Boruto Episode 80 Subbed
Boruto Episode 80 Subbed
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Boruto Episode 80 Subbed – Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 80 Watch Online Info

Boruto Episode 80 Subbed was scheduled to release on November 4, 2018. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 80 is all about Boruto and his friends catching up with Mitsuki as the Mitsuki arc is going strong and the fans are really looking forward to the end result of this. So, if you are looking forward to this match then below is the information where you can watch the Boruto Episode 80 Subbed online.

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Boruto Episode 80 Subbed Watch Online

So, the Boruto Episode 80 will be broadcasted live on Crunchyroll and you can catch the live streaming here. The upcoming episode is going to be really amazing as Mitsuki will be going on with his mission to meet Lord Ku. On the other hand, Boruto will try his best to bring his friend back home. The arc is pretty much similar to that of Sasuke Uchiha.Boruto Episode 80 Subbed

Boruto Episode 80 Synopsis

Episode 80: Mitsuki’s Friends – Mitsuki refuses to return to the village with Boruto and the others, and instead wish to proceed on with Kokuy?’s group. During this, Sekiei’s become more ill than earlier, and his condition worsens. In order to ease the suffering Sekiei, Kokuy? goes in the direction of their comrades, and while this time Sekiei says to Mitsuki “I want you to teach me about humans”. About this time, Kurotsuchi, the Fourth Tsuchikage, is watching after her grandfather, ?noki, whose health is in shambles when she is stricken by a group of unidentified people.

Boruto Episode 80 Spoilers and Prediction

It seems that Mitsuki will be able to meet Lord Ku in the upcoming episode. The fans have really liked the Mitsuki arc so far and we can expect something really big to happen in episode 80. On the other hand, for those who don’t know Ku might be the same person who has a connection with Garaga. It will be an exciting scene when Garaga meets Lord Ku. So, what are your thoughts on the upcoming episode of Boruto? Please tell us in the comment section now.

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