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Boruto Chapter 39 Release Date, Prediction & Spoilers – Here Is What’s Coming for Boruto and Sasuke

Boruto’s latest chapter has made fans go berserk. The chapter was all about Naruto and Sasuke vs Jigen Fight. We came to know thoroughly about who Jigen is and what are his real powers. Well, Boruto Chapter 38 literally laid the foundation for a great Jigen Arc now. Boruto Chapter 39 release date is around the corner and here we have some of the likely to happen spoilers.

Boruto Chapter 39 will be released on October 20.

What Will Happen Next in Boruto Chapter 39?

Well, for now, it seems that a big plan against Jigen will be developed. Sasuke will be the mastermind of that plan and their number one priority will be to rescue Naruto Uzumaki. Sasuke will be full of anger and really want to get his revenge on Jigen. He saw his Best Friend got sealed away and now he really wants to rescue him and kill that monster Jigen.

These below posts make sense now

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Theories on Boruto Manga Chapter 39

  • The Boruto Chapter 39 will definitely have all sorts of emotions in it. It will definitely be all about Boruto and Sasuke.
  • The village will be shocked to learn about Hokage has been sealed by a monster.
  • Everyone will be under tremendous pressure because their main players have been taken down.
  • Jigen will definitely come for Kawaki.
  • We will see Kashin Koji appearing in the village as well.
  • Now Sasuke will train Boruto with full passion and dedication.
  • Boruto now has a meaning to his training and he will do whatever it takes to rescue his father.
  • The village council will be choosing a new Hokage.

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The upcoming chapter has definitely laid the foundation for a power-packed Boruto manga. Sasuke and Boruto will start their great training from now. Jougan will come in handy just like the Rinnegan. Sasuke will make sure Boruto learns everything about his Jougan.

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Well, the manga is definitely getting intense now. We all are looking forward to the upcoming scenarios that will unfold in the manga. The Timeskip is definitely around the corner and we will see a stronger version of Boruto for sure. I personally think sooner or later Sasuke will die. It hurts but this is the reality.

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