Jigen will kill naruto death
Jigen will kill naruto death

Boruto Manga 37 Spoilers – Naruto vs Jigen Fight Is On The Cards

Boruto Chapter 37 is making news in the boruto world because the fans are going to see so much happening in it. The last chapter was very exciting because of Jigen’s appearance and Kawaki’s character development. So, we can expect great action and drama in the Boruto Manga 37.

Boruto Manga 37 Spoilers – Naruto vs Jigen Fight

The last chapter of Boruto was very good as we got to see Jigen appearing in Konoha. But, now things will really get intense in the next chapter of Boruto. There is also a huge possibility that we might see Sasuke appear in Konoha as well. With Jigen in town and going against Naruto, the fans are eagerly waiting for the fight.

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So, who this Jigen man really is? Well, just to give you an idea this man is the one who is considered to be the father of Kawaki. He is super strong and there is a strong chance that he is from the Otsutsuki clan. So, what will happen in the Boruto Manga 37? Naruto will fight Jigen and their battle will be a treat to watch. The rest of the ninjas like Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki will also head to the battlefield where Naruto and Jigen are already present.

Boruto Manga 37
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Sasuke will also make an appearance and he will be shocked to see Jigen there. Kawaki and Jigen will also have a brief conversation and that is really interesting. Because Kawaki is somewhat annoyed and he doesn’t consider Jigen his father. He will even try to attack Jigen but Jigen is super powerful.

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Naruto and Jigen will go all guns blazing and Naruto will be in his super nine tails form. So, we can expect that the battle will be an all-out one. Naruto will not be holding his power and he will make sure that he gets Jigen with all his power. It looks like Sasuke will also intervene in their fight and will help Naruto in his fight against Jigen. But make one thing sure Jigen is very powerful and he can take both Naruto and Sasuke at the same time.

Here is what will be happening in Boruto 37 Chapter with Naruto and Jigen fighting.

  • Sakura will also head to the battlefield
  • Sasuke will definitely make an appearance and probably help Naruto along with Sakura to defeat Jigen.
  • Kawaki will get a new form for sure.
  • Boruto along with his other comrades reaching the battlefield.
  • Jigen is there to take back Kawaki. It will be interesting to see if he gets him or not
  • We will know in-depth about the real power of Jigen.
  • We might see Kakashi and Hinata appearing on the scene as well.

When Will Boruto Manga 37 be Releasing?

Well, the Boruto Chapter 37 will be releasing on 20th August. The fans will have to wait a bit longer but it will be worth it. If you have any question you can ask us in the comment section below.

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