Boruto Chapter 39 Release Date, Prediction & Spoilers – Here Is What’s Coming for Boruto and Sasuke

Boruto Chapter 39 Release Date, Prediction & Spoilers – Here Is What’s Coming for Boruto and Sasuke

Boruto’s latest chapter has made fans go berserk. The chapter was all about Naruto and Sasuke vs Jigen Fight. We came to know thoroughly about who Jigen is and what are his real powers. Well, Boruto Chapter 38 literally laid the foundation for a great Jigen Arc now. Boruto Chapter 39 release date is around the corner and here we have some of the likely to happen spoilers.

Boruto Chapter 39 will be released on October 20.

What Will Happen Next in Boruto Chapter 39?

Well, for now, it seems that a big plan against Jigen will be developed. Sasuke will be the mastermind of that plan and their number one priority will be to rescue Naruto Uzumaki. Sasuke will be full of anger and really want to get his revenge on Jigen. He saw his Best Friend got sealed away and now he really wants to rescue him and kill that monster Jigen.

These below posts make sense now

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Theories on Boruto Manga Chapter 39

  • The Boruto Chapter 39 will definitely have all sorts of emotions in it. It will definitely be all about Boruto and Sasuke.
  • The village will be shocked to learn about Hokage has been sealed by a monster.
  • Everyone will be under tremendous pressure because their main players have been taken down.
  • Jigen will definitely come for Kawaki.
  • We will see Kashin Koji appearing in the village as well.
  • Now Sasuke will train Boruto with full passion and dedication.
  • Boruto now has a meaning to his training and he will do whatever it takes to rescue his father.
  • The village council will be choosing a new Hokage.

The very first sequence of the series features a fight between Kawaki and Boruto where the former said, “I’ll send you where I sent the Seventh Hokage.” That line makes sense now as Isshiki Otsutsuki will take over Kawaki Body. Click To Tweet

The upcoming chapter has definitely laid the foundation for a power-packed Boruto manga. Sasuke and Boruto will start their great training from now. Jougan will come in handy just like the Rinnegan. Sasuke will make sure Boruto learns everything about his Jougan.

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Well, the manga is definitely getting intense now. We all are looking forward to the upcoming scenarios that will unfold in the manga. The Timeskip is definitely around the corner and we will see a stronger version of Boruto for sure. I personally think sooner or later Sasuke will die. It hurts but this is the reality.

What do you think of the upcoming chapter? Let us know in the comment section below.

Magi Watching Order – In What Order Should I Watch Magi

Magi Watching Order – In What Order Should I Watch Magi

Well, the question we have been reading everywhere is “What is the Magi Watching Order?”. We have explained here what is the right order of watching Magi and we have also explained why the order goes this way. There are three anime that relate to the Magi franchise: Sinbad no Bouken (Adventures of Sinbad), Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, and Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. The right order of watching Magi is explained below.
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Magi Watching Order Explained

Here is the proper Magi watching order:

  1. Magi: Sinbad no Bouken (2016)
  2. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (2012)
  3. Magi: The Kingdom of Magic (2014)

There is a reason we have put this order this way. Let me explain it properly.

Magi: Sinbad no Bouken 2016

This is the prequel to the first two Magi series. So, it is important and I would personally recommend watching Sinbad no Bouken before Labyrinth of Magic and Kingdom of Magic. I know Magi: Sindbad no Bouken has released after those two series but in order to understand Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (2012) and Magi: The Kingdom of Magic (2014) you will have to get the backstory information first. So, watch Magi: Sinbad no Bouken first.

The story takes places few years before 2nd season starts and it follows the legend of Sinbad of the Seven Season. So, you will get a great idea and will have a better understanding of the Magi world and how it works.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

I personally love this series because of its amazing fighting scenes and action. This is the first season of Magi and Alibaba, Aladin and Morgiana first met in this season. This also serves as the introductory season as well. So, before watching the second season you should watch this one first to have a better understanding.

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

This is the second season of the series and it is the continuation of the first season. This season is the best when it comes to bloody fights and amazing scenes.  Aladin went to Magnaushtatt Academy, the school of magic. Alibaba went to Shambala Ramal’s training ground to become a gladiator. Morgiana went to her homeland, known as “The Great Rift”

Magi is an incredibly good anime, which includes Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen. The Adventures are the best part of this anime. And it is a new type of anime which doesn’t have that ‘typical’ anime theme.

I recommend it to you if you haven’t watched it yet.

Magi Watch Order – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Magi Watching Order?

Here is the proper Magi watching order: Magi: Sinbad no Bouken (2016) Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (2012) Magi: The Kingdom of Magic (2014)

Do I watch Magi or Sinbad first?

You should watch Sinbad first because it is a prequel and then watch Magi.

Are Sinbad and Magi related?

Yes, they are related. Sinbad is a prequel to Magi series.

Boruto Chapter 39 Release Date, Prediction & Spoilers – Here Is What’s Coming for Boruto and Sasuke

Naruto and Sasuke vs Jigen Full Fight Analysis – Boruto Chapter 38 Review

Boruto Chapter 38 dropped like a bombshell and it had to offer so much great content. Every word was a story of its own as the Boruto Manga Chapter 38 is the talk of the town. Jigen has been the main problem for both Naruto and Sasuke ever since the Otsutsuki arc ended. Who is Jigen? The fans have been speculating the villain of the Boruto series and Boruto new manga chapter has answered all the questions with Naruto and Sasuke vs Jigen fight unfolded in the recent chapter.

Boruto Chapter 38 Has Some Questions Left Unanswered

  1. Who is going to be next Hokage?
  2. Is Naruto going to be sealed until Boruto grows up?
  3. If Kara attacks Konoha, who is going to save them?
  4. I need Boruto’s reaction to Naruto’s sealing
  5. Who is Isshiki Otsutsuki?

Is Jigen Too Powerful In Boruto Naruto Next Generations?

well, Jigen is not like the ordinary villain and he has the potential to completely destroy any opponent. In Boruto Chapter 38 we have seen Naruto and Sasuke fighting him with all their strengths. Their fight against Momoshiki Otsutsuki was a piece of cake as compared to their fight against Jigen.

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There is no doubt that Jigen is on a different level than Momoshiki and Naruto and Sasuke were finding it really hard to match his level. Jigen is a monster with mind-blowing strengths and a new chapter of Boruto has really demonstrated the powerful persona of Jigen.

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Naruto and Sasuke vs Jigen

Art by Viniart2013

Naruto and Sasuke vs Jigen – Full Fight in Boruto Chapter 38 (Explained)

There was a time when we used to think that there is no one who can beat our God level shinobis Naruto and Sasuke. Boruto series started and right from the start we had in our minds that who will be the one to take down the likes of Naruto and Sasuke? Momoshiki Otsutsuki was the one real threat which was seemed very weak because Naruto and Sasuke took him down very easily.

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Boruto manga is clearly the best and it is far greater than the Boruto anime. Yeah, you read it right and the Boruto manga is going really strong ever since the 24th manga chapter. The series is progressing really good and we are here with the Naruto and Sasuke fighting Jigen in the 38th Chapter of Boruto.

The latest Boruto manga chapter showcased the huge power of Jigen. Naruto and Sasuke were simply outmatched because Jigen immense power was too hot to handle for them. There was a time when all Naruto fans have been waiting for both Naruto and Sasuke go all out and show their brutal powers. They did that against Jigen but unfortunately, Jigen is powerful than both of their power’s combined.

Naruto & Sasuke Beast Mode Failed Too

Naruto and Sasuke started their fight against him in the usual style. The fight started with Sasuke telling Naruto how he obtained all the secret information about Jigen and the Ishiki Otsutsuki. Naruto was baffled to know all the details about Jigen and the ten tails factor.

Naruto and Sasuke went with full force and finally showed their true beast mode we all were waiting for. Sasuke used his Susanoo against Jigen and tried to attack Jigen with his Susanoo blade but Jigen was disappointed to see such an attack and said “it’s speed isn’t all that impressive

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Sasuke used one of his strongest weapons and guess what Jigen was not even surprised. He literally dodged it like it was nothing. Jigen is amazing he really is something very special and we cannot help but ponder upon his monstrous strength.

Jigen easily dodged Sasuke blade attack and then he tried to test the defense of the Susanoo. The Ultimate defense of Susanoo was nothing in front of Jigen and he easily knocked Sasuke out of the Susanoo.Naruto Kurama and Sasuke Susanoovs Jigen

Well, that was literally mind-blowing to see such a great comeback from Jigen. He literally destroyed the strongest weapon of Sasuke in an instant. It gives me a feel of Obito Uchiha teleportation technique. Jigen has some really amazing techniques and one of them is moving between dimensions.

The moment Jigen penetrated the Strongest Chakra Protection the Susanoo, Sasuke had realized that we have a problem here. He and Naruto both were shocked to see such a great opponent and they had no clue whatsoever.

There was a time when we thought that Naruto and Sasuke are GOD level shinobi. Who on earth will defeat these monstrous characters but now we have the likes of Jigen who is single-handedly taking out Naruto and Sasuke that too in their strongest forms.

They tried everything against Jigen but nothing really happened. They tried to attack him with every strategy they had but nothing really happened. The Jigen fight was somewhat similar to that of Pain invasion. We are again seeing the Rods being used and Naruto again trapped with those Rods in his body.

Sasuke gets stabbed by the Rods as well. They kept on getting stabbed by the rods and for a moment it seemed like Naruto and Sasuke are no match for Jigen. Naruto even we cannot beat him at the moment. So, it means they were fully aware of the power level of Jigen.

Jigen Power Has LIMITS

But, I was happy to see that Naruto and Sasuke tried their level best. We saw great emotions and drama unfold in this latest chapter of Boruto. Jigen, on the other hand, isn’t invincible and he can be defeated as well. At first, I thought there is no way our heroes can defeat him but we saw at the end that Jigen powers have limits too.

Jigen can use his powers for a limited amount of time. He is more like Orochimaru and it seems like he is being used as the vessel for Ishiki Otsutsuki. His stomach has all the powers and we saw Naruto and Sasuke damaging that part of his body.

At the end of chapter 38, Naruto was trapped and sealed in a box. Sasuke was very emotional but helpless. He said to Naruto “don’t die” and he teleports himself to where Sakura is.

So, for now, Jigen has Naruto sealed away and on the other hand, Sasuke has escaped thanks to Naruto. We will see some great actions unfolding in the upcoming chapters of Boruto. But, one thing is for sure our heroes will find a way to defeat Jigen.

Boruto Chapter 38 In A Nutshell

  • Well, we saw Jigen’s superiority in combat. We also got to see Kurama and Sasuke’s Susanoo again. We saw that Jigen has an Otsutsuki inside and that he wants to use Kawaki as a new body. We see that Jigen’s body is already worn out. That’s why Kawaki is in his plans!f
  • Jigen is a vessel for otsutsuki ishiki and he wants to make kawaki the next one. He sealed naruto away. Remember Boruto starting where kawaki says ‘I am going to send u to where Naruto is’. So are they the same stream of events.
  • Sasuke escaping using Space-Time Ninjutsu.
  • Naruto being Sealed Away.

Fans Speculation – What Will Happen Next in Boruto Manga?

Here is what a fan on Reddit had to say.

From this, I’m starting to think we will get one more arc after this. That arc is the start of Sasuke training Boruto. After that, there will be a little break and then Boruto “Shippuden” will start with Kawaki and Boruto on a mission a few years in the future. Both will be 16-17 and they will be on a mission when Jigen/Iishiki attacks the Leaf Village, all Pain style and then Iisiki will transfer his consciousness from Jigen to Kawaki. This would then lead onto the whole start of the series foreshadow with Kawaki and Boruto on Naruto’s Hokage stone face.

Sasuke would have given Boruto his sword and his Cape and headband as his last mission would be to get Naruto out of the dimension Jigen trapped him in all those years before.

Naruto would be surviving purely by Jigens own will to keep him alive because of Kurama.

Fans Reaction to Naruto and Sasuke vs Jigen Fight?

Well, here are some of the priceless reactions of fans to Naruto and Sasuke vs Jigen fight.

Best Hinata Cosplay That Look Just Like The Anime – Awesome Hinata Hyuga Costumes Till Date

Best Hinata Cosplay That Look Just Like The Anime – Awesome Hinata Hyuga Costumes Till Date

Naruto is no doubt one of the most loved anime series in the world. Anime fans love to recreate the characters in the real world in the form of Cosplays. Today we are showing you some of the most impressive Hinata Cosplay ever.

The Naruto Cosplay events take place as well and some of the best cosplays sometimes amaze the audience. These Hinata Cosplays are so good that you will definitely be amazed. The artists have really done a great job with expressing everything so beautifully.

Impressive Hinata Hyuga Cosplay Ever

In this post, we will cover each and everything regarding the cosplay. We will tell you where to find the best Hinata cosplay. We have worked really hard in obtaining the cosplay ideas so that you only see the best costumes only.

So, sit back and enjoy this amazing thread of Hinata Costume designs.

Candylion Cosplayer

Hands down this is the best cosplayer you will find on the internet. This girl has great skills when it comes to cosplaying. Her Hinata Cosplay is arguably the best because everything in that cosplay looks magnificent.

She has done everything with perfection. I loved her eyes because it looked pretty much like Hinata eyes. The costume design was also very good but her eyes makeup and lenses stood out.

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She has done her makeup effortlessly and elegantly. She made everything look super real and her byakugan active eyes with those roots on her face are really amazing. The roots look real the first time you see it.

I just can’t describe her beauty and work in words. If you have a crush on Hinata then you will definitely be having another one this beautiful cosplayer. She has a striking resemblance with Hinata.

Hinata Hyuga Cosplay

Anyone who has a cute face like our Cute anime girl Hinata will have a better chance of cosplaying with perfection. This lady has a cute face and she resembles with Hinata a lot. She looks cute and kind like Hyuga Hinata and her cosplay is a 10/10 for me.

How many numbers will you give out of 10?Cosplay girl on Deviantart

Cosplay by kahchan97 on Deviantart

Cosplay by Uniquesora

You will not find a lot of girls cosplaying with such perfection. This girl has literally turned Hinata into a real-life character through her exceptional cosplaying skills.

She did this with pure class and artistry. You will have to believe that this girl is the best Hinata out there. Everything is magnificent in her Cosplay from hairs to eyes to her stylish headband. She has pulled off the look in the best way possible. I have personally loved her mesmerizing eyes and face makeup.


View this post on Instagram


?Hinata Hyuga? * Hey you guys so we finally have the Hinata photo set up and live on ko-fi,, like I promised some photos will already be available to those that donated for Momo but if you like to see even more exclusive photos of my Hinata it will be available for my monthly donation supporters since I will now be doing a new set every month?? * Please note you don’t have to support but for those of you that do you make these cosplays possible for me that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to do and I’m so truly grateful for that? have an incredible day you guys and links are in my bio ^-^ #hinata #hinatacosplay #naruto #narutoshippuden #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplaygirl #cosplayersofinstagram #cosplayers #hinatahyuga #cosplayphotography

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Do you want to see someone cosplaying your favorite anime girl on a regular basis? If yes then this is the girl you need to check out. She is cosplaying Hinata every now and then with great presentation and style.

She has cosplayed Hinata in different avatars. You will see her Cosplaying Hyuga Hinata from her Naruto Shippuuden days. She has also cosplayed her from Boruto series as well.

She has covered her in different avatars and with different colors of dresses. The headband in her neck looks beautiful and who needs a choker when you can wear a headband?

Hinata Hyuga Cosplay

Hinata CosplayWe are trying to bring some of the best Hinata Hyuga Cosplays ever. So, this one caught our eye because it reminds us of the 4th great ninja war. This cosplay is very lovely and nostalgic.

We have rarely seen our girl fighting and 4th Great Ninja War had its moments when Hinata showed her true ninja potential. This cosplay is as good as Hinata’s performance in the ninja war. I have totally loved this cosplay and I hope you will like it too.

This girl is an art in her own self. She knows how to pull of anime characters through cosplays. She is my favorite and I have never seen a better Hinata cosplayer than her. You need to check her out for sure.

Kid Hinata Hyuga Cosplay

Are you missing the old Hinata? Hinata from the good early days of Naruto has always been my favorite. Kid Hinata was so cute and adorable that you can’t help but love.

You will love this cosplay of Hinata Hyuga from childhood. Hats off to this amazing girl who cosplayed Naruto’s wife and gave us a nostalgic feel.

Kid Hinata Cosplay

Cosplay by Wannabe Hologram


Cosplay of Hinata from Naruto the Last

I had Naruto the last movie feels after seeing this breathtaking yet sweet cosplay by Mimi chu.

She looks super cute just like our girl Hinata. Her facial expressions and hand signs are too cute. The dress she is wearing completely matches with that of Hinata’s from her look in the Naruto: The Last movie.

Hinata Hyuga Cosplay Wigs, Headbands & Dresses

Well, you should check out the best Hinata Wigs and Costumes on Amazon for sure. You will see some great cosplay ideas and suggestions there. You can buy Byakugan lenses there too.


Where to Find Best Hyuga Hinata Cosplay

We have tried our level best to give you the best Hinata cosplay ever. These are some of the bests that you will find on the internet. But if you want to do a search yourself you can head over to Social Media platforms like Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #hinatacosplay.

So, what do you think of all the cosplays that we have displayed here? Let us know in the comment section below.

Best Anime Girls of All Time You Cannot Afford to Miss – The Top Hot Anime Girl Ever

Best Anime Girls of All Time You Cannot Afford to Miss – The Top Hot Anime Girl Ever

The anime world is full of beautiful Anime Girls and every new series has given us a new cute female anime character to droll over. The list of cute girls in Anime is literally endless and every fan has a different taste but I am sure at least one favorite female character of yours is definitely available in this list.

The anime female characters listed here are not from one or two series only. I have tried to cover different genres of anime and there will be so many girls which you will be seeing for the very first time. So, stay with us and enjoy the list.

Beautiful Anime Girls You Can’t Help But Love

  1. Hinata Hyuga (Naruto, Naruto Shippuuden)

Hinata is my favorite so I would definitely go with this one. Naruto anime has been one of the most successful series of all time. The fans have loved every arc and every moment of its series except the fillers I mean. The most beautiful Kunoichi and one of the loveliest characters ever Hinata Hyuga is definitely one anime girl Naruto fans would love to meet even in real life.

Hinata character is lovely, protective and caring. She loved Naruto right from the first episode and her love for him increased ever after. Naruto marrying Hinata was a fascinating ending for Naruto series. The fans loved their wedding and above all, it was fulfilling to see Hinata marrying her love of life.

Anime girlsHinata unlike other female characters in Naruto was too kind. She never liked fighting and all but she wanted to be a ninja in order to protect her loved ones. The way she protected Naruto against Pain was one of the best moments in Naruto.

Now Hinata has two beautiful kids Boruto and Himawari. She is not gentle and kind when it comes to her children. She is a real Konoha mother who knows when to get angry and when to scold her children. Overall, she is a perfect girl one could ever ask for.

  1. Bulma (Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super)

Anime girls BulmaBulma is another female character from the Dragon Ball franchise. She is clever, rich and helps the Dragon Ball fighters in her own way. She is married to the prince of all Saiyans Vegeta and her bond with Vegeta is simply beautiful.

Bulma is one of the main female characters of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. She played a major role in defeating Zamasu when her time machine helped Goku and Vegeta a lot.

In Dragon Ball Super, we saw Vegeta and Bulma getting a second child. That was a precious moment for both Bulma and Vegeta. No matter what anyone says she is the one who takes care of Whiss and Beerus. If she and her delicious foods are not there then there is no stopping Beerus Sama anger.

  1. Juvia Lockser (Fairy Tail)

Anime girls JuviaJuvia Lockser is no doubt really beautiful and sometimes unbearable too. She is slim and a teenage girl with blue hair. She is the water mage from Fairy Tail and she joins the FT guild after Phantom Lord is defeated.

She is the epitome of loyalty and she remained too loyal to Gray Fullbuster at every inch. Her famous quote is

“Juvia lives for the ones that she loves! You’ve got to as well. If you have love in your life, then you must keep on living!”.

  1. Eureka (Eureka Seven)

Anime girls Eureka Eureka is the main protagonist of the series Eureka Seven. Her skin color is different from average anime girls. Just like the typical anime main characters she also has a kind nature and lovely personality. Her gentle behavior wins the heart every time you watch this mystery series based in a fantasy world.

  1. Sakura Haruno (Naruto, Naruto Shippuuden)

Anime girls SakuraSakura Haruno the former member of Team 7 and wife of Sasuke is another beautiful female anime character. Naruto had a crush on her and she had a crush on Sasuke. The love triangle slowly turned into a one-sided affair. Naruto got matured and he started focusing on his dreams. Sasuke left the village and there was persistent Sakura who never lost her love for Sasuke.

She is a gentle character but with some ferocious human strength. She is the best medical ninja of Konoha and also a student of Lady Tsunade. She married Sasuke after the great ninja war. Now, they both have a beautiful daughter named Sarada Uchiha.

  1. Tatsumaki (One Punch Man)

Tatsumaki is a character from one of the best anime series One Punch Man. She is a slim woman and she wears a fitting dress with long sleeves and four high-cut leg slits. She is the member of the Earth Hero Association and she is super strong. She doesn’t treat anyone with a gentle attitude except her sister Fubuki.

She is super strong, full of speed and rash attitude. She is very confident of her superpowers and she even amazed Saitama once. But this is not your ordinary anime girl and she is definitely a perfect waifu material.

Here is one of her famous quotes which are very motivational.

To survive in this world… All you can do is get stronger

  1. Yuuki Asuna

Anime GirlsSword Art Online can easily tell how cute and lovely this female character is. Asuna is the main female character of the SAO anime. She along with 10,000 players were trapped in Sword Art Online.

She was fearless and never cared for her life in the game. But a turning point in her life changed everything when she met Kirito. Every Sword Art Online fan loves their bond and obviously the sleepover.

She has a gentle behavior and she is a very supportive young woman. Her relationship with Kirito is very lovely as he has changed her perception and approach towards the game. But she still focuses on working hard and she takes the game serious and gives her best all the time.

  1. Violet (Violet Evergarden)

Cute Anime Girls Violet is the main protagonist of the Violet Evergarden series. She went through a lot in her journey as she was an orphan and former child soldier. Her beauty and attractive personality is the major pull for the fans. She looks elegant in each scene and her barbie girl kind of aura is lovely and romantic.

She faced severe problems when she was a child. She was not treated as a normal human being because of her army background. But she endured everything with great resilience. In the start, she found it difficult to express her feelings.

Here is one of her quotes that will motivate you to work harder.

I will run as fast as I can to wherever my customer desires. I am the Auto Memories Doll, Violet Evergarden.

  1. Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

Anime GirlsAnother beautiful anime girl from Fairy Tail. This female anime character has a huge fan following and her beautiful face makes her an ideal waifu material.

“What I want isn’t money, pretty dresses, or fortune forced upon me. I’m not Lucky Lucy of Heartfilia anymore! Fairy Tail recognizes me as just Lucy and my other family, it’s a far more loving family than this!”

— Lucy Heartfilia to her Father in “Goodbye

  1. Saber (Fate Stay Night)

Cute Anime Girls The real name of Saber is Artoria Pendragon and she is also known as Arthur Pendragon. She is known as male in history but her beauty is truly amazing. She has blonde hair and big round eyes. She is one of the main characters of the series Fate Stay Night.

She always sides with the truth and she persistently let others know that she is a knight and king above all. This beautiful knight is not only beautiful but dangerous as well if you try to attack her. I personally love her for her strength, courage, and confidence. You will not find many girls like her in the anime world.

  1. Android 18 (Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super)

DBS Anime Girls Android 18 is one of the strongest characters of the Dragon Ball franchise. She is strong fierce and has blonde hair. She was a villain in the Dragon Ball Z arc but later on her heart changed. She fell in love with Krillin and they both got married.

She turns a super mama in the Dragon Ball Super. She protects her baby with all her love and care. She is one of the most loved female characters in the Dragon Ball franchise. Fans love her for her beauty, power and cold attitude but not towards Krillin.

  1. Nami (One Piece)

Nami One PieceNami is a popular female anime character from the One Piece anime series. She is the third member of the crew and she is a slim young woman with orange hairs.

She has a blue tattoo and so many one piece fans find her very attractive and gorgeous. She has a bounty of  66,000,000 and her dream is to make a map of the entire world. Before time skip her appearance was very different as she had a different hairstyle and small physique. After the time skip her personality changed a bit along with her hairstyle but her beauty remained constant.

  1. Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell)

Cute Anime Girls She is the main character of the anime series Ghost in the Shell. She is smart, beautiful and clever who has led a group of SpecOps for years. She is an incredible hacker as well and her skills and abilities are numerous and that’s what makes her a lethal character to fight enemies.

  1. Kefla ( Dragon Ball Super)

Best Anime GirlsKefla is a fusion of Caulifla and Kale. She was the first female character to get fused through the patora fusion technique. The character first appeared in the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power. Kelfa is super strong and she can take on any character in the Dragon Ball world.

She beat the hell out of Goku in the tournament of power. The two sisters fused together was indeed a deadly combination. When the universe 6 was shown for the very first time the fans were excited to see female super Saiyans.

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Kale and Caulifla were the only female super Saiyans to be seen in the DBS. But then, their fusion took place and the result was bombastic. Kefla is now even more popular among the Dragon Ball fans than Kale or Caulifla. She is strong and beautiful and those patora rings perfectly suit her personality.

  1. Yoruichi Shihoin (Bleach)

She plays a key role in the Bleach anime series. Yoruichi Shihoin is the former captain of the 2nd Division of the Gotei 13. She has purple hair, dark skin color, and every beautiful eye. She is a Shinigami and the former commander of the Onmitsukido.

Yoruichi Shihoin is one of my favorite female anime characters of all time. I love her from head to toe and there is no doubt that she is one of the most desirable character in the whole anime world.

Fun Fact: Her date of birth is 1st January don’t forget to celebrate it if you are a fan of her too.

  1. Akame (Akame Ga Kill)

Akame Ga Kill Anime GirlsAkame is indeed a beautiful anime girl. She is the reason behind the success of Akame Ga Kill anime success. Forget about the plot of the series I watched this anime because of her and her only.

She is a girl of few words but the reason for her silent attitude hides in her miserable childhood. She is bold, courageous and never shy from taking the responsibility.

  1. Rei Ayanami

Best Anime GirlsThis anime girl has blue but short hair. She has red eyes and face has a catlike appearance.

“An emotional change causes certain muscles in the face to tense, producing an “expression”. Rei is expressionless but is it that she doesn’t feel emotion, or that she is merely unable to express it?” Yoshiyuki Sadamoto on Rei

  1. Alice Nakiri ( Food Wars)

Anime Girl Alice Nakiri (Food Wars)She is ambitious, brave and above all a will to improve every single time. She is one of my favorites from the Food Wars anime.

She has a very unique mindset and her cooking is a clear depiction of it. She is beautiful but her cooking skills will increase your love for her. In short, she is a complete package and deserves to be on the list.

  1. Balsa Yonsa (Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit)

Anime Girl Balsa YonasBalsa is a strong female character with really eye-catching lips. She is so perfect and the creator of Balsa Yonsa has made sure that every part of her body is perfect.

She is not your ordinary anime girl as she is super strong, knows how to fight and has a great approach to the people of this world. You won’t characters like Balsa as her personality and character design make her a unique anime female character ever.

  1. Mamako (Do You Love Your Mom and her Two Multi-Hit Target Attacks)

Mamako Anime GirlsThe new anime series which started in 2019 has given us a new anime mother to droll over. She is kind, gentle and super gorgeous. She has a very interesting relationship with her son and she saves the day for her son in the fantasy world they both are trapped in.

She can do anything from cooking delicious food to fighting with a sword or looking beautiful. She knows how to pull off any look or form. In short, she is the ultimate mother we came across in 2019 new anime series called Okaasan Online or Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two Multi-Hit Target Attacks.

Anime Girls with Blonde Hair

Now let’s get a bit specific and discuss some of the best anime girls with blonde hair. Who doesn’t love Lady Tsunade or who isn’t a fan of Kale from DBS? Well, here we have some of the greatest female anime characters with blonde hair that will take your heart away with their gorgeous looks.

Mitsuki Bakugo

Mitsuki BakugoWell, this character is certainly one of the most loved characters from My Hero Academia. The character instantly became a hit because of Mitsuki’s blonde hair and amazing facial features.

Lady Tsunade

Anime Girls Lady TsunadeWho better than our very own Lady Tsunade? The blonde queen from Naruto who is ever so young. There is no doubt that Tsunade has a huge fan following for her amazing body and beautiful facial features. Her blonde hairs just add an extra layer of beauty to her personality.

She served as the fifth Hokage of Konoha and she was the best medical ninja ever. She protected the village well with her superhuman strength but she won our hearts with her breathtaking looks as well.

If you are a Naruto fan then you must have wished to date Tsunade. She is the fans favorite and arguably the most wanted Konoha female character.

Kaori Miyazono from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Next in the list is Kaori Miyazono who has really beautiful blonde hairs. This anime girl will take your heart away with her big round eyes and cute blonde hairs. She has a simple hairstyle but still looks gorgeous in it.

This character will give you a great insight into life and positivity. Her character has lots of life and joy in it. You will instantly feel happy the moment you see her on-screen. The amazing animation and artistic violin music just add some extra layers to her amazing beauty.

Her character is very exciting and she goes on with life in her own way. She was a careless girl in the start and she loved to play violin on her own terms in her own way. The anime series is a love square between for friends and the way they all fight their adversities is pretty amazing.

Ino Yamanaka from Naruto

Anime Girls NarutoNaruto series is rich in producing great female anime characters. Ino Yamanaka is another blonde hair who is loved by all. She is definitely a character to die for. Her looks, long hairs, and polite nature make her a great kunoichi.

Apart from being beautiful with amazing blonde hair, she is a great ninja as well. She played a great role in the 4th great ninja war and helped the sensory ninja team with her abilities.

She was gorgeous and team player and helped her team on many occasions. She is a perfect waifu material like Lady Tsunade or Hinata Hyuga. She is married to Sai another great ninja from the Naruto world. She now has a beautiful son as well in the Boruto series.

Miria Harvent from Bacano

Anime Girls MiriaNext, in the list Miria Harvent who is a thief by profession in the anime series called Bacano. She is indeed a character full of positivity and cuteness. Although, she is a thief but she has a positive side as well. She takes good care of her loved ones and adds sunshine to others day with her cute blonde hair and vibrant personality.

Teresa from Claymore

Anime Female CharacterClaymore has so many characters with blonde hair but for me, Teresa stands out. She is beautiful, brave, kind and above all, she is a blonde anime girl. She is the only character who could pull off a fighter look with such great looks.

Anime Girls With Black Hair

You aren’t a fan of blonde hair anime girls? Well, don’t worry you might like anime girls with Black Hair. The anime female characters with black hair listed here are very popular in the anime world and each character has a huge fan following.

Hinata Hyuga

Anime girls

Hinata in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

I will definitely start with my all-time favorite anime girl Hinata Hyuga. There is no other beautiful than Hinata as far as I am concerned. She has got everything as a girl and as a mom as well. She has great black hair that beautiful suits her personality.

The color of her dresses mixes up well with her black hairs. She keeps her hair simple yet she looks elegant. I hope you are a fan of Hinata too if not then find a reason to be one.

Mayuri Shiina from Steins; Gate

Anime GirlsThis cute anime girl looks adorable in every scene of the anime series. You will have a hard time finding a female anime character cuter than her. You will love to see Mayuri doing different yet cute things. The character has been voiced by Kana Hanazawa.

Nico Robin from One Piece

Anime Girls one pieceWell, who isn’t a one piece fan these days? The series has just gotten better with every passing episode and so as Nico Robin. She is the ultimate queen of this anime series. Her black hair perfectly suits her personality and body.

She is the most stable person in the Straw Hat Pirates. Her long black and dark clothing really resonate well with her personality.

Sawako Kuruonuma from Kimi ni Todoke

Sawako Anime Character

Sawako Anime CharacterNext in the list the long hair big eyes beautiful anime girl Sawako Kurunuma. Though the girl is sometimes scary most of the times she looks damn gorgeous. Her black hair literally adds so much flavor and beauty to her overall personality.

Fun Fact: she looks like Sadako but her name is Sawako.

Nana Osaki from Nana

Nana Osaki Anime GirlShe is brave, bold and above she is beautiful. Everyone wishes to have a girl like Nana Osaki who can support you in any condition. She is the girl of our dreams and her black outfit mix up well with her beautiful black hair. She is independent and does whatever she likes to do.

Best Kawaii Anime Girl

The anime world is full of cute anime female characters. No matter which anime series we watch we all have that one special female character close to our heart. I mean who doesn’t love anime girls? Every otaku has its own definition of Kawaii girls and every anime girl is beautiful in her own way. But every cute girl from anime has one thing common which is DERE which is a Japanese onomatopoeia for being lovestruck.

So, here I have listed some of the best Kawaii girls and some of them will be unknown to you.

Rin from Naruto

Rin NarutoRin is one of the most favorite characters of all times. I love her for her simple yet cute facial features and kind heart. She had a small life span but she stole the heart of Obito right from the start. She had the ability to become a perfect wife and Obito knew it.

Obito started a war because of her. She was surely a girl to love and crave for. Rin death was one of the saddest moments in Naruto which still haunts me and Kakashi too.

Mirai Kuriyama from Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary)

Anime Girl with bloodMirai is another underrated character who I believe deserves so much attention and love. She has the power to manipulate blood and Akihito. Though she follows a clumsy look most of the time she still looks super cute in it. The character designer has done a great job because of which Mirai shines bright on the screen.

Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats

Kawaii Anime Character femaleKanade is no doubt the angel from the Angel Beats anime. The cutest girl from this anime and her looks will make you fall for her within a second. Her life is as interesting as her beautiful personality. She is a self-proclaimed Student Council President of the School.

Because of her cuteness and angel-like persona, Yuzuru fell in love with her. You should give this anime a try if you haven’t watched it yet.

Hanabi from Boruto

Hanabi Hyuga from Naruto smiling

Hanabi Hyuga cute anime girl

How can we not mention this mind-blowing girl from Boruto? Anyone watching Boruto will definitely have a crush on Hanabi Hyuga. Hanabi is the little sister of Hinata Hyuga but she is no less than her in beauty and cuteness.

Everything in her simply amazing she is a masterpiece from head to toe. Her big beautiful eyes have a deep ocean in it. She has a jolly character and one thing which is very obvious in her is ROMANCE she is the romantic girl you wish to be with. She is the next generation doll of Naruto: Boruto Next Generations.

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Anime Female Characters with Red Hair

We all know our spectacular anime world has given us so many gorgeous ladies to love. Every anime girl is cute because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Some love blonde hair some go for black hair but wait there is another category of anime girl for which there is huge fan following. Yeah, you are right that is Red Hair Anime female characters who have been stealing our hearts from the first day.

Lisara Restall from Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai. (So I Can’t Play H!)

Lisara Red Hair Anime GirlsLisara is full of energy in the anime and sometimes her physical expressions on screen amaze me. She hides her weaknesses from anyone but shows her weakest side to her partner. She is a red-headed girl with big round eyes.

Maki Nishikino from Love Live! School Idol Project

Maki Nishikino Anime GirlRed hair school girls are always loved, aren’t they? If you think they aren’t then you might not have seen Maki Nishikino before. She is a beautiful school girl who has really cute but short red hair.

She has a tsundere behavior and she uses it to push people away from her. She is very kind from inside but she rarely shows that side.

Sakura Haruno

Anime Girls SakuraNaruto my favorite character ever fell in love with this cutie right from the start of Naruto. Being a loyal Naruto fan I started loving her too and Sakura used to look damn gorgeous in her long red(pink mixture) hair.

She was vibrant, active and her dressing was completely in accordance with her hair color. Then, came the Chunin exams where she cut off her hair but still her grace remained constant. She is the type of girl every Naruto fan wanted to have in once in their life.

Karin from Naruto Shippuuden

Anime Girls Karin from Naruto

The female Uzumaki from Naruto Karin who is just another girl with a love crush on Sasuke Uchiha. She is the read headed from Naruto Shippuuden and she tried her level best to be with Sasuke.

She is kind, smart and above all she has a really powerful chakra. Sasuke would have been dead if she wasn’t there for him. She like Sakura and Hinata has protected her friends and tried her level best on every occasion. In Boruto she is seen with Orochimaru in his labs.

Shana from Shakugan no Shana

Anime GirlsThis redhead woman certainly has a huge fan following. The fans love this show because of her as she brings so much charm and grace to it. She is also a tsundere but just to let you not all tsundere are red headed.

She is different from all other red-headed tsundere as she has a sweet side as well.

Kushina Uzumaki from Naruto Shippuuden

Kushina UzumakiThe number most favorite read headed from Naruto is our very own Kushina Uzumaki. She is the mother of Naruto Uzumaki and wife of Minato Namikaze. She was bullied of her read hairs in childhood but everything changed the day she met Minato.

Minato loved her for her beautiful red hairs and the same goes for me too. I loved her red hairs and it perfectly suited her personality. She was a kind and caring woman who used to look after everyone.

Curly Hair Anime Girl

So, here I have listed some of the best and cutest anime girls with curly hair. Check out the list below.

Canary from Hunter x Hunter

Canary anime girlCanary definitely is one of the few characters in anime to have Curly hair. Her hairs are definitely unique and you will not any other character with hairs like her. Though her hairs look awesome on her and she is a cute anime character in her own way.

Her hairs are combed in thick bunches. Although, she is a teen anime girl but her hairs do give a strong message about her personality. After all, she is the guardian of the Zoldyck family.

Kaoru from Amagami SS

Anime GirlsKaoru from Amamgami SS has really cute but wavy kind of hairs. The length of her hairs is a bit long but still, it suits her body and those wavy hairstyle look looks super cute on her.

Ravel Phoenix from High School DxD

Curly Anime Female CharacterHigh School DxD fans will relate how great a character Ravel Phoenix is. There are few girls with beautiful curly hairs in the anime world and Ravel Phoenix stands out in that list. She has long and twisted blonde hair that makes her look 100 times more beautiful.

She was the youngest child in her family, she had super unimaginable powers and impressive hair. Her manners and attitude were equally good. She invested all her energy and intelligence in helping Issei.


Well, the anime girls list is endless and there are so many other great characters as well. But, we have tried our level best to give you a complete list of some of the best anime girls of the different type who belong to different anime series. I am sure there will be some anime female characters that you are seeing for the very first time.

Let us know what you think of all these anime girls listed here? Let us know in the comment section below if we have missed your favorite one.