Try Knights Anime Schedule, Episodes and Where to Watch Details

Try Knights Anime Schedule, Episodes and Where to Watch Details

Every season we see every new anime series and being an anime fan we expect something from it. So, this new series Try Knights is looking very promising after its episode released on Crunchyroll. The main protagonist of the series looks very attractive and the theme of the movie looks really exciting as well.

Rugby Actions Unfolds in Try Knights Anime Series

This series is very different from typical anime genres like Boruto or One Punch Man. The theme is very much athletic and related to sports. We are going to see High School players in action while playing Rugby. We have seen Basketball themed anime series in the past and now is the time for some Rugby action.

The Try Knights Trailer looked really amazing and all the characters designs are very good. We can expect that this series will go on to get good attention from the viewers.

Try Knights Cast & Characters

The cast and the characters for the series include

  • Shogo Sakamoto as Riku Haruma
  • KENN as Akira Kariya
Try Knights

Photo via Crunchyroll

So far these are the two main characters of the series and this list will expand when the initial episodes will be released.

Where to Watch Try Knights Episodes?

You can watch Try Knights Episodes on Crunchyroll. The official broadcast in Japan is available on Nippon TV and other stations during the Summer season of 2019.

Try Knights Anime Schedule

Try Knights will be airing in Japan on different dates with different time as well.

  • On Nippon TV it will be aired on Tuesday during the 25:59 time slot with starting on July 30th, 2019.
  • It will air every Sunday on Miagi TV starting from 4th August 2019
  • TV Iwate will be broadcasting every Wednesday starting from 14 August 2019
  • Television Niigata Network will broadcast every Saturday beginning on August 10, 2019.
  • Sapporo Television will start airing it from 7th August every Wednesday.


Just to let you know the time zone works differently in Japan. The Tuesday 25:59 time slot on Tuesday means Wednesday morning at 1:59 AM JST.

For those who don’t know this series is being directed by Tokihiro Sasaki. GONZO will handle the animation and the production house has also collaborated with the Japan Rugby Football Union. The story revolves around the main protagonist Riku Harima who is a passionate high school student. On the other hand, we have Akira Kariya who is a purely gifted and very talented athlete. These two are rivals yet good friends who will embark on a journey of Rubgy sport together.

What do you think of this upcoming Rugby themed anime series? Let us know in the comment section below.