Jigen will kill naruto death
Jigen will kill naruto death

Boruto Chapter 37 Release Date & Spoilers – When Will Boruto Manga 37 Be Releasing?

Boruto manga is giving us major spoilers about what would happen in the Boruto world. Manga is getting better and more intense now that the Jigen factor is getting really interesting. We had seen great villains over the years in Naruto and now is the time to witness the same in Boruto in the form of Jigen. So, here we are with the Boruto Chapter 37 Release Date and important updates about what will happen.

In the previous chapter of Boruto, it has been seen that Jigen entered the house of Naruto and indeed it was shocking. Boruto manga is on its way to becoming one of the best manga series of all times now. It has been performing really well and the last chapter was totally fascinating and it had so much to offer. From Jigen’s appearance to Naruto’s transformation to Kawaki character development we got to see so much happening.

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The previous chapter literally laid the foundation for an amazing Boruto Chapter 37 and we are going to see a great showdown between Naruto and Jigen. On the other hand, we can expect Sasuke to make an appearance as well.

Boruto Chapter 37 Release Date

The upcoming chapter of Boruto will be released on August 20th, 2019. The chapter will be full of action and it is titled as Jigen vs Naruto.

How to Read Boruto Manga Online?

You can read the manga online through VIZ Media because they have the official rights for that. You should always go for the official sources in order to support the series. However, the Boruto Manga will release every 20th and this way the Boruto anime will get some to get things going.

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