto Baryon Mode Wallpaper

Here are some of the best Naruto Baryon Mode Wallpaper for you guys. Credits to the respective artists.

Naruto New Form Baryon Mode

Source: Twitte/ @dnt_agun

Naruto New Form Baryon Mode

Source: Twitter

Naruto New Form Baryon Mode

Source: Twitter

Naruto New Form Baryon Mode

Source: Twitter



Who Will Kill Naruto in Boruto Manga – Is Naruto Death Confirmed?

Who Will Kill Naruto in Boruto Manga – Is Naruto Death Confirmed?

Naruto Death has been the talk of the town ever since the Boruto series started. Some thought Naruto is the main character and he will not die and some said he isn’t the main character anymore and somewhere down the line he will die. Surely, you are also one of these but the question is what if Naruto dies and who will kill Naruto in Boruto manga? Well, today we have gathered some of the dangerous characters who can become the reason of Naruto death.

Top 4 Characters who Can Kill Naruto in Boruto Series

Isshiki Otsutsuki

Let’s start with the biggest villain of the Boruto series who is an Otsutsuki. This character has terrified every single fan so far because the people who have read the Boruto manga know exactly who this man is. Naruto and Sasuke vs Jigen fight were all about Isshiki Otsutsuki and how he is after Naruto.

This man has the potential to kill Naruto because Jigen who was the vessel of Isshiki Otsutsuki almost destroyed Naruto and Sasuke simultaneously. Jigen was a vessel for Isshiki Otsutsuki, in other words, he was using the powers of Isshiki Otsutsuki. Just to make one thing clear, Jigen was not the perfect vessel for Isshiki Otsutsuki that’s why he was unable to use full power. But still, he won against both Naruto and Sasuke.

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So, as far as I am concerned, I highly think that Isshiki will play a part in killing Naruto in one way or the other.


Well, the Naruto series has been like these students killing teachers. Don’t you remember when Jiraiya trained Pain and then later on Pain went on to kill his master? Don’t you remember Orochimaru who was a student of Third Hokage Sarutobi and later on Orochimaru killed his teacher? We can see the same happening in the Boruto series as well.

Naruto helped Kawaki and gave him shelter and made him his student. For now, he is training under Naruto but we have seen that Kawaki will cause destruction in Konoha and will fight Naruto as well in the future. So, there is a strong possibility that Kawaki is the one who will kill Naruto sooner or later.

Who Will Naruto


We all know how Jigen literally destroyed Naruto and Sasuke in the Boruto Manga chapter 38. He was the vessel of Isshikit Otsutsuki and he handled both Naruto and Sasuke quite well. He now has sealed Naruto away but who knows he will kill Naruto later in the manga. But for now, I personally think that Jigen will not kill Naruto. It seems really unlikely to happen but we never know what’s really happen in the series.

Jigen will kill naruto death

Jigen will kill naruto death

Kashin Koji

The Boruto series has been full of mysterious characters one after the other we are seeing new and more powerful characters who can take on the likes of Naruto and Sasuke. So, Kashin Koji has been seen in the Boruto manga but his character is still not fully know. But he can also kill Naruto in the boruto manga.

Who Will Naruto

Who Will Naruto

So, what do you think who will kill Naruto in the boruto manga? Do you think Naruto’s death is confirmed? Well, let us know in the comment section below.


Who Will Kill Naruto in Boruto Manga – Is Naruto Death Confirmed?

Naruto Death Confirmed in Boruto – How Does Naruto Really Die EXPLAINED

Is Naruto really dead? How does naruto die in Boruto? Well, these are the questions that have been striking Naruto fan’s minds ever since the latest chapters of Boruto manga dropped. Naruto Death in Boruto is confirmed or not only time will tell. But the current situation predicts that Naruto’s death is confirmed in the Boruto series. So, is that really true? Will Naruto really die in Boruto? Well, if you have the same question then this blog post is for you. Keep reading.

Kurama Death Has Happened in Boruto manga. The fans are going crazy over this and this was completely unexpected. But our favorite nine tails fox is dead now.

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This post contains deadly spoilers, so if you don’t want to get spoiled. Stop here.

So, the time has come when we will be seeing our favorite character dying. Some might disagree but the latest chapter of Boruto manga has everyone talking.

Naruto Will Die In Boruto

Naruto Will Die In Boruto

Isshiki vs Naruto and Sasuke fight is on everyone’s mind and now this has taken a pretty emotional turn with Naruto’s death on the cards. Yes, you heard it right the latest chapter has hinted at Naruto death.

Naruto gets a new form from Kurama but it comes with a heavy price. Naruto has obtained a new power level and with that, he will die. It’s like Eight Gate power of Might Guy when a user uses this power he eventually dies after using it. So, technically Naruto has the same power and new form and if he uses it he will die eventually.

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Naruto Will Die In Boruto

Naruto Will Die In Boruto

Boruto Manga Chapter 38 and Naruto Death Parallels 

Ever since the start of the Boruto series, the fans started speculations of Naruto and Sasuke’s death. Because this is how the Ninja world has been but the question was how does Naruto die in Boruto? Boruto manga has given us all the answers to the Naruto Death theory. It all started with the Boruto manga chapter 38 where Jigen vs Naruto and Sasuke epic battle took place.

Boruto manga after the arrival of Jigen went viral among fans because this was the time when we were really going to see Naruto and Sasuke in full action. I won’t go in detail of the chapter if you wish to see what really happened in Jigen vs Naruto and Sasuke fight read Boruto Manga chapter 38.

Naruto and Sasuke went head to head with Jigen who is a monstrous creature with unbelievable powers. He is the vessel of ishiki otsutsuki and he is in the hidden leaf village to capture Naruto. The fight ends with Naruto being sealed away, Jigen is super strong and he single-handedly captured Naruto and destroyed Sasuke.

In the end, when both Naruto and Sasuke were down and out, Naruto created an opportunity for Sasuke to escape. At the moment, Sasuke said, “don’t you die Naruto” and he teleported himself to where Sakura was. That left Naruto badly wounded with Jigen and then Jigen easily captured Naruto.

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The bottom line is Naruto is sealed away and Jigen is the one who has done all this. So, the question that is striking every Naruto fan is that “is Naruto really dead in Boruto?” well, if we put this into perspective then we are getting a clear idea of what the creator of Boruto series is up to. If we see the Naruto series all the major deaths have caused a huge turn of events and we can expect the same to happen in Boruto series as well.

Here are Top 10 striking reasons why Naruto Death is Confirmed in Boruto Manga

Boruto and Not Naruto is the Main Character

Take a look at all the anime series you will find one thing common and that is the death of the major character. Let’s get this clear Naruto is no longer a main character of the series and it is Boruto who will have all the spotlight.

In Naruto we were sure that he will not die because he was the main character of the series. But here in Boruto, there is a strong chance that somewhere down the line he will die. We have seen Kawaki doing severe damage to Naruto but we don’t know what exactly he has done to Naruto.

But, with the Jigen arrival in the Manga, there is a strong possibility that one of the Otsutsuki will kill Naruto in the series. This will cause a huge transformation in Boruto as he will try to become like his father and protect the village.

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Naruto Death is Inevitable Because Anime Runs on our Emotions

Who doesn’t want fans to get emotional about the series and it made sense in Naruto and it will surely make sense now as well. Jiraiya died and it was the reason Naruto defeated Pain and became super strong. The same thing can happen to hear as well.

Honestly, if I was a writer for Boruto, I would want to kill Naruto to invoke a deep emotional reaction in the viewers, as well as throw a major plot twist in the story. Its all part of the game and if anyone thinks Naruto will never die in Boruto then they are absolutely WRONG.

Naruto Getting Old with A Deadly Disease

It was stated in the Kakashi retsuden novel that after the ninja war Shikamaru and Kakashi saw a decline in naruto’s health sakura found out that naruto had the same disease that Itachi hashirama and hagoromo contracted the outcome is unclear because but this could happen as well. Naruto can get weak with the passing days and this might cause him a lot of damages as we saw in the case of Itachi.

Naruto Death Will Help Boruto Get a Reason to Be A NINJA

We all know about Boruto and how irresponsible and unattractive he is at the moment. He values his friends but he lacks a vision and goal like his father had in his early days. So, Naruto’s death will pave a way for Boruto to get a strong meaning in life and get stronger to protect his village like his father used to do.

Naruto Death

Naruto Death

Naruto dying in Boruto will heavily affect Boruto’s powers and mindset. If you see when he is fighting against Kawaki he has changed a lot. He has a scar on his face and new power as well. So, there is a strong chance that Naruto’s death has caused all that.

Naruto is Not Immortal

Naruto is indeed, very powerful, as was shown in past chapters, episodes, movies, etc. It seems, in this generation, Naruto and Sasuke are considered god-level shinobi. Naruto can take down any character


  • Every character has limits and the same goes for Naruto as well.
  • Naruto is not invincible.
  • He can’t do everything alone. I think it might be possible if he was somehow reduced in strength greatly, and fighting alone

Boruto Manga Has All The Answers

Well, we have seen all the viral pictures from the Boruto manga, haven’t we? We have seen Naruto and Sasuke getting great damage from Jigen. We know Naruto is super strong but he not invincible and he can be defeated and Jigen proved that.

Boruto manga has revealed that Naruto’s death can happen but when will that happen it is still not sure. The latest manga chapters and the viral pictures have given us all the reasons to believe that Naruto will die in Boruto sooner or later.

Naruto Will Definitely Leave The Plot for Boruto

The thing is, while Naruto and Sasuke are in the story, quite literally ALL OUR ATTENTION is on them, not Boruto, the main character. So, that is why Naruto and Sasuke will have to go somewhere down the line so that the main character of the series can get attention and the development it deserves.

Also, while they are there, it would be very difficult to create a BELIEVABLE villain whom Naruto and Sasuke could not easily demolish. Heck, until he ate Kinshiki’s chakra, even Momoshiki was no match for them.

At some point, Naruto and Sasuke are gonna be kicked out of the picture in some way for the sake of the story. If you really want to know all the answers then give Boruto manga a shot and you can get so many answers to your so many questions.

Kawaki and Boruto Conversation After the Destruction of Konoha

I believe that Naruto will not die in Boruto !

Boruto; “I didn’t think you’d go this far Kawaki”

Kawaki; “I’ll send you where i sent the Seventh Hokage Boruto”

Boruto; “Was this the only possible outcome”

Kawaki; “Yes that’s right”

Kawaki; “The age of Shinobi…..is over!”

Boruto;”I’m…….still a Shinobi“(While Wearing Sasuke’s Headband)

I think Naruto is not dead because Kawaki said: “he’ll send Boruto where he sent the Seventh Hokage”and if naruto’s really dead then why Boruto is talking to Kawaki so calmly.

It’s not yet sure what is about to come But As you can see, Naruto is the main character or whole series and the whole audience of Boruto is from naruto anime, therefore, it’ll not be simple for the writer to kill the main character of previous anime

Here we don’t really know that naruto has been killed, there is a possibility that naruto may have been sent somewhere in another dimension sent by kawaki , trapped somewhere or it can be something else.

Naruto Death

Naruto Death

For the Plot

One more thing that gives us a strong indication that Naruto will die is the plot. Because without any great twist and drama the plot of the storyline cannot move further. We will have to make up our minds and should accept the fact that one way or the other Naruto or Sasuke will definitely die in Boruto.

Because the creator of the Boruto series cannot focus on Naruto and Sasuke. They will have to give more space and screen time to the young generation characters like Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki. So, Naruto death seems likely in the Boruto series.

Who Will Kill Naruto in Boruto Series?

Well, the answer to this question is still uncertain but one thing is for sure that it will be an Otsutsuki who will kill Naruto. We have seen over the past few chapters of Boruto Manga that if there is anyone who can take down Naruto or Sasuke it will have to be an Otsutsuki. Naruto and Sasuke are already GOD Level shinobi and taking them isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

So either Kawaki or Jigen who is a vessel of Ishiki Otsutsuki will be the ones to kill Naruto and Sasuke in the Boruto series.

Naruto Death Confirmed in Boruto Series – FAQ

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Is Naruto dead or sealed in Boruto Manga?

As per Boruto manga chapter 38, Naruto has been sealed away by Jigen and he is no longer alive in the world. He is sealed away by Jigen.

Does Naruto Die in Boruto?

According to Boruto Manga, he is still not dead but he has been sealed away by Jigen. There is no way he can come back to life until anyone attacks Jigen. But for now, he has sealed away. But, still, Naruto can die in Boruto series in the coming manga chapters.

Who Has Killed Naruto?

For now, no one has killed Naruto. He is still alive but Jigen has sealed him away in the Boruto Manga chapter 38.

Will Naruto really die in the Boruto series because of Kawaki?

Not at all, Naruto has trained him and gave him shelter under his roof. So, there is no way Kawaki will kill Naruto. In the opening scene of Boruto Kawaki never mentioned that he killed Naruto. So, Kawaki is really not the one who will kill Naruto.

Is Naruto Death Confirmed in Boruto – King of Anime Opinion

One way or the other he will die and he will have to die in order to give more space and time to Boruto and all the other young generation characters. But who knows what exactly will happen in the series. But for now the bottom line is that Naruto has been sealed and the main reason is his fight with Jigen who sealed him away.

Now, Sasuke will be training Boruto hard to make him fight Jigen. They both will go fight Jigen at some point and then Naruto will come out and then the story regarding Naruto death will move forward. But till then we will have to see the character development of Boruto because his love for his father will definitely increase now.

We will be adding more updates to this post with new happenings. stay tuned. Drop your theories about Naruto death and how will Naruto die in Boruto in the comment section below. So, we can hear your side of the story as well.

Naruto and Sasuke vs Jigen Full Fight Analysis – Boruto Chapter 38 Review

Naruto and Sasuke vs Jigen Full Fight Analysis – Boruto Chapter 38 Review

Boruto Chapter 38 dropped like a bombshell and it had to offer so much great content. Every word was a story of its own as the Boruto Manga Chapter 38 is the talk of the town. Jigen has been the main problem for both Naruto and Sasuke ever since the Otsutsuki arc ended. Who is Jigen? The fans have been speculating the villain of the Boruto series and Boruto new manga chapter has answered all the questions with Naruto and Sasuke vs Jigen fight unfolded in the recent chapter.

Boruto Chapter 38 Has Some Questions Left Unanswered

  1. Who is going to be next Hokage?
  2. Is Naruto going to be sealed until Boruto grows up?
  3. If Kara attacks Konoha, who is going to save them?
  4. I need Boruto’s reaction to Naruto’s sealing
  5. Who is Isshiki Otsutsuki?

Is Jigen Too Powerful In Boruto Naruto Next Generations?

well, Jigen is not like the ordinary villain and he has the potential to completely destroy any opponent. In Boruto Chapter 38 we have seen Naruto and Sasuke fighting him with all their strengths. Their fight against Momoshiki Otsutsuki was a piece of cake as compared to their fight against Jigen.

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There is no doubt that Jigen is on a different level than Momoshiki and Naruto and Sasuke were finding it really hard to match his level. Jigen is a monster with mind-blowing strengths and a new chapter of Boruto has really demonstrated the powerful persona of Jigen.

[bctt tweet=”Jigen has Sealed Naruto and Praised Sasuke in Boruto Chapter 38.” username=””]

Naruto and Sasuke vs Jigen

Art by Viniart2013

Naruto and Sasuke vs Jigen – Full Fight in Boruto Chapter 38 (Explained)

There was a time when we used to think that there is no one who can beat our God level shinobis Naruto and Sasuke. Boruto series started and right from the start we had in our minds that who will be the one to take down the likes of Naruto and Sasuke? Momoshiki Otsutsuki was the one real threat which was seemed very weak because Naruto and Sasuke took him down very easily.

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Boruto manga is clearly the best and it is far greater than the Boruto anime. Yeah, you read it right and the Boruto manga is going really strong ever since the 24th manga chapter. The series is progressing really good and we are here with the Naruto and Sasuke fighting Jigen in the 38th Chapter of Boruto.

The latest Boruto manga chapter showcased the huge power of Jigen. Naruto and Sasuke were simply outmatched because Jigen immense power was too hot to handle for them. There was a time when all Naruto fans have been waiting for both Naruto and Sasuke go all out and show their brutal powers. They did that against Jigen but unfortunately, Jigen is powerful than both of their power’s combined.

Naruto & Sasuke Beast Mode Failed Too

Naruto and Sasuke started their fight against him in the usual style. The fight started with Sasuke telling Naruto how he obtained all the secret information about Jigen and the Ishiki Otsutsuki. Naruto was baffled to know all the details about Jigen and the ten tails factor.

Naruto and Sasuke went with full force and finally showed their true beast mode we all were waiting for. Sasuke used his Susanoo against Jigen and tried to attack Jigen with his Susanoo blade but Jigen was disappointed to see such an attack and said “it’s speed isn’t all that impressive

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Sasuke used one of his strongest weapons and guess what Jigen was not even surprised. He literally dodged it like it was nothing. Jigen is amazing he really is something very special and we cannot help but ponder upon his monstrous strength.

Jigen easily dodged Sasuke blade attack and then he tried to test the defense of the Susanoo. The Ultimate defense of Susanoo was nothing in front of Jigen and he easily knocked Sasuke out of the Susanoo.Naruto Kurama and Sasuke Susanoovs Jigen

Well, that was literally mind-blowing to see such a great comeback from Jigen. He literally destroyed the strongest weapon of Sasuke in an instant. It gives me a feel of Obito Uchiha teleportation technique. Jigen has some really amazing techniques and one of them is moving between dimensions.

The moment Jigen penetrated the Strongest Chakra Protection the Susanoo, Sasuke had realized that we have a problem here. He and Naruto both were shocked to see such a great opponent and they had no clue whatsoever.

There was a time when we thought that Naruto and Sasuke are GOD level shinobi. Who on earth will defeat these monstrous characters but now we have the likes of Jigen who is single-handedly taking out Naruto and Sasuke that too in their strongest forms.

They tried everything against Jigen but nothing really happened. They tried to attack him with every strategy they had but nothing really happened. The Jigen fight was somewhat similar to that of Pain invasion. We are again seeing the Rods being used and Naruto again trapped with those Rods in his body.

Sasuke gets stabbed by the Rods as well. They kept on getting stabbed by the rods and for a moment it seemed like Naruto and Sasuke are no match for Jigen. Naruto even we cannot beat him at the moment. So, it means they were fully aware of the power level of Jigen.

Jigen Power Has LIMITS

But, I was happy to see that Naruto and Sasuke tried their level best. We saw great emotions and drama unfold in this latest chapter of Boruto. Jigen, on the other hand, isn’t invincible and he can be defeated as well. At first, I thought there is no way our heroes can defeat him but we saw at the end that Jigen powers have limits too.

Jigen can use his powers for a limited amount of time. He is more like Orochimaru and it seems like he is being used as the vessel for Ishiki Otsutsuki. His stomach has all the powers and we saw Naruto and Sasuke damaging that part of his body.

At the end of chapter 38, Naruto was trapped and sealed in a box. Sasuke was very emotional but helpless. He said to Naruto “don’t die” and he teleports himself to where Sakura is.

So, for now, Jigen has Naruto sealed away and on the other hand, Sasuke has escaped thanks to Naruto. We will see some great actions unfolding in the upcoming chapters of Boruto. But, one thing is for sure our heroes will find a way to defeat Jigen.

Boruto Chapter 38 In A Nutshell

  • Well, we saw Jigen’s superiority in combat. We also got to see Kurama and Sasuke’s Susanoo again. We saw that Jigen has an Otsutsuki inside and that he wants to use Kawaki as a new body. We see that Jigen’s body is already worn out. That’s why Kawaki is in his plans!f
  • Jigen is a vessel for otsutsuki ishiki and he wants to make kawaki the next one. He sealed naruto away. Remember Boruto starting where kawaki says ‘I am going to send u to where Naruto is’. So are they the same stream of events.
  • Sasuke escaping using Space-Time Ninjutsu.
  • Naruto being Sealed Away.

Fans Speculation – What Will Happen Next in Boruto Manga?

Here is what a fan on Reddit had to say.

From this, I’m starting to think we will get one more arc after this. That arc is the start of Sasuke training Boruto. After that, there will be a little break and then Boruto “Shippuden” will start with Kawaki and Boruto on a mission a few years in the future. Both will be 16-17 and they will be on a mission when Jigen/Iishiki attacks the Leaf Village, all Pain style and then Iisiki will transfer his consciousness from Jigen to Kawaki. This would then lead onto the whole start of the series foreshadow with Kawaki and Boruto on Naruto’s Hokage stone face.

Sasuke would have given Boruto his sword and his Cape and headband as his last mission would be to get Naruto out of the dimension Jigen trapped him in all those years before.

Naruto would be surviving purely by Jigens own will to keep him alive because of Kurama.

Fans Reaction to Naruto and Sasuke vs Jigen Fight?

Well, here are some of the priceless reactions of fans to Naruto and Sasuke vs Jigen fight.