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Boruto Summoning Jutsu and Connection With Garaga – What Did Boruto Summon?

Boruto Summoning has been the burning question ever since the Mitsuki arch has started. So, the question is will Boruto get the same summoning animal like his father Naruto or will he be different? Well, we all know that Boruto is the student of Sasuke Uchiha and he has huge admiration for him. He takes Sasuke Uchiha as his master and as his inspiration. In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations he summoned a snake and now everyone is thinking about the Boruto Summoning.

Boruto Summoning Jutsu – What Did Boruto Summon?

Well, Boruto summoned a huge snake for the very first time when he summoned something. He summoned Garaga as his first summoning and Garaga is a summoning snake who lives in the Ryuchi Cave. He is red colored and is bigger in size than other snakes and has black rings running down his body. Garaga is very short tempered and has a reverse scale. A jewel-like a scale under his jaw which is only developed by most aggressive snakes. His first appearance in the series was quite astonishing for some fans which left everyone wondering whether he would be seen in the series later or not. In the following article, we would see where he came from and how he relates to Boruto’s summoning.

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Garaga Becomes Boruto Summoning – History of Garaga

Garaga was entered into the summoning contract with a shinobi. He was on a battle and he summoned Garaga, later on, he wanted to retreat, but Garaga wanted to keep on fighting and did not listen to his summoner on this. He attacked Garaga with a lightning release and blinded his right eye since then Garaga has developed a hate for humans and wants to kill every human who gets near him.

If you see the story of Garaga and Kurama resemble a lot and both held a grudge against humans in the start. Just like Naruto, I personally think that Boruto will be able to make Garaga his proper summoning and one or the other Garaga will start loving Boruto as well.

Boruto Summoning
Garaga summoned by Boruto

Boruto Enters In Summoning Contract With Garaga – White Snake Sage

Boruto went through the trials of the Ryuchi cave  in order for learning about Mitsuki’s departure  but the White snake sage told him that the trials he passed were for learning the senjutsu Boruto insisted and the White snake sage agreed and told Boruto and his teammates i.e (  chocho , shikadai and inojin) to get the reverse scale from Garaga.

Aoda and the Genins  vs  Garaga

Boruto and his fellow members went to Garaga’s hideout. But they were interrupted by Aoda both Aoda and Garagabattled. After their fight, Garaga said he would kill any human who comes near him and escaped to his ground. Boruto and the company followedhim. Garaga had an advantage against them because of the darkness and the ability of snakes to sense others by their heat. They tried to deceive Garaga by inojin’s drawings which had no temperature. Boruto got near the reverse scale and was about to take it.Boruto Summoning

But he entered into Garaga’s sad past and refused to take it. Garaga told him that he would fail in bringing Mitsuki back and wanted to see Boruto in despair after failing, on this Boruto told him to sign a summoning contract with him if he succeeds in bringing Mitsuki back then Garaga would become his summoning and if he fails then he would let Garaga eat him.

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