The top anime series has always been full of rivalries from Naruto vs Sasuke rivalry to Goku vs Vegeta. There are so many exciting rivalries out there that put a spark in the story. Apparently, that spark was missing in the Boruto Saga as of now. After the Boruto Manga chapter 29, things have gotten really interesting. As fans are finally going to see a rivalry as good as Naruto vs Sasuke.

Over the years, we saw so many great rivalries in Naruto world and that made the series is very interesting. Though the rivalries were interesting and exciting at the end of the day, they were all friends. So, the same is going to happen in Boruto world as well. Here’s how.

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Boruto vs Kawaki A New Rivalry Emerges in Konoha

In the Latest Boruto Chapter, it has been seen that Naruto has brought Kawaki to his home. He was somewhat like Sasuke Uchiha in his teenage. Kawaki was on a verge of becoming rogue and that what Naruto had in his mind. That’s why he gave him sheltered and brought him in Konoha. So, in Boruto chapter 29 it has been seen that Naruto is educating the powerful and full of potential Kawaki about how to live.

Boruto Saga

Naruto education Kawaki about life.
Source: CBR

Naruto educated him about the value of having a rival and how it can make you become stronger. So, in this case, the rival of Kawaki is none other than Boruto himself. They both share somewhat same story and path as Naruto and Sasuke did. Yeah, you got that right if you see now Boruto has a rival more like Sasuke and it will be an interesting chemistry and rivalry.

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Older Naruto has given Kawaki love, warmth and family. As we all know, Boruto was pushed aside by his father and just like Naruto was by Kakashi. On the other hand, Kawaki is more like Sasuke and that will surely make things interesting in Boruto. Kawaki is one step away from becoming evil and going rogue. That Kashin Koji is trying his best to do that.

Naruto is very much worried about the kid. He doesn’t want him to fall in wrong hands as it will be a problem. He doesn’t want him to fight for redemption like Sasuke did for his clan. Sasuke was once a rogue ninja and every village wanted to kill him. The same might happen with Kawaki as well. We all know Sasuke and Naruto were the reincarnations of Indra and Ashura. The same way Kawaki and Boruto share a bond as well.

They both have marks on their hands. Kawaki got his training from the mysterious group Kara more like Akatsuki. On the other hand, Boruto got the cursed mark while the great fight against the mighty Momoshiki.

Boruto Saga

Boruto vs Kawaki fight will happen as two rivals. Source: CBR

There was a spiritual connection between Sasuke and Naruto. They were the grandsons of Kaguya and they shared a brotherly bond. We still don’t know what sort of bond there will be between Kawaki and Boruto. But there is something that will be explored later in the Boruto Saga.

If we talk more of the similarities, then Boruto is very much like his dad hyper and quick to judge. On the other hand, Kawaki is more like Sasuke calm and composed. Furthermore, Kawaki has no family like Sasuke Uchiha and some vicious people want to use him as a weapon. The relationship Kawaki has with Kashin Koji is similar to that of Sasuke with Orochimaru.

So, it seems that Kawaki and Boruto share the same story as Naruto and Sasuke did. They will be fighting each other again and again. They will be in constant quest for more power and their rivalry will go on and on. So, what do you think of this? Share your views with us in the comment section about the Boruto Saga.