Boruto Episode 84 will be out soon and here we are with the Boruto Episode 84 release date, spoilers, and predictions. The upcoming episode is going to be really exciting as we will see Onoki’s wish and Ku’s wish in that episode. We all know how the Mitsuki Arc is going on in the past few episodes of the series. But now finally the arc has come to a really interesting point. We will see some actions and some mysterious secret unfold in the Boruto Epiosde 84.

Boruto Episode 84 Predictions – What to Expect?

The arc is getting a bit interesting as the things have changed after the Boruto Episode 82 and 83. We all were waiting for Mitsuki to meet Lord Ku and to see how everything will happen after that and what they will have to offer. So, now that Mitsuki is going to meet Lord Ku in the upcoming episode of Boruto. Suddenly, the excitement is a bit high for the next episode of Borut: Naruto Next Generations.

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Lord Ku Betraying Onoki ­– well, as per our prediction, Lord Ku has decided to betray Onoki as his intentions are not right. There is no doubt about that Ohnoki is a good old man and his intentions are very clear and positive. But, Lord Ku has other plans as he is now against his master and he isn’t doing what he is supposed to do. So, one way or the other Lord Ohnoki will team up with Boruto and Mitsuki will eventually join them to defeat Lord Ku.


Boruto Episode 84

If you have seen the episode 83, then you can easily predict that Lord Ku is ignoring the orders of Lord Ohnoki. He wanted to hurt Boruto and he even tried his best doing that. While on the other hand, Lord Ohnoki was constantly asking Ku not to hurt Boruto. But he was ignoring his orders and he has something else in his mind. During all the fuss, Boruto saved Ohnoki’s life as well.

As Boruto saved Ohnoki’s life he will now listen to Boruto’s good cause as well. Boruto Episode 84 will reveal more about the mysterious plans of Lord Ku. So the upcoming episode will reveal more about Ku has in his mind. He definitely has something stingy and evil plot in his mind. On the other hand, Konohamaru who is on a mission will end up investigating something suspicious as well. The Mitsuki Arc is very much related to the Lord Ku’s plan.

Boruto Episode 84 Spoilers – What Will Happen?

So, what is going to happen exactly in the upcoming episode of the Boruto series? Well, if you see the Boruto Episode 84 Preview then it clearly predicts that the evil plan is its final stages and the final blow will take place sooner than later. Thought, Lord Ku is trying to fool everyone he will eventually be outplayed by Boruto and his friends. So, the episode 84 will see the Mitsuki Arc and Lord Ku plan approaching the end.

Boruto Episode 84 Release Date

The Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 84 will be released on December 2. You can ask us any question regarding the episode in the comment section.