Boruto Episode 82 is going to be an exciting one. This will be a continuation of Mitsuki arc and without further due let’s get started. The Boruto Episode 80 and 81was very amazing as we got to see Mitsuki love for Konoha and Boruto. So, Konoha is somewhat under attack in the upcoming episode and you cannot afford to miss it.

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Boruto Episode 82 Release Date

Boruto Episode 82 will be releasing on 18th November  2018.

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Boruto Episode 82 Spoilers:

In this episode, we will be seeing Boruto and the rest of his team infiltrating Iwagakure. Right now Ohnoki is one of the strongest characters in the Naruto Universe and they expect him to help them. They don’t know that he is sick and if he fights, then it would be the end for him. Another major spoiler is that Konohamaru will be stepping in to help the genins in their fight.  He thinks that Mitsuki wants to correct himself for the mistake he did. Konohamaru Joining the genins or not, we will see in the next episode. Right now Lord Mu is having an eye on the genins and wants to make an attack that would separate them all from one another.‘Boruto’ Episode 82

Boruto episode 82 Previews:

Boruto and the others leave behind Inojin, for any emergency case in the village hidden in the stones while Boruto and the rest of the team head towards Iwagakure. They start looking for the former Tsuchikage who they met at the five Kage meeting,  but on their journey, they get caught by the eye of an evil. On the other hand is unable to contact with the village, a Jonin Konohamaru is sent towards the scout team.

Boruto Episode 82 Predictions:

Konohamaru will step in willingly to help the young genins because he thinks whatever happened because of Mitsuki he is guilty for his mistake and wants to correct himself. Although the plot development is interesting, the arc as a whole is boring because it has been stretched too much and fans are forced to think way too much. The arc is nothing like the Sasuke Uchiha arc in Naruto and fans are not very much liking it.  Well, we’ll see what happens. Stay tuned.