Sasuke Rinnegan Gone -Momoshiki Makes A Comeback in Boruto Manga

Sasuke Rinnegan Gone -Momoshiki Makes A Comeback in Boruto Manga

Boruto manga chapter 53 was full of turn of events as Sasuke Rinnegan is gone, Momoshiki has made a return and Isshiki is dead. All have happened in the latest chapter of Boruto Manga.


Sasuke Eye Destroyed by Momoshiki

In the latest Chapter of the Boruto Manga series , Every one is left with a shock that no one was expecting. Boruto hits a major blow to Sasuke’s eye inserting the kunai deep within. No one neither Sasuke nor Naruto were prepared for this not even the fans were ready for this moment. Sasuke was already at a loss of his one hand and now his Rinnegan also seems to be destroyed by Boruto.

Sasuke Rinnegan Crushed
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How was Sasuke Rinnegan destroyed?

Chapter 53 of the Boruto manga series has left everyone with some major questions where Sasuke and Naruto tried their very best to defeat Isshiki. Naruto used a new power Baryon Mode at the cost of his life but that still wasn’t enough to kill Isshiki. Somehow they managed to let Kawaki escape from him. In the end, Isshiki got his hands on kawaki but he didn’t realize it till the very end that it was just a shadow clone.

After the fight, Sasuke was concerned about Naruto he knew that using such immense power would have put Naruto’s life at greater risk which could lead to Naruto Death but out of nowhere Boruto comes and hits Sasuke’s eye with a  major blow destroying his Rinnegan.

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Who Destroyed Sasuke Rinnegan? Boruto?

Well, it is not right to say that it was Boruto who destroyed Sasuke’s eye. It was Momoshiki Otsutsuki who was waiting all this time inside Boruto for this one perfect moment. Momoshiki didn’t think that Naruto and Sasuke will be able to defeat Isshiki but after the fight, they were completely drained from chakra and Momoshiki realized it as a perfect moment for him to come out and attack so that he can proceed with his final plan which was to absorb all the chakra from the earth.

Sasuke used Boruto to stab one of Momoshiki’s Rinnegan Momoshiki used Boruto to stab Sasuke‘s Rinnegan Coincidence? I think not

A Boruto Manga Fan

He will eliminate all the threats that stand in the way of his resurrection and his plan. With Rinnegan gone, Sasuke Death is certainly on the cards because he is extremely weak now. We will find out about the fate of Naruto and Sasuke in the next chapter of the manga.

Will Sasuke Get His Rinnegan Eye Back?

We don’t know what is going to happen next in Boruto Manga. Only with the new chapter’s arrival, we will see what will exactly happen to Sasuke. Sasuke with his Rinnegan is totally weak and can easily be killed. So, Sasuke’s future will get a unique turn of events in the upcoming chapters of Boruto.

Gintama Watch Order – Chronological Order of Watching Gin Tama Anime

Gintama Watch Order – Chronological Order of Watching Gin Tama Anime

The recommended order to watch Gintama is its Chronological order. It is just one big series with 367+ episodes, 1 OVA Series, 8 TV installments, 4 Movies, and 5 specials.

Gintama is a really long and funny series and if you want to fully enjoy it then Gintama Watch Order Guide is for you.

Gintama Watch Order Guide

Gintama series is divided into six seasons and a total of 367 episodes. So, in order to watch the whole series properly follow this order

Gintama Watch Order Guide

Chronological OrderWatch OrderGuide
1.Gintama (2006-2010) Season 1 (Episodes 1-49) Season 2 (Episodes 50-99) Season 3 (Episodes 100-150) Season 4 (Episodes 151-201)  The first series released in 2006 with a total of 201 episodes. This one aired for 4 years from Apr 4, 2006, to Mar 25, 2010. you can skip the first 2 episodes since they are fillers.
 2.Gintama’ (2011)When you are done watching the first season watch Gintama’ (2011). It has 51 episodes and aired from Apr 4, 2011, to Mar 26, 2012.
 3.Gintama’: Enchousen (2012)  After completing the second season start with Gintama’: Enchousen. It has 13 episodes and aired from Oct 4, 2012, to Mar 28, 2013
 4.Gintama° (2015)  Now comes Gintama° or Gintama Season 4. It has 51 episodes and aired from Apr 8, 2015, to Mar 30, 2016.  
 5.Gintama. (2017)When you are done finishing the fourth season start watching Gintama. or Gintama Season 5. It has 12 episodes and aired from Jan 9, 2017, to Mar 27, 2017.  
 6.Gintama.: Slip Arc (2017)Now comes Gintama.: Slip Arc or Gintama Season 5. It has 13 episodes and aired from Oct 2, 2017, to Dec 25, 2017.  
 7.Gintama.: Silver Soul Arc (2018)  Then comes Gintama.: Silver Soul Arc. It has a total of 12 episodes and aired from Jan 8, 2018, to Mar 26, 2018.
 8.Gintama.: Silver Soul Arc – Second Half War (2018)The 2nd half of Silver Soul Arc also known as Gintama.: Silver Soul Arc – Second Half War has 14 episodes and aired from Jul 9, 2018, to Oct 8, 2018

InfoGraphic Viewing Order of Gintama

Here we have the infographic of Gintama Watch order which you can just check at a glance and can understand from where to start the series.

The anime will come to an end with a concluding movie named Gintama (Shinsaku). This movie will be releasing in 2021.

Watching Order of Gin Tama

Below image shows you a proper order of Gintama from One season to the movie and how the progression between seasons and movies is. You can follow this pattern if you want seasons and movies in order.

Gintama Watch Order

Gintama Movie Watch Order

Gintama Movie 1Shinyaku Benizakura-hen (2010)
Gintama Movie 2Gintama: Yorinuki Gintama-san on Theater 2D (2012)  
Gintama Movie 3Kanketsu-hen – Yorozuya yo Eien Nare (2013)
Gintama Movie 4Gintama (Shinsaku) 2021

Gintama Specials Watch Order

If you want you can skip the Specials as they are not from the series and carry no story progression. Specials are just sided stories and if you wish to watch them then you can even do it after completing the entire series. It’s totally up to you.

Special 1Gintama: Nanigoto mo Saiyo ga Kanjin nano de Tasho Senobisuru Kurai ga Choudoyoi (2005)
Special 2Gintama: Shiroyasha Koutan (2008)  
Special 3Gintama: Dai Hanseikai (2010)  
Special 4Shinyaku Benizakura-hen (2010)
Special 5Gintama’: Futon ni Haitte kara Buki Nokoshi ni Kizuite Neru ni Nerenai Toki mo Aru (2015)  
Special 6Gintama°: Umai-mono wa Atomawashi ni Suru to Yokodorisareru kara Yappari Saki ni Kue (2015)  

The Gintama Watch Order is ideal for anyone who is planning to start watching this funny and exciting anime series. There are so many episodes and seasons in this series but if you go according to our given guide then you will enjoy everything in order and will be able to cover each storyline and character development properly.

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Gintama Watch Order
Gintama | Source: Fandom

Who is Gintama

Gintoki Sakata is the main protagonist of the Gintama series. He is the founder and president of the Yorozuya. Apart from this, he is a highly-skilled samurai, having fought in the Joui War in the past.

Is It Worth To Watch Gintama?

Yes, the series is really exciting and funny to watch. The series has a slow start but it picks up very nicely and comedy and action are the main highlights of the series. You will definitely enjoy this series for its action, comedy, and exquisite storyline.

Hope you liked our Gintama Watch Order Guide.

Naruto New form in Boruto – Baryon Mode Naruto EXPLAINED

Naruto New form in Boruto – Baryon Mode Naruto EXPLAINED

You all might have heard about Naruto getting a new form in the Boruto Manga series which is called “Baryon mode” but what exactly is Baryon mode? Here is what you need to know about Naruto new form.

A new villain Isshiki Otsutsuki emerges in the series and seems to be a lot more powerful than all the enemies Naruto has ever faced. Naruto in his Kurama mode along with the assistance of Sasuke gets beaten up by Isshiki. Upon losing all hope Kurama tells Naruto about a final card which Naruto has never used before but that would be at the cost of his life.

What Baryon mode does?

Baryon mode smashes Naruto’s chakra and Nine Tail’s chakra together creating new energy same as Nuclear fission. In Baryon mode Naruto gains all the traits of Kurama. Naruto’s yellow glow which he had in Kurama mode is seemed to be replaced by Kurama’s red fur forming a coat around him with tails at the back. Naruto’s face, hair, eyes also take on the traits of Kurama. These all-new physical changes in Naruto clearly shows their fusion.

What is Naruto’s Strongest form?

So, the Baryon mode is far more powerful than any other form of Naruto. we can imagine the power level of baryon mode by this i.e Naruto was not being able to land even a single strike on Isshiki in his Kurama mode but in Baryon mode, a single decent blow by Naruto can prove to be fatal for Isshiki.

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Earlier, Naruto Sage of Six Path Power was considered to be the strongest but now in Boruto Manga, we have seen something bigger and better. Every blow of Naruto’s Baryon mode will keep shortening the life span of isshiki.  Kurama tells Naruto that just hitting the opponent will be enough to win. So, will Naruto be able to defeat Isshiki? This is still difficult to answer as Isshiki is not using his full power.

Naruto New Form Boruto Manga

Why Baryon Mode Can kill Naruto?

This power is unlike anything Naruto has ever felt before but it comes with a major drawback. In all the previous forms of Naruto, he used to get chakra from Kurama. Kurama being a tailed beast inside Naruto had reserves of chakra and even had the ability to collect more. Whereas, Baryon mode’s concept is totally different it will keep consuming its own source and cant be unfused once it is activated unless they both run out of their lives. Kurama mode, a sage mode they all can be fused and unfused by Naruto but Baryon mode once activated cant be unfused unless Naruto figures out some way to undo it and survives. That’s all we know.

Will Baryon Mode Kill Naruto in Boruto Manga?

Naruto New Form: Baryon Mode is definitely something similar to the Might Guy’s Eight Gate technique where a user dies after opening all the eight gates. But, in Might Guy’s case, we have seen that he survived with Naruto’s sage path powers. The same thing can happen to Naruto as well. Who knows, what happens next in Boruto Manga but Naruto new form is definitely something really exciting and mysterious.

Naruto Baryon Mode Wallpaper

Here are some of the best Naruto Baryon Mode Wallpaper for you guys. Credits to the respective artists.

Naruto New Form Baryon Mode

Source: Twitte/ @dnt_agun

Naruto New Form Baryon Mode

Source: Twitter

Naruto New Form Baryon Mode

Source: Twitter

Naruto New Form Baryon Mode

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Anime Movies to Watch in 2021 With Family and Friends

Anime Movies to Watch in 2021 With Family and Friends

 Here we are listing the best Anime Movies to Watch on Quarantine days. We all are at home these days and this is the best time to enjoy this amazing list of anime movies to watch at home with family and friends.

Best Anime Movies to Watch in 2021

  • Made in Abyss: Dawn of Deep Soul


   Made in Abyss: dawn of deep soul was initially released on January 17th, 2020 in Japan. The movie is a fine creation that took place under the surveillance of Masayuki Kojima.

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  It is a fantasy movie. The story revolves around the encounter of Riko, Reg and their friend    with a enigmatic Bondrewd. The movie smartly engages the viewer with a perfect balance of adventure, mystery, drama and an astounding plot twist.

Made In Abyss: Dawn of Deep Soul Movie Details

  • Initial release: January 17, 2020 (Japan)
  • Director: Masayuki Kojima
  • Language: Japanese
  • Screenplay: Akihito Tsukushi, Hideyuki Kurata

Should You Watch Made In Abyss: Dawn of Deep Soul?

  • IMDb movie rating is 8.1/10
  • rating is 8.8/10
  • 97% of Google users liked this film.

People have mixed reviews about the movie but the overall rating is 4.8/5 which is very good. So, if you really want to watch an interesting anime movie then this one is for you.

How long is made in Abyss dawn of the deep soul?

The running time of Made in Abyss dawn of the deep soul movie is 2 hours.

Where can I watch made in Abyss dawn of the deep soul?

Made in AbyssDawn of the Deep Soul is a feature length sequel to the critically acclaimed 2017 anime Made in Abyss, and the movie is available on Blu-ray courtesy of MVM Entertainment, and is streaming on HIDIVE.


As evident from its name, Digimon adventure is an incredible watch for adventure enthusiasts. Digimon Adventure is a freshly released extension of the famed Digimon series. It was released for the public in cinemas across the country on February 21st, 2020. It comes under the genre of sci-fi and thriller.

The film claims to be an extension of Digimon Adventure Tri that got released in 2018. However, the connection between the two is vague. Tai and his friends realise that they will soon lose their Digimon because they were about to hit adulthood, so they decide to pair up with their digimon one last time to save the world.


  • Initial release: February 21, 2020 (Japan)
  • Director: Tomohisa TaguchiFilm
  • series: Digimon Adventure
  • Box office: 22.1 million USD
  • Screenplay: Akiyoshi Hongo, Akatsuki Yamatoya

Is Digimon last evolution canon?

It’s an official Digimon product, for a specific storyline, so is canon. Actually, they are set in the same universe.


The movie was released for public view on February 1st, 2020. The genre of the movie is dark fantasy. It is highly recommended for fantasy fans. The film is directed by Takaharu Ozaki.

The movie revolves around a priestess who decides to fight the goblins in a world full of demons. To implement his ambitions, she joins a group of inexperienced fighters.

How long is Goblin Slayer Goblin’s crown?

Goblin Slayer Goblin’s Crown movie is 1 hour long.


The movie is 4th release of the Psycho-pass series. It is a sequel to the 2019 release. It was released in Tokyo, Japan on March 27th, 2020.  The movie is a sci-fi/action.

Since the movie is an extension, inspection Kei Mikhail Ignatov gets involves with an association named Bifrost. First inspector Koichi Azusawa organises an attack on the Public Safety Bureau tower.


This movie is based on an anime tv series that aired in 2016. The film version was released on 18th June 2020. It is a suspense/ thriller movie.

The movie revolves around a girl Akeno Masaki who gets enrolled in a high school and she aspires to become a mermaid. The plot twist is very interesting as Akeno is accused of revolting. 

The story is intriguing, interesting and the plot twist is fascinating.

Initial release: January 18, 2020 (Japan)

Director: Yuu Nobuta

Anime movies are not merely a great source of leisure but they also prove to be an insight into Japanese culture. Anime movies are known for the brilliant execution of spectacular storylines.

While anime fans look forward to every latest anime production, the anime industry flourishes with each passing day. Anime movies are always a good option for a lazy weekend at home or a crazy sleepover party. These anime movies to watch in 2021 are our top anime movie recommendations from 2021.

Naruto Death in Boruto Manga Seems Likely to Happen After Chapter 50 Drops

Naruto Death in Boruto Manga Seems Likely to Happen After Chapter 50 Drops

Boruto manga is shaping up nicely ever since we got to see the fight between Naruto and Sasuke vs Ishiki. So, with the newest chapter of Boruto manga, it seems that Naruto has a new form which is called Baryon Mode.

But, Naruto Death in Boruto is not going to happen for now but chances are there. Let’s discuss the possibilities.

Read this article at your own risk as it contains heavy spoilers from Boruto Manga Chapter 53.

Baryon Mode of Naruto is extremely powerful that everyone including Isshiki is shocked. Naruto has defeated Isshiki all by himself and Isshiki is gone now. But, there is another twist in the tail as Momoshiki has made a comeback and now has attacked Sasuke in the latest chapter of Boruto.

The newest Boruto chapter titled “Sacrifice” gives Naruto a new never before seen form that might kill him! I know many don’t like the anime but definitely check out the manga! The New Boruto Manga chapter has everyone talking because of Naruto Death circulating here and there.

Naruto Death in Boruto Manga

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Will Naruto Really Die in Boruto Manga? Naruto Death in Boruto EXPLAINED

Well, Naruto got a new form while fighting Ishiki and it seems the new form comes with its own side effects. In the Boruto Manga Chapter 50, Kurama asks Naruto that is he really ready to die? So, it seems absolutely clear now that somewhere down the line Naruto is going to die in Boruto.

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Kurama asks him about his plan and to that Naruto replies “ I AM THE HOKAGE! PROTECTING THE VILLAGE AND EVERY ONE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MY LIFE! This gives us a clear message that Naruto definitely has something up his sleeves and he is ready to fight Isshiki even it means death for Naruto.

Naruto Baryon Mode – Know Everything About this New Naruto Form

Will The New Form Of Naruto Make Him Die?

Naruto comes with a plan the shocks everyone. Sasuke, Kurama, and Isshiki are shocked to see the new chakra and the new form of Naruto. Kurama says at the end of the chapter that he has something that Naruto can use but if he uses that thing he will die. It seems like Kurama has a power hidden in him same as Might Guy’s Eight gate technique.

Naruto Death in Boruto Manga
Naruto Death in Boruto Manga
Naruto Death in Boruto Manga
Naruto Death in Boruto Manga

If a user open all the eight gates he dies and I think the same thing will happen with Naruto as well. Kurama will grant him a power that will give him a new form and incredible power but it will make him die. So, it clearly sums up the new chapter that Naruto has no choice but to protect the village and for that he is ready to put his life on the line.

The fourth Hokage father of Naruto also sacrificed his life for the leaf village. It seems like Naruto is going to suffer the same fate as him. He is going to die as well in order to protect the village.

So, what do you think about Naruto Death in Boruto? The New chapter of Boruto Manga is named as SACRIFICE. Do you think Naruto is really going to die in Boruto manga?