In this article, we are going to tell you about Boruto Episode 85, when it’s going to be released. What happened in the previous episode. What can be the possible spoilers for the upcoming episode and our very own predictions about it?


Boruto Episode 85 Release Date

Boruto Episode 85 is going to be released on 9th December 2018. If there is any change in the upload date, then we will update you here.

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Boruto Episode 84 Review

In the Boruto Episode 84, we saw that Boruto and Onoki are both trapped in the Sanzu plane and now Boruto is trying to escape from the plane along with Onoki and he has to find the heart stone in order to do that. The scene of Kirara and kako’s decaying created a lot of suspense.Boruto Episode 85 Spoilers

Boruto Episode 85 Spoilers

In this episode, we are going to see Boruto struggling to find the Heart stone. The most interesting part of this episode is going to be in the Sanzu plain. Onoki is the only person who has gone through this training so he will be guiding Boruto to find the Heart stone and at the end of the episode, we will see Boruto and Onoki with the Heart stone.

We will also see Konohamaru’s presence in Episode 85 he will arrive here during his investigation. Mitsuki will also get to know about Onoki’s will. And about that suspense of Kirara and kako, their life will be in danger because Ku will finally be executing his plan because Mitsuki has a seal in his heart and the only source of their living is going to be shikadai.

Boruto Episode 85 Predictions

So, Boruto episode 85 is going to disclose a lot of things that are going on in our minds with reasons for the actions of all of them. Boruto is also going to make a new friend while his journey to get the Heart stone from the Sanzu plane. The most spooky guy is Kokoyu because he is against all the others who are making new friends. Onoki might also realize his mistake by getting to know that Kokoyu was the one who was wrong and who was misleading himself.

These are not confirmed because they are our predictions about the Mitsuki arc. This was all we had for you if you want to add anything further then please tell us in the comments.