In this article, we are going to tell you about the release date of Boruto Episode 86, Review of what happened in Boruto Episode 85 and what could be the possible Spoilers and prediction of the upcoming episode.

Boruto Episode 86 Release Date

Boruto Episode 86 is going to be released on 16th December, 2018.

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Boruto Episode 85 Review

In Boruto Episode 85 we saw boruto struggling hard to get the heart stone and Ohnoki was guiding him because he was the only one who had gone through sanzu plains training. We also saw konohamaru arriving at the end of the episode while doing his investigation.Boruto Episode 86 Release Date, Review, Spoilers, and Predictions

Boruto Episode 86 Spoilers

The title of Boruto Episode 86 is “Kozuchi’s will” as you all know Kozuchi was the grandson of Ohnoki who died on the battlefield. Ohnoki had great dreams in mind for Kozuchi he wanted him to become a remarkable ninja but he failed. Now this is the main thing that Ohnoki wants to avoid, he doesn’t want any kind of blood shed on the battlefield. He wants to make people like Ku who won’t die in mere battles and would have the strength to stand up against the Otsutsuki’s. On the other hand Boruto will also get in some kind of trouble in which we will find out soon.

Boruto Episode 86 Predictions

As we all know that Mitsuki arc is not ending, it’s taking too long. The fans are very disappointed on this they want this arc to be wrapped up soon as possible. But according to me if you watch this arc again, it won’t feel so boring as it has a lot of discoveries yet to reveal and a lot of fighting in it too.

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