Naruto Death in Boruto Manga Seems Likely to Happen After Chapter 50 Drops

Naruto Death in Boruto Manga Seems Likely to Happen After Chapter 50 Drops

Naruto manga is shaping up nicely ever since we got to see the fight between Naruto and Sasuke vs Ishiki. So, with the newest chapter of Boruto manga it seems that our favorite character is about to die. Yes, Naruto Death in Boruto is on the cards as per the newest chapter of Boruto Manga.

Read this article on your own risk as it contains heavy spoilers from Boruto Manga Chapter 50.

The newest Boruto chapter titled “Sacrifice” gives Naruto a new never before seen form that might kill him! I know many don’t like the anime but definitely check out the manga! New Boruto Manga chapter has everyone talking because of Naruto Death circulating here and there.

Naruto Death in Boruto Manga

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Will Naruto Really Die in Boruto Manga? Naruto Death in Boruto EXPLAINED

Well, Naruto got a new form while fighting Ishiki and it seems the new form comes with its own side effects. In the Boruto Manga Chapter 50, Kurama asks Naruto that is he really ready to die? So, it seems absolutely clear now that somewhere down the line Naruto is going to die in Boruto.

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Kurama asks him about his plan and to that Naruto replies “ I AM THE HOKAGE! PROTECTING THE VILLAGE AND EVERY ONE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MY LIFE! This gives us a clear message that Naruto definitely has something up his sleeves and he is ready to fight Isshiki even it means death for Naruto.

Will The New Form Of Naruto Make Him Die?

Naruto comes with a plan the shocks everyone. Sasuke, Kurama and Isshiki are shocked to see the new chakra and new form of Naruto. Kurama says at the end of the chapter that he has something that Naruto can use but if he uses that thing he will die. It seems like Kurama has a power hidden in him same as Might Guy’s Eight gate technique.

Naruto Death in Boruto Manga
Naruto Death in Boruto Manga
Naruto Death in Boruto Manga
Naruto Death in Boruto Manga

If a user open all the eight gates he dies and I think the same thing will happen with Naruto as well. Kurama will grant him a power that will give him a new form and incredible power but it will make him die. So, it clearly sums up the new chapter that Naruto has no choice but to protect the village and for that he is ready to put his life on the line.

The fourth Hokage father of Naruto also sacrificed his life for the leaf village. It seems like Naruto is going to suffer the same fate as him. He is going to die as well in order to protect the village.

So, what do you think about Naruto Death in Boruto? The New chapter of Boruto Manga is named as SACRIFICE. Do you think Naruto is really going to die in Boruto manga?

Solo Leveling Season 2 Release Returns in August 2020

Solo Leveling Season 2 Release Returns in August 2020

Manga fans are over the moon to hear the news about Solo Leveling Season 2 Release. Yes, we are getting the new season of the famous Korean manga series which is now confirmed to release in August. The fans are super excited to hear the news. Here is what you should know about the series.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Release Confirmed

The series is confirmed to come back with a season 2 in August. “Popular korean webtoon “Solo Leveling” by Chugong, Dubu (Redice Studio) has been confirmed to return for a 2nd season this August 2020.

Fans are super excited about the new season and everyone is hyped already. People have been thinking that the creator will take a year break. But, to everyone’s surprise, Solo Leveling Season 2 is coming out in August 2020.

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Solo Leveling season 1 has been epic and Manhwa fans loved it a lot. So, now we are here to witness the madness and excitement of the new season as Solo Leveling Season 2 is coming back with a bang.

ONLY I LEVEL UP SEASON 2- Release Date, Spoilers & Production Details

ONLY I LEVEL UP SEASON 2- Release Date, Spoilers & Production Details

This might be the greatest news for manga fans that the release of “Only I Level up Season 2” is just around the corner. The production rumors of the series are in the air and the release date is expected to be around soon. Stay with us and know the details NOW.


After airing 110 chapters, the manga also known as Solo Leveling has opted for a long pause before releasing the new season. The season was scheduled to release in June 2020 but the uncertainty of the pandemic has caused it to delay infinitely. But, there is no need to lose hope as we will be getting the release of the new season somewhere around Fall 2020. (Fingers crossed)

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Only I level up is the English version of renowned South Korean manga series “solo leveling”. Solo leveling might be one of the best manga/manhwa available in stores for followers. It is a brilliant fusion of fantasy with action-thriller.

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 The story is set in a fantasy world full of fantastical creatures. A portal joins the planet earth with the fantasy world. Humans strive to kill the monsters and save the human race. Among the monster hunters, there’s a boy name Sung-Jin woo. Woo is the weakest among all hunters and this he is titled as an E-category hunter.

The story spins around the struggles of Sung-Jin woo in order to become the most powerful hunter.


Season 2 of “Only I level up” is releasing soon for sure. The season will bring more excitement and drama. Fantasy fans will see Sung-Jin Woo gaining powers and transitioning into the S-category hunter. WILL WOO BECOME THE MOST POWERFUL HUNTER? Well, let’s keep high hopes for high action, thrill, and brilliance.  

Keep checking for the latest updates on “ ONLY I LEVEL UP SEASON 2”

Solo Leveling Season 2 Release Returns in August 2020


Solo leveling is one of the best manhwas in stores. The 204 pages are full of excitement and thrill. But if you’re looking for a similar series then you are right where you should be.  Here’s a list of remarkable top 10 manga like Solo leveling.



After returning to Earth after 20 years, Kang Woojin realizes that Earth is not the same planet anymore.  The story revolves around how Kang Woojin struggles to become the best necromancer. It is similar to solo leveling due to its descriptive characteristics.

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RE was a human with superpowers. He dies untimely and gets reincarnated as a monster. Re devours more and more beings each day in order to become mightier. The character of Re is contradictory to the mainstream ideals of main characters. The setting of the story is in a fantasy world which is similar to solo leveling.


The story is set in the future. The movie is based on a virtual reality game, Warlord. The game has bought significant changes to the world. Jaehyun plays the game with utmost dedication but he faces treachery right before he achieves his goal.

This one deserves a try because it has the most unexpected ending.

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The main character of the movie is Bam. Bam lives a lonely life with his sole friend named Rachel. Bam enters a tower but promises not to let go of Rachel. The tower is mysterious and the incomer has to face various tyrants on each step. The journey is adventurous and unpredictable. The suspense is perfectly puzzling and the storyline is powerpacked.

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The main plot of the movie is set between two brothers. The younger brother gets disappeared one day. The elder brother searches for his brother for 5 years but finds no luck. One fine day, the elder brother finds a pocket watch of his younger brother and that’s the turning point of the story.


Winter Moon is an erotic story that revolves around a gay named Florence and a seductive priestess named Risa. They both are plotted in an online video game. Though the story is not available in a course rather it moves forward in brief snippets, it is still an addictive story. The eroticism, the drama and action happening in the story keep the fans hooked.


The movie revolves around Shin-Young woo who begins to play a video game. Since Woo is an amateur player he does a lot of silly mistakes which result I greater mishaps. So everybody titles him “the ultimate noob”. The ultimate story begins when Woo decides to reboot the game and tries to become Overgeared.


As evident from the title, the story is plotted around a man who loses his memory and forgets that he was a sorcerer king in the past. Earth is facing a war against foreign monsters. While fighting with a monster he gets badly injured. He starts getting flashbacks of his past life and thus he revives his superpowers. The turning point of the story is incredibly executed. The action and drama makes it worth trying.


The story is set in a video game. Hardcore leveling warrior is a professional gamer which brings a lot of troubles on his way. Many people hold resentment for him. Thus he struggles to remain the best player.


The story revolves around Lee Hyun aka Weed. The story tells his struggles and his sincerity towards his family. How he earns money for his sister’s education and unfortunately loses them. He is using his video gaming skills for a greater cause, for the welfare of his family.


Solo leveling is a renowned South Korean novel. It is particularly famous among manga and manhwa enthusiasts due to its epic storyline, sifted plots, fitting characters, and whatnot. Since the popularity of Solo Leveling, fans are in search of the similar manga.  The best 10 manga similar to solo leveling list is here. It will quench the thirst of devotees.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Release Returns in August 2020


Solo leveling has gathered a huge fanbase due to its epic characteristics. The series has manga fans hooked. Anime fans are always looking for competent content to satisfy their hunger. To facilitate solo leveling followers, here is a list of top 5 anime like solo leveling.

List of Anime Series Same as Solo Leveling


Log horizon is a Japanese animation aka anime based novel series. It falls under the genres of action/ fiction and thriller. The anime series was further adapted into manga as well. The first season of anime was telecasted in 2014. Now the fans await the release of a 12-episode season-3 that has been delayed due to coronavirus.

The movie is based on an online gaming base, The 11th edition of the game is a prodigious success. But upon the launch of 12th edition, an unknown error occurs which transports 30 thousand online gamers into a virtual gaming world. Upon the occurrence of this event, an asocial gamer named Shiroe decides to team up with his friends. The movie rotates amidst the challenges and turbulences that Shiroe and his teammates get to face in the gaming world.

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Chain chronicle is an anime movie which was initially released in December 2016.

The movie is set in a remote continent of the world. The citizens of the continent believe that there is nothing beyond their land. The continent is further divided into sections and each section has their own king. All the kings worked under the command of a LORD who was selected with mutual agreement of kings. Until one fine day an a black army launches an attack on the continent and captures the capital. The story records the struggles of the head of the army aka Yuri in order to overcome the black army.


The king’s avatar is the anime adaptation of Japanese novel Quan Zhi Gaoshou. The anime series comprises of two seasons. A Full-length sequel is expected to release in 2020.

The movie is based on a multiplayer video game named “GLORY”. Ye Xiu is a renowned player of the game GLORY but he is forced to resign from the game. Ye Xui finds a job and starts working at as a sales manager in a café. One fine day he meets Ye Qui who changes his life completely.


The television series based on anime light novel: GRIMGAR OF FANTASY AND ASH was initially aired in 2016.

The story surrounds a group of people who find themselves stranded in a fantasy world with absolutely no memory of their past. The movie narrates the struggles of the groupmates as they try to figure out their memories prior to arrival. Furthermore, the movie records the challenges of the groupmates to survive in the forest of Grimgar.


Net-juu no susume is a series adaptation of famous anime series. The genre of the movie is romance/thriller. The series aired on television in 2017. However, the airing of the TV suddenly stopped after the health of the writer began deteriorating. The series has been on pause ever since.

The plot of the movie is set between Moriko Morioka’s developed gaming character Lily and her friend Hayashi. Quitting a job and deciding to lead a simpler life as a NEET enabled Moriko to encounter Yuta Sakurai.

So, this was our list for Top 5 Anime Like Solo Leveling. I know you are waiting for Solo Leveling Season 2 which will definitely come out sooner or later. But for now, enjoy these similar series and have fun.