One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date, Preview & Spoilers are here for you. So, the time has come for the exciting anime series second seasons. The wait is finally over the and the OPM season 2 episode 1 is finally coming our way. The series was a huge success and now with the second season around the corner, the fans are eagerly waiting to see what will happen next.

Saitama is hoping to see some new villains and the prophecy made in the last episode of the first season will come true in season 2 as well. So, season 2 is going to be bigger and truly exciting for all the great reasons. Season 1 was amazing for its great animation and storyline. Now the time has finally come for the second season of OPM.

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One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date

The first episode of season 2 of One Punch Man will be released on April 9th. The episode will definitely be an exciting one and we will definitely some emotions, some comedy and a little bit changed Saitama as well.

Where to Watch One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 1?

Well, just like the first season of OPM the Hulu will be live broadcasting the series as well. VIZ Media announced on 18th March on their twitter handle that the One Punch Man Season 2 will be live streamed on HULU. So, you can head over to this official source for watching the One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 1 live.

One Punch Man Saitama – Who Is Saitama?

So, who is that one superhero everyone is comparing with Goku, Gohan, Naruto, and Sasuke? Well, for those who don’t know Saitama is a superhero who has been through severe training and he is now super strong. His defense and offense are equally strong and he finds no difficulty in defeating in any opponent. So, the question is why Saitama is known as One-Punch Man? Well, he can knock down any enemy with just One Punch and that is why he is known for his name One Punch Man.

Though he can defeat any enemy in a mere instant, this superpower is also causing problems for the One Punch Man. Saitama is now getting bored and even getting frustrated sometimes. No one stands a chance against him and this is now pissing him off. There has been no one who can challenge him and maybe we will see a mighty villain in the One Punch Man Season 2.

It will be exciting to see how he performs in the upcoming season of the series. There is a new villain Garou and it is still unsure how strong that villain is and fans would be hoping that the new villains will be of some match.

Will Saitama Meet Garou in One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 1?

Well, the biggest rivalry of the second season is between Saitama and the new villain Garou. So, who is this Garou guy? He is probably the guy related to the prophecy made in the first season of the series. So, one thing is pure sure that Garou is super strong and Saitama will have to go all guns blazing if he really wants to win against him. But, will we Garou in the first episode of season 2 of OPM? Only time will tell and for now, we should wait for episode 1 of OPM.